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QESCO Helpline/ QESCO Phone Directory

The customer service of QESCO is second to none. You can approach them via SMS, call or online through email. Their response is quick, and complaints are considered and resolved within time.

We have given details of all the related QESCO helpline numbers, centers of services in all districts and the complete procedure of different complaint types.

No doubt, QESCO is very professional and fair in its professional dealings. However, it tries its best to keep its consumers satisfied. Each facility comes with different challenges. The government and power sectors are aggressive in their vicinity.

QESCO Helpline QESCO Phone Directory

Sometimes you face discrepancies in the working like load shedding, extra meter reading, receiving bills late, theft of electricity, etc. You have to rush to WAPDA offices in the early days to register your complaint.

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But now, things have become easy and straightforward. You can submit your complaint in more than one way online.

Customer Services Center

You can have online customer service through the QESCO portal. Simply go to the QESCO website and search customer service or helpline. Open the customer service option and register your complaint online.

The alternate option is also available. People have to go to the customer service center to submit a complaint due to the unavailability of the internet or lack of knowledge about the online system. There are two customer service centers

  • QESCO customer service centers situated in the main Liaqat Bazar facing Police station at Fire Brigade Plaza, Quetta.
  • QESCO complaint and customer service center is a QESCO Head Office.

QESCO headquarter is available on the main Zarghoon road, near CCPO office Cantt, Quetta.
Both options are available to consumers. Generally, customer service centers work 24/7, but the head office has a schedule. You can Calculate your monthly Bill At QESCO Bill Calculator 2022.

Service center nameAddressContact
QESCO Customer Services Center First floor, fire brigade plaza, in front of police station, main Liaqat Bazar, Quetta118
QESCO Complaints and Customer Services Center Head Quarters of QESCO, Main Zarghon road, near CCPO office, Quetta cantt081-9201445

QESCO Phone Directory

The phone directory is a remarkable book containing QESCO’s all employees’ numbers with their designation. It is also available in hard copy and soft copy as a pdf. Some important official person’s contact number is mentioned below:

Designation Phone Fax Mobile

  • CEO 9202211 9202938 0333-7860002
  • GM Tech. 9202292 0333-7860003
  • Chief Engineer Development 92017500
  • XEN opr.Zarghoon Division 9202665 0333-1022391
  • SDO opr.Liaqat Bazar 2668996 0333-1022387

Official Phone Numbers

We gave several wapda person’s numbers above. It was their official and personal numbers. But here are the official entity’s numbers below:

C.E (Tech:)03198088002
C.E (Opr:)03198088003
C.E (Dev:)03198088004
C.E (O&M / T&G)03198088005
C.E (C/S)0319808800
D.G (HR & Admn)03198088007
C.E (P&E)03198088009
C.E (O&M) Dist03198088500
Manager (L&L)03198088048
Company Secretary03198088032
Manager (Marketing)03198088015
Manager (Commercial)03198088016
Manager (PS&C)03198088035
Manager (P.F)03198088037
Manager (E&SS) (Dev:)03198088038
D.M (A&S)03198088045
D.M (T&MP)             03198088099
D.M (HRM)03198088088
D.M (Transport)03198088049
D.M (Security)03198088051
D.M (PR)03198088022
Sr. Instructor RTC03198088052
S.E (Central)03198088023

Sub Division Customer Service Phone

You can directly connect with WAPDA (QESCO) offices and register your complaint.

QESCO Email and SMS Service

As the use of energy increases day by day, issues regarding power supplies are also drastically increasing. As a result, you face difficulty connecting with the company on time. Email and SMS are services you can use when you can not call the complaint and service center.

You can avail of SMS service by visiting QESCO’s official website. Details of your monthly bill and other important alerts will be sent to you via SMS. Just visit their site, and register your mobile number with the reference number of your bill.

You’ll get a confirmation code, and you’re done. You can also email your complaints and suggestions by [email protected]. You can also Apply Online For QESCO NEW CONNECTION.

QESCO Bill Complaint

QESCO is a very responsible entity that works professionally and QESCO gives you a bill for your consumed unit every month. Sometimes you don’t get your bill on time or a day before payment. In this case, you can file your complaint through the online portal system or by visiting the local WAPDA( QESCO) office.

QESCO Complaint Types

Complaint directly relates to the service you use. In electricity, you can submit complaints through a Qesco compliant facility. Go to the qesco.com.pk The site will open on your device. The complaint option appears on the top bar Click on the complaint option.

Page with the different requirements will appear Put in spaces for required information. Type your issue in the comment section and press the feedback option and Qesco service center will contact you within a few days and resolve your issue.

Meter Reading Issue

 Sometimes, human errors occur while the meter is read. The units may be counted in incorrectly, or reading may have been done before or after the due date. In this case, you can register a complaint by dialing their helpline given above.

A meter reader can record the wrong reading, and you have to pay the extra bill. You should cross-match your reading with the meter every month before payment. If you feel any discrepancy, you can connect with Qesco.

Theft of Electricity

Theft of electricity has become a common issue in our vicinity. People use illegal ways to prevent themselves from paying bills. Whereas, theft of electricity is an illegal act. Strict laws are formed that overrule the laws. WAPDA charges bills according to the supply.

For example, WAPDA provides 1000 KW. they will charge for 1000 KW. If someone uses energy illegally, then the whole area will be liable to pay.

Complaint Against QESCO Officials

If the behavior of the officials is rude and their response is irresponsible, you can complain against them.

Load Shedding Complaint

Load shedding is a significant problem nowadays. Our commercial and personal life becomes disturbed when load shedding happens. Our production industry faces a downfall in business activities, and inflation occurs.

And necessities start touching the sky. If load shedding becomes over and untimely, then file the complaint quickly.

Maintenance Issues

Sometimes, the transmission is interrupted due to transformer or line damage. In this case, you can contact the officials, and they should respond quickly.


The following powers have been granted to the officers listed against each in accordance with the Authority’s authorities and the current policy of recovery, effective as of October 10, 2002, and overriding any prior directives on the matter.


Authorized OfficerCategory of ConnectionAmount of Bill (Rs.)Installment Authorized
SDO(Operation)Domestic &Commercial5,000/-2 to 3
Incharge Customer Service Center-do-15,000/-2 to 3
XEN (Operation), Dy. Director (Commercial)Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & T-Well50,000/-2 to 3


Authorized OfficerCategory of ConnectionAmount of Bill (Rs.)Installment Authorized
SDO(Operation)Domestic &Commercial5,000/-2 to 3
Incharge Customer Service Center-do-15,000/-2 to 3
XEN (Operation), Dy. Director (Commercial)Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & T-Well50,000/-2 to 3
S.E (Operation), Manager (CS)c. Director (Monitoring & Complaints)– do –1,00,0002 to 3

QESCO Light APK Download

Qesco light APK app works as other applications do. You download it through google, not the play store. Go to google and type Qesco Light APK in the search bar.

Select your concerned option and hit the download button. Qesco light APK will be downloaded. APK application is not considered suitable for mobile. Sometimes it brings viruses with it, which disturbs the efficiency of mobile phones.

For the convenience of the consumer, Qesco has introduced a mobile application named QESCO light. You can download it by clicking the button below. Features and usage of the app are as follows:

  • First of all, download the apk file from our site.
  • Open the app and register yourself with your name and reference number.
  • A dashboard will be opened having different options.
  • You can register complaints.
  • Calculate your QESCO bill.
  • Find out your bill duplicate copy.
  • A history of your bills will be generated.
  • Simple and easy access to the helpline.

Download QESCO Light APK


Can I contact S.D.O. directly?

Yes, you can contact any official but keep in mind they might be busy and may not respond on mobile numbers. It’s better to contact them via their office number.

Can I change my meter?

Yes, you can request the change if your meter is damaged or has another technical issue. Contact customer service and register your request. They will visit you and assure you if you’re eligible to replace your meter.

Wrapping Things Up

Qesco is providing energy to significant areas of Pakistan. It is dealing with Balochistan province which is forty-seven percent of Pakistan. It is not an easy task. Sometimes glitches can occur, which slow down the service. You can contact QESCO head office or Qesco customer service center in this situation.

People usually do not confirm the issue and complain to the office. It is not a good practice. It creates unnecessary hardships for an entity. Ultimately it leaves an effect on consumers.

Qesco is trying its best to serve people. They are facilitating their consumers with energy. If you feel any deficiency in any service and think you have a better idea. You can share your idea through the customer service center.

QESCO has provided many services for their consumers. All the contact information is given above. You just need to dial a number and get your problems resolved.

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