House Lights Flickering – 4 Reasons You Need To Know

Are the lights of your home flickering? It requires fast attention otherwise you will face some dangerous consequences. Mostly, the flickering lights problem occurs due to electrical wiring. Furthermore, the flickering could also be caused by loose or disconnected connections inside the walls or the electrical box, as well as loose or missing parts like … Read more

Insulation Resistance Test of Transformer

An insulation resistance test (IR) is commonly performed during the development and production phases of electrical and electronic equipment. It allows the electrical testing of the insulation resistance between the primary coil and the ground of the transformer. The insulation resistance test of transformers is an important task in the production process and it’s performed … Read more

History of SEPCO | Complete Information About SEPCO | 2022

Formation of SEPCO Let us get started with SEPCO history, Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) is a branch of WAPDA that supplies electric power to different areas. This branch of WAPDA was formed on 26th July 2010 and registered under the company’s ordinance with the S.E.C.P. It was established by dividing the areas facilitated by … Read more

Disadvantages of Electron Beam Welding

There are several ways of welding, the most common ones are welding by gas or by electricity, and by arc or submerged in the molten state. Others, however, are less well-known yet have been in use for generations. Electron Beam Welding is one of them. It’s a sort of welding that joins metals with electrons … Read more

SEPCO ONLINE BILL 2022 | Download Duplicate Online Bill |

Just like other electricity-providing companies, SEPCO Sukkur Electricity Power Company is also facilitating its customers to check, download and pay their electricity bills online. You can check, download or print your SEPCO bill at With the SEPCO ONLINE BILL-paying facility, paying your electricity bill every month has become easier. Sitting at your home, you … Read more

SEPCO Helpline | Register Complaint of SEPCO Electricity Problems | Customer Care

SEPCO HELPLINE/SEPCO Customer Care How can you register the complaint at SEPCO? The answer to your question is if you’re a SEPCO consumer and facing problems related to electricity transmission, technical issues in meter, wires and transformer issues, bill-related problems, and other suggestions or complaints, you can contact SEPCO in different ways. You can reach … Read more

Types of Insulation Paper for Motor Winding | Safety And Efficiency | PVC Insulation Paper

The insulation paper for motor winding refers to the paper material used to wrap around the wire winding of the motor. In recent years, the energy industry has been facing the most difficult time. The increasing demand for energy, coupled with an increase in the price of electricity, and the shortage of power supply, are … Read more

Low Voltage And High Voltage | EHV Vs UHV | What’s The Difference?

The most common way to understand the difference between low voltage and high voltage electricity is to think about the difference in terms of potential differences. In other words, high voltage means there are higher potential differences, whereas low voltage means there are lower potential differences. This article elaborates on the major differences between low-voltage … Read more

8 Fun Facts About Electricity | Types of Electric Devices |

What is Electricity? There are many ways to describe electricity. The most common way is to think of it as the flow of electrons between atoms in a conductor. You’ve probably heard that electricity is a type of energy, and it’s true. But it’s more than that. Electricity is a phenomenon in the world that … Read more

MEPCO Customer Service | Telephone Directory & MEPCO Helpline |

MEPCO HELPLINE/CUSTOMER SERVICE MEPCO (Multan Electric and Power Company) is a leading company in the electrical and power sector in Pakistan. The company’s mission is to provide quality electricity services at affordable rates. It has an excellent record in customer satisfaction which is why it continues to grow despite the challenges of high tariffs and … Read more

MEPCO Bill Calculator 2022 | Bill Estimator/Units Convertor |

MEPCO Online Bill Calculator The Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is a utility provider that serves a large region of Pakistan. MEPCO customers can use the MEPCO Online Bill Calculator to estimate their monthly electricity bills. Click on the Below MEPCO Bill Calculator. The calculator will then generate an estimate of your Monthly Bill based … Read more

MEPCO Duplicate Bill Online October 2022 | Check Or Print Bill & Download |

How To Check MEPCO Bill? MEPCO is a public electric utility company serving the city of Multan, Pakistan. Founded in 1998 following the deregulation of the power sector in Pakistan, MEPCO is an independent and well-respected provider of reliable electricity to residents, businesses, and industrial customers throughout Multan. You can Apply for New Connection Online … Read more

How Many Dams in Pakistan | Famous Dams In Pakistan | Complete Details 2022

List of Famous DAMS In Pakistan How Many Dams in Pakistan? Pakistan has around 150 dams, making it one of the world’s dam-rich countries. While many of these dams are small and solely utilized for irrigation, there are a few huge and famous dams that contribute significantly to the country’s scenery and infrastructure. However, due … Read more

TESCO Customer Service | TESCO Helpline 2023| Register Complaints

TESCO Customer Service (Official Contact Numbers of All TESCO Authorities) 2023 TESCO customer support is satisfactory, and their response is quick. You can contact their authorities on office and personal phone numbers. Your complaints or suggestions will be heard and resolved in no time. TESCO has been providing many services related to electrical power and … Read more