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QESCO Bill Calculator – Estimator

QESCO bill calculator is an online technology used for the calculation of your bill just by putting your consumed units. How to calculate the consumed units? How to use the bill calculator? How can you reduce your electricity bill? All the questions are answered in the article. Read the article thoroughly to get a complete guide step by step.

QESCO is a branch of PEPCO under the ministry of power and energy. It provides power, energy, or electricity to Balochistan. It was established in the 90s, but it was upgraded after an amendment in the WAPDA act.

To pursue this goal, QESCO introduced an online system to customers. You can check online bills, Download Duplicate Bills, print out the bills, etc. One of the finest online services of QESCO is an Online Bill Calculator.

QESCO Bill Calculator- QESCO Estimator

Click on the below Button to calculate your Bill:

QESCO Bill Calculator

How to calculate QESCO bill using an online calculator?

Estimate your bill with these easy steps using the QESCO bill estimator or calculator.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to click the button ‘’QESCO bill calculator’’ visible on our site.
  • Step 2: The QESCO bill calculator should open, and you must enter the required information.
  • Step 3: Put the consumed units in the calculator box. (Scroll down and read the method of calculating consumed units).
  • Step 4: Select the connection type and phase type carefully (Details are given below). 
  • Step 5: Add the Number of TV Connections if you have any.
  • Step 6: For a more accurate result of the bill, add peak and off-peak hours.
  • Step 7: Click the “submit” button shown below the calculator and wait for a few seconds.
  • Step 8: The estimated result of your QESCO bill will be shown.

Note: Taxes like General Sales Tax, Fuel adjustment price/unit, ED, and other taxes and fees are added by the QESCO consumer bill calculator system itself according to your usage of units.

QESCO Consumer Bill Calculator Online

QESCO Consumer Bill Calculator service helps you to check your upcoming bill of consumed units. At your location, it is very simple to calculate. To calculate your bill online, you do not need any special skills. Navigate to the consumer bill calculator option on the website. Type your consumed unit in the bar. You will get the estimated bill for your consumed unit.

You need to give extra information for more accuracy, including peak hours, units consumed, low rate units, and high rate units.

How to calculate QESCO consumed units/QESCO bill unit, calculator

It’s quite simple and convenient to find out your consumed units at any time.

  • Note down the number of total units shown on your latest QESCO bill.
  • Note down the number of current total units by reading your meter of electricity.
  • Now apply the simple mathematical formula below:

(Current total units you have read on meter – Total units shown on your latest bill= Total Units consumed )

  • For example:     

Total units read on meter=3500

                  Total units on bill= 3400

  • Now applying the above formula:

                3500-3400=100 units consumed 

How To Calculate The QESCO Bill?

In our country, electricity unit charges do not remain the same throughout the day. You have to give full and proper information about units consumed, before and after peak hours. You will get almost accurate results after giving this information.

QESCO Bill Calculation Formula

QESCO Bill Calculation is not as complex as it seems. If you know the basic knowledge of calculation, you can calculate it easily. A simple calculator with essential functions is required.

Just take the unit consumed and multiply it with the latest per unit rates set by the QESCO. You will have to keep a particular check and balance on before and after-hours units consumed. You Can Also Apply For QESCO NEW CONNECTION.

QESCO Bill Calculation Formula

QESCO bill calculation formula:

You can calculate your bill manually by using a very simple formula. Using this formula, you’ll get your estimated bill, excluding taxes.

Units consumed X Cost per unit.

For example: 

Total units consumed = 320

Cost per unit = 15320X15= Rs 4800 (Cost of electricity only, taxes are not added)

QESCO Bill Unit Calculator

QESCO Bill Unit Calculator calculates the number of units consumed at your place for a specific month. Unit means the energy we use at our residence is denoted by unit.

However, the unit consumed means the amount of energy we have used in a specific month. You can calculate the unit quickly through your Electricity Meter.

Simply record and save the meter reading at the beginning of each month. Take another meter reading and record it by the end of the month. Take the difference between the two readings. You will receive the outcome this month.

QESCO Bill Unit Rates

Electricity unit charges are set by the government and implemented by the WAPDA. That’s why QESCO follows the instructions given by WAPDA. The QESCO Bill Unit Rate does not remain constant. The type of use, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, determines it.

The energy we use in our houses is known as domestic consumption. Domestic users generally are charged less than commercial and industrial users.

Commercial use means electricity we use at our business places like shops, offices and small factories. They are charged more than a domestic user.

Industrial use means the energy that is used in huge factories and plants. They are charged at different rates based on exports or local use.

QESCO Bill Estimator

QESCO Bills Estimator is a means that provides the correct amount of your bill amount. You provide all the relevant important information, and you get the best result. It uses the latest rates set by the government and units consumed by you. It is a very efficient and effective way to know about your QESCO bill.

QESCO Bill Calculator 2022

QESCO Online Bill Checking Requirements

You can check the QESCO bill online quickly. But there are the following requirements, including connection type, units consumed, peak and off-peak hours, connection type, phase, and QESCO Tariff. These are terms that are used in the QESCO billing system. We will explain each term one by one below:

Connection Type

There are three types of connection such as domestic, commercial, and industrial. All of them have different unit rates. That’s why connection type is an essential requirement in calculating bills. Suppose you change the connection but keep the unit the same. You will get different results. For Connection you can use QESCO HELPLINE.

Units Consumed

Units consumed means we consumed energy in our places. Consumed Energy is calculated and denoted by unit. We pay bills according to the unit consumed. We use energy means we are consuming a unit of electricity. More units consumed means high bills, and fewer units consumed means low bills.

Peak and Off-Peak Timings

The unit rate of electricity in our country does not remain constant. There are peak and off-peak hours at different times in the day. Peak hours are when the per-unit rate becomes high compared to off-peak hours.
For example, if the off-peak hour per unit rate is 12.99 rupees, then the peak hour per unit hour rate will be 22.99 rupees.

Connection Type

Connection type means there are different types of connections such as domestic connection, commercial connection, and industrial connection. You must be clear before putting information for calculation. If you have some doubts about the type of connection, you can confirm through the last duplicate bill from QESCO.


Phases are also different, one is a single-phase, and another is a three-phase. Both have different unit calculations. The single-phase is usually used for low energy use, and the three-phase is used when you demand a high load at your residence.

To get definite results, you must provide phase information. As a result, the phase is significant in the unit calculation.

QESCO Tariff

Your bill amount is a sum of different duties. One of them is tariff duties. Tariffs are the government’s duties on a specific class of goods. A tariff is a fee you have to pay to ensure energy availability at your place.

QESCO bill unit rates/QESCO tariff:

1-50Rs 2
51- 100Rs 6.12
101-200Rs 8.23
201- 300Rs 12.4

Meter Rent

Do you know? The company owns your QESCO electricity meter, and you have to pay the rent annually. It’s something between rupees 1000-1500 annually.

Service Rent

You pay for the services provided by the company, like maintaining the electricity lines, resolving your complaints, and other issues related to the transmission. These service charges are added to your bill.


These are the charges payable if you forget to pay the previous bill. These charges will be added to the bill for the next month, along with the remaining dues.


Your bill consists of many taxes like :

  • General sales tax (GST)
  • E tax
  • IT tax
  • ED
  • STRN

Duty on electricity:

Duty on electricity keeps on changing, but the latest for 2022 is 1.56% for domestic and 1.6% for industrial.

Final Words

Bill calculator is one of the best facilities provided by QESCO. You can monitor your electricity usage free of cost. Unit calculators are very beneficial if you have all the relevant information. If you lack even one piece of information, this service is useless for you.

There are low unit rates before 300 units and become high after 300 units. Keep checking your consumption of units and try to keep it under 300. You can reduce your bill amount by using less than 300 units.

QESCO bill calculator is an ideal way of estimating your bill before time. Using the calculator, you can also confirm your existing bill if you’re not satisfied with the due cost. Please comment below for any queries.


Is the calculator giving correct results?

QESCO bill calculator gives you an estimated result. Because the tariff and taxes keep on changing. But we assure you the results are 95% correct.

Can we calculate the bill for 10 days?

Yes, you can calculate the bill for any number of days. The only thing you need to know is the total units consumed.

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