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QESCO Duplicate Bill Online

Check your QESCO Bill Online in a few seconds and use your bank account, Mobicash or Easypaisa account to pay your bill from home. No need to take a duplicate copy and visit banks or retailer shops for the payment of your bill. Read this article thoroughly to understand the online process of Checking and Paying your QESCO bill online.

QESCO stands for Quetta Electricity Supply Company. The company is responsible for every type of service regarding electricity. They provide you with electricity throughout the month. They deliver the power bill for your utilized electricity units to your home at the end of the month. QESCO has been providing electricity to almost the whole of Balochistan except Lasbela. Also Check QESCO Bill Calculator 2022.


QESCO is an abbreviation of “Quetta Electricity Supply Company). It is the largest supplier of electricity to rural and urban areas of Baluchistan province. It came into being by an amendment in the WAPDA act of 1981. It covers about 43% of the area to provide electricity, and it is the largest energy supplier with respect to land coverage.

QESCO Bill Online Check/Complete Guide

Following the steps below, you can get your QESCO bill duplicate copy. The complete guide is given below, step by step.

Step 1: Take out your mobile and go to

Step 2: Search “QESCO online bill”, or if you’re already on our site, just click the button shown.

Step 3: After clicking the button, a box will be shown asking for a Reference number or consumer ID (Read more about reference number below).

Step 4: Enter the Ref# in the box and click “Submit”.

Step 5: Wait for a while as the system will load and check for your record.

Step 6: After a while, you’ll be shown your bill.

Step 7: Save the image as a PDF on your device or take a QESCO bill print (if the printer is connected to your device).

Step 8: You’re done. Check out the bill cost and due date.

How To Print QESCO Bill?

If you want to print out your bill you need to open the website. And put your reference number on the search bar. You will receive a duplicate bill view. Select the print option from the settings menu. Make sure your printer is connected to your device before selecting the print option.

QESCO Online Billing

Online billing is the process that makes you able to access your bills at any place and pay your utility bill on time. It keeps you tension free about taking care of paper bills every time. Due to any reason, you can’t able to make sure your presence at your residence to receive bills. In this situation, you may miss your bills timely paid. As result, you could face difficulties.

QESCO Online Billing System is the best possible solution to this problem. You can quickly check your online bills on this page. You can have other options as well including invoice generate, amount of due date payment, amount of after due date payment, meter reading date, whether your bill is paid or not, and past months’ invoices.

QESCO Duplicate Bill View

Usually, you receive your bills at your doorstep every month. In case you lost the bills, you don’t need to get worried. You can see the reference number from any bill and check it through QESCO Duplicate Bill View.

Simply go to the browser of google and type select your concern region and see your desired duplicate bill view. If you have a smartphone or a laptop with a good internet connection, you can have a duplicate bill view at any place.

How To Find The QESCO Reference Number?

QESCO reference number can be found on the previous copies of bills. It is a number comprised of 14 digits usually written on the corner on the top left side of your bill copy. It is, infact, an identity of consumers and specific for every individual.

QESCO Online Bill Payment

You can pay your bill online without visiting any bank or other source. Just sit at home, take out your mobile and pay. Use your digital app of any bank (HBL, UBL, Askari bank, Meezan bank, Islamic bank etc.) or use your JazzCash and Easypaisa account for paying the bill online. Read the details below:

In the early days, people used to pay bills through Pakistan Post Office, Government Banks, and some Local Private Banks. People of Balochistan had to face trouble due to the availability of banks far from the houses.


People had to travel long distances and kept staying in the long line of people at banks. People had to spare 2 to 3 hours at the end of each month to pay bills. Due to this problem, Qesco introduced an online bill payment system.

Through an online billing system, you can pay your electricity bill by sitting on your bed easily. You don’t have to go to banks and wait in line to pay your payments. Read Also QESCO NEW CONNECTION.


There are several banks providing online bill payment systems including:

  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  • Bank Al Falah
  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Summit Bank
  • Silk Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Faysal Bank

Bank Account

  1. Log in to your digital bank app using your personal username and password.
  2. Go to the dashboard.
  3. Select the utility bills option.
  4. Select electricity bill and choose QESCO company.
  5. Provide your 14-digit reference number. (Interlinking)
  6. Your bill with the total amount and due date will be shown.
  7. Confirm the payment and provide your ATM pin code.
  8. You’ll receive a message from the bank and QESCO about your bill payment.
  9. Save the message, and you’re done!


  1. Login to your JazzCash account with your personal details.
  2. You’ll see the “Pay utility bills” option.
  3. Select the option and search for your company (QESCO).
  4. Enter the Reference number of your electricity bill.
  5. Confirm the payment once the correct details of your bill are shown.
  6. Enter the 2-factor authentication code received on your mobile number.
  7. Bill Payment will be done.
  8. Make sure you receive a message of your payment on your mobile number.


  1. Log into your personal Easypaisa account.
  2. Go to home, and you’ll see the electricity bill payment option.
  3. Select the option and Choose “QESCO bill payment”.
  4. Provide your reference number and pin code of the app.
  5. Confirm the details of your bill and submit it.
  6. Once payment is done, you’ll get a message on the text on your sim.
  7. You’re done. Just save the message for any verification by the bill distributors.

As you know consumer of electricity in Baluchistan is drastically increasing day after day. This continuous increase in users of electricity was creating difficulty for Qesco to manage the activities smoothly. That’s why QESCO presented an online bank payment system.

Here is The Process How Can You Avail This Facility

  • Go to the google play store
  • Type the name of your concern bank in the search bar
  • When the application displays on the screen, select the install option.
  • Go to your smartphone’s settings and activate the phone’s unknown sources.
  • wait till the application get ready to use
  • The next step is to link the application to your bank account.
  • Then enter your name and CNIC number
  • Now enter your bank account number
  • After giving all the relevant important information, you will get the confirmation code. Verify the
  • application with the code
  • Now you are illegible to pay WAPDA bills online.

Some people do not have a bank account or they have several online payment systems like Easypaisa and JazzCash system. You can also make your payment through this payment system. Just you need an android mobile phone with this payment system installed in your mobile phone.

QESCO Region/Areas covered by QESCO

QESCO covers almost the whole province of Baluchistan. So it is one of the largest suppliers of electricity. Keep in mind that the company does not cover the Lasbella district. All other districts of the province are under the supply of QESCO like;

  • Zhob
  • Quetta
  • Ziarat
  • Sibi
  • Turbat
  • Musakhel
  • Bolan
  • Barkan etc

Components of QESCO Online Consumer Bill

People must be in the process of their billing system. You must be aware of how your electricity bills are calculated and how you are charged for your consumed electricity unit. You can also use QESCO Helpline/ QESCO Phone Directory.

No doubt an online system is efficient and effective, but it does not mean that it cannot do mistakes. One single misprint may change your bill drastically high. To meet this issue we explained all the components briefly:


Identifiers are the unique id which is given to the consumer who is using the service. It includes the name, address, meter number, reference number, and consumer ID.

Essential Dates

There are the following dates from which you must be aware of like bill month, reading date, issue date, due date, and connection date

  • Bill Month is the invoice of the concerned month.
  • The reading date is the date when the meter reader checks your meter reading to calculate your unit consumed.
  • The issue date is the date when you receive your bill from the company of the specific month.
  • The due date is the date that tells you that you have to pay your bill on or before that date.
  • The connection date is the official date of your connection starting date.

Billing History

Bill contains every kind of important information for the consumer. Like unit used and cost of unit and history of the unit. The history of the bill is a table which is appeared on the right side of the bill. In this table, you can see the unit consumed and the bill paid throughout the year from the present month.

Your bill history will be saved automatically if you check your bill online using our site You can open a bill for any month in history. We save your bill data every time you check the bill for a new month. It is beneficial to have records of previous months in many cases.

Total Charges

Total charges are all calculated after taking your meter reading. The meter reader takes your meter reading and minus from the last month’s total reading. In this way, you can see the unit consumed for the present month.

After this units consumed are multiplied by the cost per unit. In Pakistan, there are other taxes which is implied on electricity bills including GST charges, F.C charges, and E.D charges.

Complaint and Contact Section

A separate section is allowed where the helpline is mentioned. If you feel any discrepancy in your billing system or any other relevant issue you can place your complaint through the helpline system.

Benefits of Online Bill Checking System

There was a time when people had to wait for the electricity companies to send them their bill copies. But now, the time has changed, and technology has progressed. With just an internet connection, you can check your QESCO bill online. Checking bills online is convenient, simple and time-conserving.

Environment Friendly

It is environmentally friendly because it does not require paper ink, colors, and other things. These all things demand cutting trees to prepare.

Efficient and Effective

It is highly efficient and effective for the consumers. Consumers can pay bills at any time through a remote place.

Secure and Safe

This method is very helpful and secure. Because you do not need to carry cash outside. You just need a balance in your account to pay bills.


Now people do not feel to go the bank and keep waiting for their turn. You can pay easily through your smartphone within seconds.

QESCO History

QESCO is Baluchistan’s first power distribution company. Although it is a subsidiary of WAPDA, it works for Baluchistan solely. WAPDA took this step to provide the value of service.


“I take this opportunity as a challenge. QESCO is a power distribution company with a vast organized set up. We are doing our best to encounter all the challenges of electricity deficit and contribute to the growth of Pakistan’s economy.”

Aim of QESCO

QESCO aims to deliver energy to every home, shop and industry in time and according to their needs. QESCO wants to enlighten Pakistan and contribute to its economy by producing, saving and providing cheap electricity.

Power generation has been the biggest problem for Pakistan, and QESCO has done its best to manage the power and energy situation in the country.

QESCO Bill Taxes

Your QESCO bill includes many taxes in the form of FPA, TR surcharge, FC surcharge, deferred volume, QTR tariff etc. These taxes keep on changing according to the country’s economy, imports and export and subsidies by the Government.

In Pakistan, there are the following duties are included in your billing system. We will explain one by one such as:


FPA stands for fuel price adjustment. It is the price that is included automatically on the basis of fuel price fluctuation.

T.R Surcharge

Tariff rationalization surcharge is abbreviated as T.R. It is the chasm that exists between NEPRA and the Pakistani government. If this gap is positive subsidy is provided on bills. If the gap is negative then the gap is paid for by consumers.

FC Surcharge

FC surcharge is known as financial cost. The official charges forty-three paisa to every connection as Hamilton’s academic surcharge to secure the collection debt servicing of power holding private limited under this surcharge.

QTR Tariff Adj/DMC

It denotes the level of annual tariff change. this number appears on your bills within a few weeks.


Different types of jobs are offered in QESCO throughout the year. Different jobs demand different levels of qualification. The minimum level of qualification is graduation.

QESCO offers jobs on a regular, contract and commission test basis in the following vacancies:

  • SDO
  • Director
  • Chief Engineer 
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant managers 
  • Electricians 
  • Computer operators
  • Data entry
  • Meter readers
  • Bill distributors 
  • Linemen


How to reduce the Qesco bill?

Consume fewer units and save electricity during peak hours. Off your appliances when you’re not using them. Try to use alternate sources like solar energy.

Does QESCO charge extra for making online payments?

No, you’ll not be charged extra. The only service fee will be deducted by the method you used for online payment like a bank account, Easypaisa, jazz cash etc.

Can I check the QESCO bill online using the CNIC number?

No, there is no need for a CNIC number. You only need a reference number to check your QESCO bill online.

Can I access the QESCO invoice by mobile number or CNIC?

Yes, you can access the QESCO invoice service by visiting their official website and providing your mobile number and Ref#.


QESCO bill is easy to check and pay online with the defined procedure explained above. Still, the comment section is below if you’re confused and have questions.

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