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TESCO Bill Calculator 2023

Do you want to calculate your TESCO bill on any date of the month? You can estimate your bill any time just by reading units on your electricity meter.

Sometimes the electricity cost written on your bill is not satisfactory and you want to calculate the bill by yourself for confirmation. In this situation, an online TESCO bill calculator or TESCO bill estimator is the best option.

Read the article thoroughly to understand the procedure of bill calculation, cost per unit of electricity, and the factors that affect the electricity price.

You can easily calculate your TESCO Bill amount online using the TESCO Bill Calculator or estimator. This facility is given to the customers because sometimes the electricity charges written on the electricity bill are not valid.

It is written more or less than the actual amount, and the consumers have to pay it. Checking your TESCO Duplicate Bill Online is free and straightforward right now.

Therefore, if you think there might be some error in your bill calculation, you can simply check it by yourself only by knowing the consumer units and rate per unit of the electricity in your tribal area.

TESCO Bill Calculator 2023 - Online Convertor | Calculate Easily In One Click |

Visit the NEPRA website to find out the current rates of per unit electricity for calculating your electricity bill correctly. Besides, you can find the consumer units from the electric meter outside your house. It will help you correctly calculate your bill using the TESCO Bill Calculator.

Calculate Your Bill Here

Either visit the NEPRA Website or view the rates of electricity units at To calculate the TESCO bill, you will need to know your total consumed units, connection type, and phase. Read the following article thoroughly to understand how to calculate the TESCO bill with the help of the TESCO bill calculator.

How To Calculate TESCO Bill/Step-By-Step Guide

For calculating the TESCO bill, go to Calculate Easily in One click by follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click the button ‘’TESCO bill calculator’’ shown on our site.

Step 2: TESCO bill calculator will be opened and you have to put the required information.

Step 3: Put the units in the box you have used or consumed. (Scroll down and read the procedure of calculating units you have consumed).

Step 4: Choose the connection type and phase (Details are given below).

Step 5: Add Number of Television Connections.

Step 6: For more accuracy, add peak hours and off-peak hours.

Step 7: Click the “submit” button and wait for a while.

Step 8: The estimated result will be shown.

TESCO Consumer Bill Calculator

TESCO bill calculator is reliable for up-to-date rates of electricity. The tool asks for your consumed units, connection type, phase peak, and off timings. So for calculating your electricity bill, you should first know all the details.

Apply ForTesco New Connection

Once you have entered your details, it only takes a few seconds to show the results. You can match the bill amount on your bill and the amount calculated by the TESCO consumer bill calculator before paying it if you think it is incorrect.

How To Calculate Consumed Units?

It’s quite simple to find out your units at any moment on any date and any time.

  • Note the number of total units shown on your latest bill.
  • Note the number of current total units by reading your electricity meter.
  • Now use the mathematical formula below:
    (Current total units you have read on meter – Total units shown on your latest bill= Units consumed )
  • For example Total units on meter=34589
    Total units on bill= 34367
  • Now applying the above formula:
    34589-34367=222 units consumed

Consumed Unit

Consumed units shown by the electricity meter are the units of electricity you consume. Electricity is calculated in Kilowatt per hour.

With the help of this reading, you can easily estimate or accurately calculate your current total bill or bill of the previous months.

For calculating consumed units, subtract the total electricity units consumed in the previous month from the total units consumed reading displayed on the electricity meter.

TESCO Bill Calculator - TESCO Bill units

Depending on the rate of electricity units, consumed units and tax increase the bill amount. Make sure to know the correct rates depending on the number of units used for residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural use for calculating your bill according to your use.

Connection Type

For determining your connection type, you can check the tariff on your electricity bill. The rates of electricity units for different connection type varies.

Therefore, always select the connection type written on your bill while calculating your bill on the bill calculator. Without choosing the connection type, you cannot find your electricity bill correctly.

There are two connection types of electricity in Pakistan. Both are different according to cost per unit, taxes, and voltage:

1 – Domestic Connection

It is a connection provided to residential areas i.e. our homes and societies. The government gives subsidies to domestic users and the unit price is low for them.

2 – Commercial or Industrial Connection

It is given to commercial areas and industries. The price per unit is costly for them and there are no subsidies.

Electric Phase Type

The phase of electricity is another category for determining the electricity unit rate. Customers either have a single phase or three-phase meter. You should select the phase connection in the bill calculator for correct estimations.

When you choose the phase-type, the TESCO bill calculator estimates your bill according to the electricity unit rate for that phase.

1-Single Phase:

It is provided to low voltage areas like our homes where low power voltage is enough to run home appliances.

2-Three Phases:

Industrial areas are given a three-phase voltage system as they require high power to run their machinery.

TESCO Peak Hours and off-Peak Hours

On peak and off-peak hours of each area are different. You can get more accurate results if you mention the on and off-peak hours on the bill calculator.

During the on-peak hours, the rate per electricity unit is relatively higher than the off-peak hours. Therefore, find out the peak hours in your area.

Peak hours are the time during which the cost per unit of electricity is higher i.e. between Rs20-24/unit. While off-peak hours have less price per unit (usually Rs16-21/unit). Peak hours are from 6 pm to 10 pm.

TESCO Hours of Operation

If you want to contact the TESCO office for any kind of information related to electricity, you can call them during office timings from 9 to 5 pm.

TESCO workers work from Monday to Saturday. You may immediately reach TESCO Customer Service/TESCO Helpline with only one click.

TESCO Hours of Operation

Sundays are off so you cannot contact them on Sundays. Also, there is a one to two hours break during the Jumma prayer on Friday. For any kind of electrical issue, you can contact at:

TESCO Helpline = +44-1992-632222
Phone: 091-9212964
Phone: 092-9212006
Email: [email protected]

Tesco Bill Calculation Formula

With the help of the TESCO bill calculator, calculating your bill is possible in only a few seconds. There is no need for any difficult math on your own while using the tool. You just need to know the consumed unit and other required information. You will get the result without even entering the unit rates or taxes.

If you calculate the same bill on your own, you will have to know the accurate unit rates and taxes and then sum them up according to the consumed units. It will take time, and maybe the results will not be accurate as the rates keep changing, and if you don’t know about the new rates, your estimation o the bill will be wrong.

TESCO Bill Calculation Formula:

If you don’t have access to an online TESCO bill calculator, you can calculate the bill manually by using the following formula.

Units consumed X cost per unit

For example:

Units= 200 Cost per unit= 6

200X6= 1200 + Taxes and fees by Government = Total bill

Tesco Bill Unit Calculator

For calculating the total bill, you first need to find out the total units consumed in that particular month. There are three types of reading shown on the meter. Out of which one is on peak hours use, the second is off-peak hours reading, and the third is a total of both.

For finding the consumed unit of the month, you have to subtract the last month’s total meter reading from the total reading displayed on the meter now. In this way, you will get the consumed units of this month and note them to find out your bill amount.

Tesco Bill Unit Rates

As discussed above, the per-unit rate of electricity is different for different type of connections of electricity use. The connection type and phase type determine it.

You can check the rates of per unit electricity for TESCO areas. Also, there is a range of units that have different rates. Such as,

  • If you consume 1-50 units, the rate for residential use will be 2 PKR.
  • But it can be up to 3.5 PKR for different types of use.
  • Similarly, Using around 100 to 200 for residential use, the rate will be 8 PKR and a little higher for 300 units depending on the type of electricity used.
  • The rate for units above 700 is approximately 20 PKR per unit.

TESCO Units Rates/Price

1-50Rs 2
51- 100Rs 6.1
101-200Rs 8.2
201- 300Rs 12
301-700Rs 20.4
700-AboveRs 24.45

TESCO Bill Estimator/Online Convertor

It has become much easier to calculate bill amounts just by knowing the consumed units and on-peak and off-peak hours from the meter reading and then filling them in the bill estimator to find your total bill.

You can check your bill by using the bill estimator at Don’t worry about the accuracy of the bill because the rates are always updated.


You can save yourself much time and effort by using the TESCO bill calculator for estimating your bill correctly if you want to find out the upcoming bill or if you doubt that the bill is higher or lower than expected.

With a few clicks and filling required information, you can find the result online in a matter of a few seconds easily by using Online Convertor.

TESCO bill calculator has made it easy for anyone to estimate their coming bills and try to reduce the cost by pre-calculation. For any inquiries, you can comment below. We’ll respond!

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