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Just like other electricity-providing companies, SEPCO Sukkur Electricity Power Company is also facilitating its customers to check, download and pay their electricity bills online. You can check, download or print your SEPCO bill at

SEPCO ONLINE BILL | Download Duplicate Online Bill |

With the SEPCO ONLINE BILL-paying facility, paying your electricity bill every month has become easier. Sitting at your home, you can view your bill online and pay it before the due date. It saves you much time and effort. Now you can use SEPCO Bill Calculator For Free.

Enter Your 14 Digits SEPCO Bill Reference Number in the Below Box:

Moreover, losing or misplacing your electricity bill is no more a problem as you can check your bill every month online just with a few simple steps.

It saves you from going to the company s office and standing in long queues just to get a duplicate bill. Read the following article to check your bill or to get any relevant information.

Check SEPCO Online Bill For 2022

You can view this month or any month’s SEPCO bill on this website. Checking the SEPCO bill online is a simple process. For August 2022 SEPCO Bill, you only need to enter the 14-digit reference number that you can find on your previous electricity bill in the box below and click on the check button. SEPCO offers the option of an Online SEPCO New Connection as well.


If you want to check, download, or print a SEPCO bill online, visit Just enter your reference number in the box given and click check bill. After a few seconds, the screen will display your the bill. From there, you can easily download the bill on your device or get a printout.

Following the steps below, you can easily get your SEPCO Bill Duplicate Copy Online. Complete guidance is given below.

  • Step 1: Take out your Android or iPhone device and go to Google search.
  • Step 2: Type “SEPCO online bill” in a google search or simply click the button below titled “SEPCO bill check”.
  • Step 3: A box will be shown asking for a Reference number. (Read more about the reference number below).
  • Step 4: Enter the accurate Reference number in the box and click the “Submit” button.
  • Step 5: Wait for a while so that system will load and check for your bill’s record.
  • Step 6: After a few seconds, your SEPCO bill will be shown and ready to view.
  • Step 7: Save the image as PDF or in another format on your device. You can also take a SEPCO bill print (if the printer is connected to your device). 
  • Step 8: You’re done. View the picture of your bill.

SEPCO Bill Reference Number – Where is it?

The reference number on your bill is the only required information to check your bill online. To find out your reference number on your Sukkur Electricity Power Company’s bill, look below the consumer I.D. on the bill. See the image below to find reference no.

SEPCO Bill Reference Number

Components of SEPCO Online Bill

All the calculations of your consumed electricity and other information are printed on the electricity bill every month. But sometimes, there might be some issue with these calculations. You can SEPCO Helpline for any type of Inquiry and Complaint.

If you feel that the bill is more than you expected with the use of units, you should thoroughly check all the components. To know about these components, read the following explanations:


For the ease of identifying the bill for each customer, there are reference numbers and consumer I.D. on every electricity bill. These are different for each and every consumer to prevent any kind of confusion.

Besides reference number and consumer I.D., a meter number for your meter connection is also mentioned in the right bottom corner for identification.

For sending the bill to the right place, the identity of the person who owns the place, i.e., his name and residency, is mentioned on the bill.

Essential Dates

There are usually five different dates written on the top of the bill. These include

Connection Date

The connection date denotes the date since you got the electricity connection at your place. It is mentioned at the start.

Bill Month

After the connection date comes the bill month box. This helps to identify which month’s bill is it.

Reading Date

Every month the meter reader comes to note the reading of units consumed from your electricity meter. The date when the reading is taken is written on the bill as the reading date.

Issue Date

Issue date represents the date when your bill has been issued by your electricity service provider.

Due Date

You must pay your bill by the due date specified on the invoice. Else, you will be fined. The amount you have to pay after the due date is also mentioned on the bill.

Billing History

A list of your electricity unit consumption and the payment made is printed on the bill every month. With the help of this list, consumers can easily keep a record of all their previous bills.

Total Charges

The total charges are mentioned on the electricity bill. You can also estimate your monthly bill by yourself and match it with your bill. Total charges of your bill are calculated after taking the reading of units from the electricity meter.

The meter shows the number of units you have consumed. From the total units, the reading noted in the previous month is subtracted to get the units consumed in the last month.

Then the bill is calculated according to the cost per unit. After adding the service charges and GST to the electricity cost for total units, you get the total bill.

Complaint and Contact Information

In case of any complaint or help, you can contact the official number of your service provider that is also mentioned on the bill in a small box. You can either call or send an SMS to the given number.

SEPCO Online Bill Payment

For customers who want to pay their bill online, SEPCO, like many other service providers, offer this facility. To check and pay your bill online, go to or the official site of SEPCO

Go to check your bill portal and write the 14-digit reference number to get your latest electricity bill. You can also get a printout of your bill in case you have misplaced the one you received.


You can pay your SEPCO bill online via any bank or other online account. From the comfort of your home, take out your mobile and pay.

Use your digital application of any bank (HBL, UBL, Askari bank, Meezan bank, Islamic bank etc.) or use JazzCash, Easypaisa account for bill payment. Read the details below:

  • Bank Account: 
  1. Log into your digital bank app using your username and password.
  2. Go to home or dashboard.
  3. Select the option of “utility bills”.
  4. Select electricity bill and choose SEPCO company.
  5. Enter your 14 digits reference number. You can find it on your SEPCO bill copy. 
  6. Your SEPCO bill with the total due amount and due date will be shown.
  7. Confirm the payment and submit your ATM pin code.
  8. You’ll receive a text message from the bank and SEPCO about your bill payment.
  9. Save the message, and you’re done!
  • JazzCash:
  1. Log into your JazzCash account using your username and password.
  2.  The “Pay utility bills” option is there.
  3. Select this option and search your company (SEPCO).
  4. Enter the Reference number of your SEPCO electricity bill.
  5. Confirm the payment after the correct details of your bill are shown by the system.
  6. Enter the 2-factor authentication pin code received on your mobile sim number.
  7. Bill Payment will be made.
  8. Make sure that you receive a message of your payment confirmation on your mobile number.
  • Easypaisa:
  1. Log into your Easypaisa personal account via username and password.
  2. Go to the dashboard or home and see the electricity or utility bill payment option.
  3. Select this option and Choose “SEPCO bill payment”.
  4. Enter your SEPCO bill reference number and pin code of the app.
  5. Confirm the details of your bill and submit it.
  6. Once payment is sent, you should receive a message on your sim.
  7. You’re done. Save this message for any verification by the bill distributors.

Areas Facilitated By SEPCO

Sukkur Electrical Power Company(SEPCO) Has great provides electrical power to some areas of the districts of Sukkur.

The following areas are under the supply of SEPCO;

  • Sukkur
  • Khairpur
  • Ghutki
  • Kashmoor
  • The portion of Rahim yar Khan
  • Jacobabad
  • Kamber
  • Larkana
  • Dadu
  • Portions of Jamshuru
  • Nushero feroz

Total Consumers of SEPCO

According to statistics of 2017, SEPCO has a total of 738601 consumers in the following sectors:

Industrial 12631

SEPCO Bill Taxes

Your bill consists of the following taxes;

  • FPA = Changes according to fuel price
  • TR surcharge = depends on the load
  • FC surcharge = Depends on usage 
  • Deferred volume, QTR tariff= Accordingly 

The taxes included in the SEPCO electricity bill are the following:


Fuel Price Adjustment depends on the price of fuel used to produce electricity. If the fuel price is high, then at the order of NEPRA, this tax is higher. But at times, there is no FPA tax for consumers.

T.R. Surcharge

Tariff rationalization Surcharge is the additional tax of 1.43 Rs per unit, which the consumers pay to keep the rates of electricity low in all areas where the electricity is being provided.

F.C. Surcharge

F.C. surcharge is the Financing Cost which the consumers pay about 0.43 Rs per unit right now. This surcharge is imposed to collect money for returning the debt taken for providing funds for the power sector by Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Volume

You can look for a deferred balance on your electricity bill. Deferred volume or balance is the amount of the increasing difference between the monthly Average billing amount and the amount that you would have to pay if you didn’t opt for average billing.

In case of a positive bill amount, there will be the addition of 0.08 to your bill. Otherwise, it will be subtracted.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

The quarterly tariff adjustment or distribution service cost is count to the bill three to four times a year. Each quarter amount is different.

This tax is on commercial or industrial consumers or domestic consumers using more than 300 units per month. While the domestic consumers using less than 300 units do not have to pay QTR Tariff Adj.

SEPCO Load Management

SEPCO’s online website gives updates about the Grid Station maintenance schedule and informs the consumers about the shutdown timing of different feeders.

Visit their official site, click on the “Load management schedule”, and you’ll get the timetable.

Jobs at SEPCO | What Jobs SEPCO Offer |

At SEPCO, you can apply for various jobs. The CEO (Commercial Estate Officer) post of SEPCO requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree and years of experience.

SEPCO announces jobs and career opportunities in newspapers and official websites. Keep visiting their site for the latest vacancies in: Other jobs available at SEPCO are:

  • Bill Distributor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Revenue Officer
  • SDO operation
  • Assistant Manager
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief electrician
  • Linemen
  • Meter readers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Office staff

Also ReadHistory of SEPCO

SEPCO CEO’s Message

“We need to evolve and change according to the era. We need to resist the changing and boost up our professional excellence.

Let’s win the loyalty of our employees and work together as a team to contribute to our country. Our survival depends on the consumers satisfaction. Our only goal is to care about our employees and customers.”

Benefits of Using Our Online Services

Using our site for online bill services is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Our processing speed is fast and quick.
  • We provide services 24/7.
  • We provide secure and reliable methods.
  • Our services are convenient and easy to avail for billing.
  • We give you cost-effective solutions to conserve your savings.

Fast Processing Speed

The online bill payment option lets you check, download or pay your bill in a matter of few minutes and saves your time. There is no need to stand in long lines and wait for your turn, and you can easily pay bills anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection.

24/7 Service

If you go to pay the bill at the bank, you have to go at the time when the bank is open. But with the online payment facility, there is no need to worry about going at a fixed time. You can pay your bill anytime in 24 hours.

Secure and Reliable

This website is reliable and secure for paying your bill online. The security and privacy of customers are fully protected.

More Convenient

Firstly getting a bill from the office and then going to a bank to pay it takes a lot of time for the consumer if, due to some issue, the bill was not received by the customer at their place or they misplaced it. Therefore with the online bill-paying system, customers feel at ease paying bills on time.

Cost-effective Solution

Not only that a customer has to travel to the office to get a bill, but they also pay a fee to get a duplicate bill. Paying bills online at this website,, can save you a lot of costs.


Q: Is it possible to check the SEPCO invoice using my cellphone number or CNIC?

No, you can only view your SEPCO bill online by entering your reference number because your CNIC or mobile number is not in the record of your service provider.

Q: Can I get the SEPCO utility bill?

You can get a duplicate SEPCO bill online if your bill is pending and pay it online if you want to. Or you can get the bill from the company’s office after paying the charges for it.

Q: How to apply for SEPCO invoice correction?

For any wrong calculations or other issues related to the SEPCO bill, you can contact their official number for customer help. The contact numbers for customer service or complaints of SEPCO are as follows:

  • 071-9310795
  • 071-5621633
  • 03008319831


With the online bill-paying services, SEPCO has made it easier for customers to pay bills. You only have to note your reference number from the electricity bill to check the latest bill online.

Also, if there are any miscalculations in your bill or any other issue, you can contact the SEPCO office via their official phone number.

SEPCO online bill check is an easy way of getting your bill records and copies of any month using our site. We have covered all the essential details. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.

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