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Now it’s easy to apply for QESCO new connection by submitting your application online. No need to wait for hours in lines outside the office for getting your electricity meter installed at your home. Just follow the steps below and thank us later

QESCO is the sole electricity provider to the whole Balochistan province. It is not an easy task to ensure the availability of electricity in 47 percent of Pakistan. Today things have become easy and crystal clear. Now people no need to go to WAPDA offices to solve their problems.


Furthermore, things have become efficient and quick. You can have every facility regarding the WAPDA Office on your smartphone. You can get an online duplicate bill, download your bill, submit your complaint, etc. Now you can put in an application for a new connection online. QESCO also provides Online Service, QESCO Duplicate Bill.

The era ended when people had to go and kept waiting for their problem’s solution. Things have come to the fingertips these days.

QESCO has facilitated people by providing online portal for new connections. Please note, QESCO new connection can be availed by the residents of Balochistan only.

QESCO New Connection

QESCO new connection is not a problem due to QESCO’S online portal system. It is straightforward to handle and understandable. People with essential knowledge of the internet can apply for a new connection smoothly. You can acquire a form for a new connection. Forms are accessible in English and Urdu for their convenience.

Methods of New Connection Online

As you know QESCO Portal is facilitating people through several online services. So you can apply for a new connection through the QESCO Online System. You can apply in two ways.

One of them is to print the application form after downloading it from the portal. Please write in the application and submit it to your local WAPDA office or Use QESCO Helpline.


Another one is the online process, where you can access the online form from the portal and fill the form online. After that, submit the form online through the online system.

How To Apply For QESCO New Connection Online?

Follow these easy steps below to apply for demand notice or QESCO new connection.

  • Step 1: Visit the official government wesite or official site of QESCO.
  • Step 2: ENC (Electricity New Connection) website has many options shown on the left side. 
  • Step 3: Among many options, click on APPLY
  • Step 4: You’ll need to provide some information to fill the form.
  • Step 5: Information includes following details:
  • Neighbour’s CNIC, address and reference number
  • Owner’s CNIC and Address
  • Owner ship verification documents 
  • Step 6: After filling the form, submit it online or take a print of the form, attach documents and send to QESCO office.
  • Step 7: After a few days, you’ll get a demand notice. You can track your demand notice by visiting the same ENC website.
  • Step 8: After getting the demand notice, pay the registration fee and upload the receipt. 
  • Step 9: It will take some days or may be a month for your QESCO new connection application to be verified.
  • Step 10: Once verification is completed, you’ll get your new connection of electricity and a meter will be installed at your given location.

Download New Connection Online Application Form by clicking on the below Button:

New Connection Online Application Form

You can Submit Your Online Application form By Clicking on the Below Button:

Apply For New Connection Online

Visit QESCO Official Website

As you know, QESCO provides different online services to people. You can use that service by visiting Qesco’s official website. After this, there are the following steps to start the process:

Terms and conditions of QESCO new connection

  • Visit the QESCO
  • Press the download button on the menu bar
  • Choose New Connection Form
  • A fresh screen will appear, allowing you to download the form into your gadget
  • Select your concerned area
  • Choose the name of your concerned WAPDA office handling your region
  • Please make sure the information is factual and original. You fill in the form
  • Give your active contact number
  • Provide your neighbor information as per QESCO requirement
  • Give your CNIC copy and witness as well
  • Place your neighbor’s bill
  • Hit on the terms and conditions button
  • Press submit button

Note: Rate of security deposit, charges for domestic single phase connection and commercial three phase connection depend on the load you required.

QESCO serves only the Baluchistan province. QESCO works for a specific region, not throughout the country. Just confirm about your concerned power company before going to apply. You can also use QESCO Bill Calculator for free.

Define ENC?

Electricity New Connections or simply ENC is an online portal designed for the comfort of the electricity consumers. They can apply online for the new connection using this website. You can apply for QESCO and other companies under one portal.

Track your application, upload demand notice copy and many other options are available there. Just visit ENC if you’re willing to apply for electricity connection at your location.

Visit ENC Official Website

ENC is a government website where you can apply for a new connection throughout the country. It doesn’t bother from which sector you belong. Whereas, It covers MEPCO, TESCO, and QESCO. In short, all power sectors exist in Pakistan.

Charges For Domestic Single Phase

Fee plans for a single domestic phase are set By WAPDA but imposed by QESCO. The total charge for a new connection is 3000 rupees for a single domestic phase. You will pay this amount in installments like 300 rupees at the time of the new connection. Furthermore, you will pay 2700 rupees in nine upcoming bills. The installment will add to your monthly bill as a separate charge.

Charges For Three Phases

The initial cost of three phases of a general connection A1 and A2 varies according to requirement.
Service line up to and within forty meters charges 8000 rupees.

  • A service line is more than 40 meters but restricted to 100 meters, then charges are 8000 rupees plus 140 rupees for each meter.
  • If the service line is above 100 meters but lies under 160 meters. Then charges will be 16400 and 220 rupees for each increasing meter after 100 meters.
  • If the service line is more than 160 meters but ends at 280 meters. Then the cost will be 29600 rupees and 250 rupees for every increasing meter after 160 meters.

Rate of Security Deposit

Security charges are calculated on a different basis. Security charges Tariff A-1 of single phase is 1500 rupees for urban and 400 rupees for rural areas. Moreover, security charges of three-phase Tariff A-1 are 2500 rupees plus 700 rupees for over 5KW load.

Demand Notice 2022

Demand notice is a challan given by the WAPDA to the applicant. Applicant pays fee mentioned on challan at specific bank against electricity service. However, it verifies the eligibility of the applicant for a new connection. Demand notices are different for different phases. Single-phase demand notice is not capable of a three-phase connection.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a proper set of rules created by the company. Your request process gets final after this option.


Can I apply for load over 15kw?

Yes you can apply. You’ll need some approvals for load over 15kw. We suggest you to visit the QESCO official website for these details.

Is new connection possible at any location?

It depends on your location. If you’re under the coverage area of QESCO, you’ll get the connection.

Will I pay for the new connection?

Yes you have to pay the registration fee. And after that annual rent of the meter will be added to the monthly QESCO bill.


QESCO has a large area to serve as compared to other power sectors. That’s why the online system in QESCO may be busy or slow. Suppose you face any problem regarding the online system. You can connect to the helpline and register your complaint.

Domestic, commercial, and industrial connections have different requirements and charges. You must confirm the type of connection before applying on the portal.

Getting QESCO new connection is easy if you know the correct procedure. We have tried our best to guide you from every aspect. Still if you have queries regarding new connection, comment below.

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