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SEPCO New Connection 2022 – Apply Online Now

Are you worried about SEPCO’s new electricity connection at your newly constructed home, office, or shop, or do you want to get a new connection for your factory or industry?

Here is the solution for you with complete guidance in simple steps. We have discussed all the requirements and information related to getting your meter of electricity installed at your desired location with the load you require.

Applying for a new SEPCO connection have become very easy with the facility of applying online introduced by SEPCO service provider. Now, you can apply anywhere at any time for a new connection without going to the company’s office to get an application form.

The form can be filled as well as submitted online. In this way, you can get a new connection at the comfort of sitting in your house. You can Check SEPCO ONLINE BILL.

SEPCO New Connection 2022 – Apply Now Online

The application form of SEPCO new connection requires you to enter all the details and attach a relevant document, all online. So all you need is an internet connection and relevant documents to apply for a new connection.

If you are looking for the process and link of applying a SEPCO New Connection Online keep reading this article.

How To Apply For a SEPCO New Connection Online?

Before applying for a SEPCO new connection you will have to determine the connection category that you want to apply for. After determining the category, click on the link to fill the application form selecting that specific category. To find out which category will be suitable for your electricity consumption read the following explanation.

How To Apply For a SEPCO New Connection Online

Once you decide your category click on the link below to open the portal from where you can apply for a new connection.

Or you can also apply for the new connection from the separate website of SEPCO. The link for it is given below

Click Here

Follow the following instructions to get your connection successfully.

  • Step 1: The first step is to visit the government’s official website or the official SEPCO site.
  • Step 2: ENC (Electricity New Connection) website will be opened, and it has many options.
  • Step 3: Click on APPLY shown on the site’s left hand.
  • Step 4: Provide a few pieces of information to fill out the form.
  • Step 5: Information includes the following simple details:
  • Neighbour’s CNIC, address and reference number
  • Owner’s CNIC and Address
  • Ownership verification documents or certificate 
  • Step 6: After filling out the application form, submit it online or take a print of the application form, attach documents and send it to the SEPCO office.
  • Step 7: After a few days, a demand notice will be sent to you.
  • Step 8: After getting the demand notice from SEPCO, pay the registration fee in time and upload the receipt. 
  • Step 9: It will take some days or maybe a month for your application to be verified by the officials.
  • Step 10: Once the company completes verification, you’ll get your new connection to SEPCO, and a meter will be installed at your desired location.

Documents Required:

For domestic users

  • Neighbour’s CNIC Card, home address and Bill reference number
  • CNIC and home address of the applicant.
  • Verification certificates or registry of the property where you want a new connection.

For commercial or industrial users

  • In addition to the documents mentioned above, other documents are also needed.
  • Charge creation certificate 
  • NOC
  • Incorporation certificate 
  • Power of attorney 

Fill the form with the required information including your electricity connection type, CNIC number, Name and attach a copy of your neighbor electricity bill. After filling the form submit it.

Soon you will receive a tracking Id and an official will visit your place. Your new connection will be installed within a month. SEPCO Bill Calculator offers a monthly bill checker.

SEPCO New Connection Categories

The connection type of electricity can be either domestic, commercial, industrial and T.well connection or any other. These types may have different demand notice cost and different unit rates.

There are three main categories of Electricity power connection mentioned below

11- 15kwhAM/SDO
216 -70 kwhDM/XEN
371-500 kwhManager/SE

SEPCO Demand Notice Tracking

After applying for a new connection, you will receive a tracking Id. This Id will be required until the new connection is installed. For installing the new connection, an official will come at your place to look for installing the connection.

After that, you will have to pay the charges in the bank with a demand notice and then your connection will be installed. If you don’t get any response you can check your demand notice status online. If you do not get any response, you can also use SEPCO Helpline.

SEPCO Demand Notice Fee

You will have to submit the demand notice fee after applying for a new connection in any bank. The fee varies for each type of electricity connection category. For example, charges will be different for domestic connection from commercial or industrial connection.


You will find out the fee required with the demand notice. To check your demand notice status, you will be provided with a link where your application status will be shown by entering your CNIC number and connection type. But if you apply for a new connection at the company’s office you cannot check your status online.

  • Domestic = Rs 1500-3000
  • Commercial = Rs upto 20000

SEPCO New Connection Cost Calculator

You can calculate your total cost for a new connection by visiting the official website of SEPCO. You’ll find a new connection cost calculator on the left side of the menu. Put the required information there, and the estimated cost will be shown to you.

Term and Condition

Keep the following points in mind while applying for a new connection:

  • 3 copies of the application.
  • Tariff’s copy signed by the applicant and witnesses.
  • Property Ownership proof (certificate, registry or any other document attested by government official).
  • The undertaking of the consumer regarding no electricity connection exists previously.
  • Permission of the house owner in case the home is rental.
  • Attested copy of the CNIC card of the applicant.
  • Two attested CNIC card copies of the witnesses.
  • In case the electricity connection is for Industrial areas, Power of attorney, NOC, charge creation certificate, and incorporation certificate are needed as well.

What is Electricity New Connection ENC?

The official website to apply for a new connection, make a complaint or want any other work done related to electricity supply is Electricity New Connection System. Click on the link below to go to the official website of ENC System. You can Also Read History of SEPCO.

All the work can be done online in a few seconds through websites. Even you can view, download, print and pay your bill online easily.

Besides this official website there are also separate websites for each Electricity supply company. For SEPCO website click on the following link


How much time does it take for a new connection?

After approval of your request, the average time taken by the company to provide you with electricity is approximately one month. But it depends on your load and location.

What if I don’t pay the registration fee?

Paying the registration fee is necessary. If you cannot pay the fee, your application will not be processed further or might be rejected.

Is witness compulsory?

Yes, witnesses from your neighborhood are necessary to approve your application and trust your location. It is also necessary to analyze the location you want a SEPCO new connection.


With a few simple steps you can apply for a new connection online and don’t need to go to the company’s office for getting an application form. Once you submit the form and fee your new connection will be installed within one or two months.

Besides applying for a new connection you can also check and pay your bills on the websites for electricity power through internet.

With guidance in the right direction and known process, you can get your connection in no time. All this guidance can be found in this article. Leave a comment for queries.

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