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TESCO Bill Online 2023

Are you looking to check your TESCO Online Bill and pay from home on the due date? Do you want to receive a TESCO duplicate copy in seconds? A complete guide (step by step) is given below.

The world has changed. Time had gone when you used to wait for the bill distributors to bring you the bill, and you had to wait in lines in hot summers and cold winters outside the banks and post offices to pay your bills.

Now you can pay your bills from home with a mere internet connection and knowledge of how to check the bill and pay online.

About TESCO (Tribal Electric Supply Company)

Tesco is one of the companies of Wapda, based in Peshawar, that supplies electric power to the tribal areas of Pakistan.

It was founded in 2004 and worked under the PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) and Power Division (Ministry of Energy Pakistan). You will find TESCO Online Bill In Our Website. You can Also Calculate your Bill at TESCO Bill Calculator.


The company provides electricity to the tribal areas and provides other relevant services to the customers. In Peshawar and in many other cities, this company has facilitated consumers with its services.

The areas and cities where TESCO works include Miran shah, Mir Ali Mirali, Bajaur agency, Razmak, Sadda, Jandola, Lower Dir, Parachinar, and others.

For the provision of electricity and the upkeep of construction and sustenance, TESCO has the following divisions for providing different services to the people of a certain tribal area.

  • Sales department
  • SS and TL division
  • M and T division
  • Five operating divisions
  • Construction division

Enter Your 14 Digits Reference Number in the Below Box:

Check, Download, And Print TESCO Online Bill

TESCO has now initiated an online billing system for customers to ease receiving electricity bills. You can easily view and print your electricity bill from the internet.

The online bill-checking system has relieved consumers from the tension of getting and paying bills on the last date physically. With a few clicks, check, download, and print your bill to pay instantly.

Download TESCO Bill ONLIEN

You can check your TESCO Bill here at, or if you wish to download or print your TESCO Online Bill, simply go to on Google.

Look for a box asking for the reference number of 14 digits. Click on the “check bill” button below the box. Within a few minutes, your electricity bill will be opened.

TESCO Duplicate Online Bill

If due, for any reason, you need a duplicate of your bill even after having received the original bill, and you can get it sitting at your home online by simply entering your 14-digit reference number.

You would not have to go to the customer service centre to only get a duplicate bill. With TESCO’s introduction of an online billing system, a duplicate bill can be easily checked, downloaded, printed, and paid online. Now you can Apply for Tesco’s New Connection.

How To Check TESCO Bill Online: A Complete Guide

Follow these easy steps to check your bill immediately.

Step 1: First of all, take out your mobile phone and open a browser.

Step 2: Type ‘’TESCO online bill’’ in the browser search.

Step 3: The browser will take you to the official site of TESCO.

Step 4: There, you will see a rectangular box with the title ‘’ Ref # ‘’.

Step 5: Click in the box and enter your Reference Number. A Reference number is a 14 digits code specific for each consumer (More details are given below about the reference number and how to find it).

Step 6: After entering, the website will load and look at the records to find out your bill.

Step 7: If your bill is generated and saved in the record, you’ll get it on your screen.

What is a Reference Number?

A reference number is a 14 digits code specified for each meter or consumer. It is in fact identification of the consumers. The company notes units according to this specific code.

You can find the reference number on your bill. It is usually written on the top left corner of the bill in a box titled “Reference number “.

TESCO Bill Payment

Two ways of paying the bill. Both are discussed in detail.

  1. TESCO Bill Online Payment
  2. TESCO Bill Physical Payment

1 – TESCO Bill Online Payment

It’s quite easy to pay the bill online while sitting at home. You don’t need to go to the bank, post office, or anywhere to pay the bill. You can just use your mobile and pay with a click in seconds. You can pay using the following ways:

  • Bank Digital App: If you have a bank account and have activated your digital app of that bank, you can easily pay online from your bank account.
  1.  Log in to your digital app.
  2.  Go to the dashboard.
  3.  Select the “Pay Electricity bills” option.
  4.  Now, select a company (select TESCO).
  5.  You’ll be asked to provide a reference number and mobile number.
  6.  After putting the reference number, it will show you your bill.
  7.  Confirm the bill.
  8.  Click “Pay”.
  9.  You’ll receive a confirmation message on your mobile number.
  10.  You can show this message to the bill distributors if they ever ask you to show them your bill.
  • Jazz Cash: You can pay your TESCO bill online using your jazz cash account from home using below easy steps.
  1.  Login to your jazz cash account.
  2.  Go to “Utility bill payment.”
  3.  Select electricity bill.
  4.  Select TESCO company.
  5.  Provide reference number and mobile number.
  6.  Confirm the bill shown and click “Pay”.
  7.  You’ll receive a confirmation message.
  • EasyPaisa: Use your easy paisa account to bill your bills. Follow the steps below.
  1.  Login to your account.
  2.  Go to the “Bill payment” option.
  3.  Select the Electricity bill and TESCO company.
  4.  Put your reference number and give your mobile number.
  5.  Confirm the bill if it is shown.
  6.  Click to pay.
  7.  Wait for a confirmatory message.

2 – TESCO Bill Physical Payment:

The second way of paying your bill is the physical method. The detailed process is given below

  1. After checking your TESCO bill online, save the image on your mobile or as a pdf.
  2. You can also print a TESCO duplicate bill online or take a copy.
  3. Go to the nearest retailer or easy load shop.
  4. Provide him with your TESCO bill duplicate copy and your mobile number.
  5. He will pay and stamp your bill.
  6. Soon you’ll receive a message on your mobile to confirm the payment.
  7. Congratulations, now you have received your TESCO bill online.
  8. Look at the last date and pay online whenever you wish.

How Can You Get A TESCO Duplicate Bill?

Search TESCO’s online billing website or go to and enter the 14-digit reference number in the given box.

This number is written on your electricity bill. You can look for it on any previous bill. That’s the only key to getting your TESCO Duplicate Bill Online.

After entering the number in the box, you will be able to check and download your duplicate bill. But if it is feasible for you, the duplicate bill can also be obtained by any customer service center or head office of TESCO.

Otherwise, with the online bill checking and paying system, there is no need to worry about wasting time by standing in a long line to just get a duplicate bill.

How Can You Print The TESCO Duplicate Bill?

You can easily print out the duplicate bill after opening it on the website to pay your bill. For printing, simply follow these steps:

  • You will see a print button on the top right corner when you open the bill.
  • Click the button to open the print page.
  • Choose the right destination and layout for your print.
  • You can also change the page size from the “more setting” option. After that, click on the print button.
  • Your bill will be in your hands in a few minutes.
How Can You Print The TESCO Duplicate Bill - TESCO Duplicate Bill Online

TESCO Online Bill

Paying the bill on time gets on your nerves when you have no time to go and stand in a long queue waiting for your turn to get work done that could have been done in a few minutes if it wasn’t for the long line.

Also, sometimes you misplace or don’t receive your bill even when the due date gets close, so you have to obtain your bill from the customer service center and then pay it.

Register Your Complaints At TESCO Customer Service | TESCO Helpline | Register Complaint Electricity Problems.

But with the introduction of the TESCO online billing system, this is not the case anymore. Just find your reference number, and generate an online bill with a few simple steps.

How Can You Print The TESCO Bill?

For printing the TESCO bill after checking it online, simply:

  • Click the print symbol on your google tab.
  • A box with all the settings for print will open.
  • Choose the location for the printout.
  • Select the size of print as A4 from more settings options also select the header and footer options.
  • Lastly, tap on the print button, and the printout will be produced.

Areas Facilitated By TESCO

TESCO’s headquarters is based in Peshawar, but its service has been extended up to tribal and FATA areas. TECO provides electrical power to the following agencies and FRs,
List of organizations:

  • Bajur Agency
  • Kurram Agency
  • Khyber Agency
  • Mohmand Agency
  • South Waziristan Agency
  • North Waziristan Agency
  • Orakzai Agency
  • List of FRs
  • FR Dera Ismail Khan
  • Tank
  • FR Dera Ismail Khan
  • FR Kohat
  • Peshawar
  • FR Bannu

Jobs Offered By TESCO

Jobs Offered by TESCO 2023 - tesco Online bill

TESCO announces vacancies in newspapers, or you can regularly visit their official site to get the latest information about the vacancies.

Jobs are contract base or permanent through commission tests. You can apply for the following jobs when announced.

TESCO offices are located in all tribal areas. People are working for TESCO work under the different departments of TESCO that they are employed for work in different areas.

There are several jobs offered by TESCO. Workers are employed as:

  • SDO
  • Junior Engineer
  • Revenue officer
  • ALM
  • LSII
  • Director General
  • Chief Engineer
  • Management officer
  • Computer operators
  • Electrical engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Transmission staff
  • Construction staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Bill distributors
  • Peon

For more info and contact for jobs, go to

TESCO Tariff

The units of electricity consumed either for domestic or for industrial purposes have different rates. You can calculate the electricity you consume easily.

Electricity is calculated in kilowatt per hour unit (KW/H). You can calculate tariffs according to the rate per unit.

For instance, if the per-unit rate is 3 PKR, using 20 units will cost you 60 PKR. But these rates vary for different stages of use in your area, such as domestic and industrial use. Rates are different.

If the consumer is using 1 to 50 units, the rate per unit will be 3.5 PKR
If the consumer is using 51 to 100 units, the rate per unit will be 4.8 PKR
Moreover, if the consumer uses 101 to 300 units, the rate per unit will be around 8 PKR.

Rates and TESCO Tariff List

The tariff of electricity changes continuously according to the market pricing, fuel price, and government subsidies. The latest 2022 Price per unit is given below:

Units UsedCost in Rs/ (kWh)
Above 70023.92

Taxes of TESCO

The government taxes on electricity bills for consumers is 17% of the cost of electricity.
While the electricity duty is 1.5% for domestic and industrial use. And 2% for commercial and bulk supply. For agricultural use, it is 1% for consumers.

Other than that, FC (financing cost) surcharges are 17%, while the NJ (Neelum Jhelum) surcharges are 10% of the total unit. The TV fee is 35 PKR which is fixed for every consumer.

Taxes by TESCO on consumers follow the instructions by PEPCO. Taxes are increased or decreased in the form of Levi and subsidies by the government. GST is applied according to consumption.


How do you cut down TESCO electric costs?

You can cut down your electricity charges by lowering the electricity use only. Else, try to use some of the appliances used in a daily routine such as iron or clothes washer in the off-peak times. The off-peak hours are the time when unit charges are low compared to other hours of the day.

Can we pay for the TESCO Bill using CNIC?

Paying bills via CNIC is not possible right now, but electricity companies are working on adding this service for customers. You will need your electricity reference number to pay the bill.

Is it possible for TESCO offers electricity only in Tribal zones?

TESCO offers electricity to the tribal zones and FATA, and some other areas around it.

How can I fix my TESCO Bill?

  • On Google Chrome, go to
  • Search Tesco bill online, and a box will be shown on the screen
    In the box, write your 14 digit reference number
  • Your electricity bill will be opened, and you can check or fix it.

Bottom Line

With the improved services, TESCO has made it easier and more comfortable for consumers of tribal areas to check, download or pay their bills online.

You just need to know your reference number for paying the bill online. For more info about TESCO bills online or duplicate bills, go to or visit the official site of TESCO at

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