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How can you register the complaint at SEPCO? The answer to your question is if you’re a SEPCO consumer and facing problems related to electricity transmission, technical issues in meter, wires and transformer issues, bill-related problems, and other suggestions or complaints, you can contact SEPCO in different ways.

You can reach them via direct calling by landlines or mobile numbers. You can also register your complaints through emails and send them your hard copies through fax.

If you are facing any issue with the electricity and want to make a SEPCO Online Complaints, there are several ways to do it online or by going to the company’s office.

SEPCO Helpline | Register Complaint of SEPCO Electricity Problems

As a SEPCO customer, you do not necessarily need to go to the company’s office to file a complaint. For any issue with the electricity supply or electricity bill, call the official complaint number of SEPCO.

All the contact information and customer services of SEPCO are given below in detail with guidance. All the facilities provided to customers and SEPCO official numbers are viewed here in this article. Check Your SEPCO ONLINE BILL as well.

SEPCO Complaining Procedure

For complaining at SEPCO go to
you can choose any one option from the following for complaining:

  • Call at the SEPCO office or headquarter
  • Email at
  • Send SMS at 8118
  • Fill application form at

To fill out the application form, you must first register on the website. Then fill the form at portal with the required information including:

  • Customer Information
  • Complaint Category
  • Complaint Type
  • Complaint Details

With the complaint detail, attach any documents if necessary. After you’ve completed the form, submit it by clicking the submit button.

SEPCO Application Tracker Online

If you have made a complaint online at the SEPCO you can track it at the official website of SEPCO by entering the complaint number and security code. Click the track down button, and your complaint form will be opened in a few seconds for you to trace.

Contact Info of SEPCO

Following are the official numbers of SEPCO. you can either visit the customer service center or call at the official WAPDA Complaint Number Sukkur.


Regional SEPCO Customer Service center

You can visit the regional SEPCO customer service center at the address given below or make a phone call for a complaint. You can Also Use SEPCO Bill Calculator.

Address: Minara Road Sukkur

Phone: 071-9310795 / 071-5621633

Fax: : 071-5621633 / 071-9310797

Regional Customer Center

Address: Circle office Ladies road Near old powerhouse

Phone: 0747410051 / 03008319806

SEPCO Email and SMS Service

If you want to receive alerts or bill information from SEPCO, simply register your number and email with their official website. Visit their official site and provide your mobile and SEPCO bill reference numbers.

For complaining via email:
For complaining via SMS: 8118

Complaint Management Cell

Registering your complaints is not only limited to the SEPCO service center. You can register your complaints in many other ways against SEPCO.

  • Wafaqi Mohtasib: It is an online facility for the citizens of Pakistan by the federal government. You can register complaints against any government institution or any government employee online. Just visit the official website of wafaqi muhtasib or dial 1055 for complaints.
  • Pakistan Citizen Portal: It is an application designed for the convenience of the citizens. Download the app and register yourself. You can complain about any government sector or official with this app.
  • CCMS: Customer Complaint Management System is a facility by the Ministry of power division. You can complain about the electricity problems by dialing 118 or SMS at 8118.

SEPCO Complaint Types

Your complaints can be of any type. From SEPCO bills, meter reading issues, load shedding schedule, maintenance problems, technical issues, theft of electricity, and complaints against SEPCO officials.

If you are facing any of the issues from the following you can complaint online or by visiting at SEPCO office.


SEPCO Bill Complaint

For making any complaint related to your bill for instance, you didn’t received your bill or it is miscalculated. You can contact your service providing company in this regard.

Meter Reading Issue

Check your consumed units on the electricity unit and match them with meter reading on the bill. If the meter reading mentioned on your bill is not correct. You should file a formal complaint about it.

Theft of Electricity

If you find out that someone is thefting electricity make a complain at the company so that they can check it by visiting at the location.

Complaint Against SEPCO Officials

After making a complaint for any electricity issue, an official will visit to solve it depending on the type of your issue. If the official doesn’t respond further to your complaint or is delaying your problem you can complain against him to the company. Use SEPCO New Connection Right Away From Home.

Load shedding Complaint

If there is no electricity for several hours without any notice call at the company’s number to solve the load shedding issue or to find the reason behind it. May you also like to read the History of SEPCO.

SEPCO Light APK Download

SEPCO light is an Android app for facilitating SEPCO customers to deal with electricity related tasks. Such as the app can be used for checking, estimating or paying your bill. You can also use the app to make a complaint about any issue with the electricity or check your load management information.

For the convenience of consumers, SEPCO has introduced a mobile application, “SEPCO Light.” Download the app from the play store and avail all the facilities in a single click. 

For downloading the SEPCO light app click on the download button given below:

Download SEPCO Light APK

  • You can register to complain through the app.
  • Can apply for the new connection. 
  • Check the SEPCO bill.
  • Other facilities

After installing the app either create a new account or register your CNIC number to continue further.


How do I complain to 8118?

You can make a complaint for your electricity issue by sending a SMS at 8118. It is the contact number for SEPCO complaints.

How to report power cut in your area?

If there has been a power cut in your area for hours then contact your service providing company depending on the area you live in.

Can I complain about low voltage issues?

Low voltage is the biggest electricity problem in Pakistan due to a deficit of energy. You can complain about the issue, but it’s a common problem.

Do they charge for services?

No, they don’t charge you for their services. All the charges are, infact, added to your monthly bill, and a constant service charge is applied to everyone.

What is WAPDA Helpline number?

For contacting WAPDA the official numbers are

Phone number: 92 42 99202610

Fax number: +92 42 99202154

Email address: [email protected].

Conclusion-SEPCO Helpline

Online and mobile App complaining facility introduced by SEPCO have made it easier and faster for customers to make a complaint.

You can either fill the website application form or use the SEPCO Light mobile App for any kind of issue related to electricity if you are a SEPCO customer.

Within a few minutes your complaint will reach to your service provider even without visiting the office. Moreover, with these services you can track your complaint online easily.

Reach SEPCO customer service quickly and avail their facilities by following the details mentioned above. For any queries, please leave a comment in the box below.

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