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SEPCO Bill Calculator Online 2022 ( SEPCO Bill Estimator )

If you are a customer of the SEPCO service provider and want to estimate your upcoming bill or find out whether or not your latest bill is correct, you can do it online with a simple process. You can now estimate your bill online using the SEPCO bill calculator tool.

It is the simplest and most time-saving procedure, and the results are the most accurate. Just enter the required information and estimate your bill in a few minutes.

SEPCO Bill Calculator 2022

Calculate your SEPCO bill using our amazing online bill calculating tool. The results given by our calculator are 100% correct. You just need to put a number of consumed units and some other details. The result is shown in seconds. Read the guidance below to use this calculator.

On the other hand, if you calculate the electricity bill manually you would have to know the electricity cost per unit as well as all the implied taxes. Therefore, SEPCO Bill Calculator saves you a lot of time and effort.

To calculate your bill for any month click on the SEPCO Bill Calculator button below

SEPCO Bill Calculator

You can Also Apply For SEPCO New Connection.

How To Use The SEPCO Bill Calculator? Step By Step

Using the SEPCO bill calculator is a simple process. Unlike calculating bills manually, you can do it in seconds. All you have to do is enter the required information including

  • Units consumed,
  • Your service provider name (SEPCO)
  • Connection and phase type
  • Meter Rent
  • Exemptions.
  • Step 1: Click the button shown on our site to open the calculator.
  • Step 2: First of all, Select the company name, which is SEPCO, in the menu.
  • Step 3: Choose the type of connection you are registered with.
  • Step 4: Choose the type of Phase you have availed from SEPCO.
  • Step 5: Enter the number of consumed units. (Read below to understand the consumed units).
  • Step 6: Choose a TV connection if you have availed.
  • Step 7: Click on the “Calculate” button and wait for a few seconds.
  • Step 8: Your estimated bill will be shown. 

Note: The system itself adds taxes, and the cost per unit is managed according to the latest price.

After entering all the information, submit it. You will get the result in a few minutes. You can Check Your SEPCO ONLINE BILL as well.

How To Calculate Consumed Units?

In order to calculate the total SEPCO units you have used, you need the following three steps:

  • Check the total number of units on your SEPCO latest bill.
  • Check the number of total units on your meter.
  • Apply the formula

Total units on the meter – Total units on the latest bill= Total consumed units.

For example

Total units on bill= 15000

Total units on meter= 15500

15500-15000= 500

So, Total consumed units = 500 units kwh

Kwh is the unit in which electricity is measured. One Kilo watts hour means 1000 watts of electrical power used in 60 minutes.

Terms Used in SEPCO Bill Calculators

The terms in the SEPCO bills have to be known for calculating electricity bills with a SEPCO Bill Calculator. These terms denote general information about the electricity the consumer uses.

Like what type of connection and what type of phase is connected for providing electricity to the customer. Depending on these, electricity cost per unit is different for domestic, commercial, or industrial customers. These terms include

Connection Types

There are different types of connections for domestic, commercial, and industrial electricity supply. You can use SEPCO Helpline/Register Complaint of SEPCO Electricity Problems.

For domestic electricity, the connection types are:

  • Tariff A1 (03)
  • Tariff A1 (01)

For commercial electricity supply, the connection types are:

  • Tariff A2 (04)
  • Tariff A2c (06)

And for industrial electricity supply, the connection type used is:

  • Tariff B1 (07)

Phase Types

There are two Phase types named as

  • Single-phase Connection
  • Three-phase connection


Consumers who do not need to consume a lot of electric power, use a single-phase connection. They are majorly domestic users who use it. They use this connection for supplying electrical power to their domestic appliances. With a single-phase connection, the electricity supplies to the whole place with a single live wire.


A three-phase connection is suitable for commercial or industrial electricity connections. A three-phase connection supplies electricity with three live wires. That’s why it is useful when high electrical power is required to be consumed.

Number of Units Consumed

To calculate the total cost of electricity you need to know how many units you have consumed because electricity cost is calculated per unit. Electricity power can be measured in,

Kilowatts Per Hour (KWH)

Kwh represents electric supply through AC and DC circuits and is also known as Active power while

Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive (KVARH)

KVARH denotes Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive power. This power is required for equipment’s such as motors or transformers etc.

Kilo Volt Ampere (KVA)

KVA represents the total energy consumed in a time span. It is the vector summation of KWH and KVARH.

Meter Rent

If a consumer is using the meter owned by a distributor, he has to pay the charges known as meter rent besides the electricity bill.

Taxes In SEPCO

There are various numbers of taxes that a consumer have to pay. These taxes are mentioned on the electricity bill and added to the total bill. These taxes include GST, Surcharges, Electricity duty, and TV charges. You can Also Read History of SEPCO.


There are some exemptions that will be different for consumers of different service providers.

  • STRN Availability
  • Sales Tax For Retailers Exempt
  • Exemption of GST
  • E-Tax Exemption
  • IT Exemption
  • ED Exemption

The Formula For Calculating SEPCO Bill

Calculating the SEPCO bill online does not require any kind of formula. You can calculate your SEPCO bill online at

The Formula For Calculating SEPCO Bill

But if you are calculating bills manually then first you have to know the Electricity cost per unit. Multiply electricity cost per unit with the consumed unit and add all taxes to find out the amount of your bill.

SEPCO Bill Unit Calculation

To find out the consumed units of this month, you have to subtract the reading of consumed units taken last month from the total consumed unit meter reading. In this way, you will get the consumed units for this month.

SEPCO Bill Unit Rates And Per Unit Price Sheet 2022

SEPCO unit rates /tariff: The unit rates of SEPCO or SEPCO Unit Price for 2022 are as below:

Consumed UnitsCost (RS)
Up to 50 unitsRs 3.91
Up to 100 unitsRs 7.8
101-200 unitsRs 10.6
201-300 unitsRs 12.15
301-700 unitsRs 18.54
Above 700Rs 23.67

While calculating the bill keep in mind that these rates are different for different types of connections or types of phases. Also, the cost per unit in peak on and peak off-hours varies.

SEPCO Bill Estimator

Besides the SEPCO bill calculator, you can use  SEPCO Bill Estimator for the upcoming bill. With an estimator, you can calculate a rough estimation only by entering units of this month and getting an idea of the total cost without adding the taxes.

Therefore, you cannot use an estimator to find out whether your bill is accurately or not. However, it helps you to get a close idea of the total bill. To use the SEPCO bill estimator click on the following link

SEPCO Bill Calculator - SEPCO Bill Estimator

SEPCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours

Peak hour means the time when the demand for electricity is more than usual while during the peak-off hours there is less demand for electricity.

As the demand for electricity is high, the rate in those hours also increases, and in the hours when the demand is low, the rates also decrease.

Every area has its own peak and peak-off hours. To Calculate Your Bill accurately, find out the rates of peak and peak off hours in your area. During the peak hours of SEPCO cost per unit is 22.65 rs for 5 KW while during the peak off hours it is 16.33 Rs.

SEPCO Tariff

The SEPCO tariff rates are fix by NEPRA. These rates depend on the number of units consumed. For instance, the cost per unit for up to 50 units is 3.95 Rs. But these rates depend on peak and peak off-hours and vary for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. Also with the increase in units consumed the rate increases.


How do I calculate the electricity bill?

You can calculate your electricity by multiplying the total units of this month by the electricity cost per unit.

How do you calculate meter reading?

To find the consumed units of this month, subtract the meter reading of the previous month from the total reading now shown on the meter. In this way, you will get the units for this month.

How do you calculate electricity usage?

To calculate your electricity usage for an appliance, check its wattage use and multiply it by the number of hours you use it. While to calculate the total consumed units of a month, check the meter reading and subtract the previous month’s meter reading from it.

Do taxes change?

Yes, different taxes added to your bill keep changing according to the economy, fuel price, duty, and subsidies.

Is the calculated bill correct?

Yes, the bill calculated with SEPCO online calculator is 95% correct. It is an estimation of your coming bill. The taxes and unit prices are changed continuously, which is impossible for a 100% correct result.

Can I calculate the bill anytime?

Yes, you can calculate your bill anytime. Just note down the correct units by following the above-mentioned method.

Final Words

With the SEPCO Online Bill calculator 2022 and Estimator, you don’t need to calculate your total bill manually and find out all the details of rates first. Just by knowing the number of units consumed and entering the relevant details, you can do the calculation in a few seconds and get accurate results.

If you think your bill is not correct, use the bill calculator to match the total bill. Otherwise, you can opt for the estimator to only get a general idea about the total bill.

Get your estimated SEPCO bill with our online bill calculator before time and manage your budget accordingly. For any confusion, comment below.

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