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Get your TESCO New Connection by applying Free Online Form. Follow the steps below for complete guidance. No need to visit the office and wait for a demand notice. Apply, pay the registration fee and track your application online.

One of the most challenging things in the olden days was getting an electricity connection for your brand-new house. You had to visit their office frequently to get informed about your application. But now the world has changed, and so is Pakistan. Just sit at home, take out your phone and apply for TESCO New Connection.

With the increased customer service by electricity companies, customers can now apply for a new connection online. They do not have to visit the office of the electrical company in their area for this purpose.

Just on the internet, downloading and filling out a Tesco New Connection form is easily possible. You can also check TESCO Duplicate Bill Online for free.

You just have to fill in the desired details on the form and submit it online. It is a simple and time-saving procedure. All the areas have this form on their websites explicitly designed. Also, you find it on the main website of all electricity companies.

No matter what area you live in, it has become convenient now to apply for a new connection after launching a web portal to fill out the form online by the government on the official website of the electricity company. You can Register your problem and Complaints at TESCO Customer Service.

Moreover, you can either fill out the form online or just download/print it from a separate website, TESCO. You can read the application procedure for a new connection and find links for the form below:

Download New Connection Form

What is Demand Notice?

A demand notice is a letter or document asking a person to pay a specific amount. You’ll get a demand notice whenever you apply for an electricity connection.

It is nothing but a legal processing fee. Once you get your notice of demand, You can pay the specific amount to get registered for the connection.

How To Apply For The Demand Notice?

For applying a new electricity connection online, you can follow any two ways. You can apply online for TESCO’s new connection from Electricity New Connection System’s official website, link:

http://www.enc.com.pk/index.php, or directly from the separate website for Tribal new connection at http://tesco.gov.pk/index.php/form.

Applying for TESCO’s new connection online is easy with the following simple steps:

If you are applying and want to fill and submit the form online through the main website of electricity new connection, then,

  • Go to the online portal for the general public of Pakistan of Electricity New Connection System at http://www.enc.com.pk/index.php.
  • Click on the apply option.
  • A new screen will show you the online application form for a new connection.
  • You have to fill out the form with all the required information.
  • Now agree to the terms and conditions at the end of the form.
  • Lastly, click on the submit button.
  • Your form for a new connection has been submitted now.

How To Apply For TESCO New Connection Online?

Follow the steps below to apply for a demand notice or TESCO’s new connection.

Step 1: Visit the official government website enc.com.pk and select TESCO among many companies.

Step 2: This website (Electricity New Connection) has many options shown on the left side.

Step 3: Click on the APPLY option.

Step 4: You’ll be asked to provide some details to fill out the form.

Step 5: These details include the following information:

  • Neighbours’ CNIC, address and reference number
  • Owner’s CNIC and Address
  • Ownership verification

Step 6: After filling out the form, submit it online with the required documents and images or take a print of the form, attach documents and send it to the TESCO office.

Step 7: You’ll receive a demand notice in a few days. You can track your demand notice by visiting the same above-mentioned website.

Step 8: After receiving the demand notice, pay the fee of registration and upload the challan or receipt.

Step 9: It will take some days for your application to be verified.

Step 10: Once the verification procedure is completed, you’ll get a new connection, and a meter will be installed at your location.

How To Download TESCO New Connection Form

  • Visit the separate Website of TESCO.
  • Click on the (view/download) button of the New Connection Form.
  • The form will open now; you can either download or print it to fill it out offline and submit it in the office.

About ENC

Electricity New Connection (ENC) system is a website operated by the Government of Pakistan. It’s a facility for electricity consumers to apply for new connections to any company under a single portal.

Many options are available there. You can track your application if you have applied already. You can print and pay the demand notice online. You can apply for new connections following easy steps and providing relevant information.

Applying Through The ENC System Website

The Electricity New Connection system has a web portal that lets you fill out new connection application forms online for any region.

The web portal is designed, so you don’t have to select your region; it will automatically select your area and detect the information you enter.

Applying Through The ENC System Website

Also, you would not have to go to the company office to submit the form by only filling it out online; submitting it will be enough to get a new connection at your place.

How To Track Your Application?

If you have applied for new TESCO connection, you can track and Check your Status Online by visiting the ENC website using the following guide:

  • Visit the website mentioned above.
  • You’ll see an option for Track on the left side. Click the option.
  • You’ll get two options.
  1. New connection
  2. Change of tariff/load/name
  • Click the option accordingly.
  • After selecting one of the above options, you’ll be asked to provide the company name and CNIC number.
  • Follow the instructions, and your application’s progress will be shown.


How can I Calculate my Monthly TESCO Bill?

Checking online bills or Calculating TESCO bills is now on our one click. You can Calculate Your TESCO Bill at TESCO Bill Calculator.


Applying for a new connection online has become easier and faster with the website portal to fill and submit the form online. Just fill in the required information and agree to the applicable terms and conditions.

The website portal is useful for customers from all areas consuming electricity from any of the electricity companies, including TESCO, IESCO, PESCO, and all others.

All the relevant information regarding TESCO’s new connection is given above. If you have any questions, comment below.

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