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PESCO Bill Calculator [ PESCO Bill Estimator ]

Calculate your PESCO bill before the month ends and manage your budget accordingly. You can estimate your bill at any time just by putting the PESCO units consumed in this amazing tool. This article has explained every detail about the online bill calculation, its formula, method of reading meter, units, unit rates etc.

The PESCO Portal is an online system that provides all power supply information. You can check your online bill, see if there are any duplicate bills, print them out, and calculate your bill. Every month, PESCO delivers hardcopy bills to your door. You can calculate your bill before it arrives at your door and you can check your PESCO Bill Online.

PESCO Bill Calculator

You can calculate your bill effortlessly. You calculate the bill of your consumed unit. You use energy throughout the month and pay at the end of each month. The meter reader takes your meter reading and records it to calculate your bill.

You can also record meter readings and record your bill comfortably. It would help if you had an idea for calculating specific monthly meter readings. We will make it clear every step to calculate your bill. If you are looking for an Online meter, you can read PESCO NEW CONNECTION.

PESCO is responsible for providing electricity to the urban and rural areas of Peshawar district and nearby cities. It has evolved with time, and many fruitful projects are under construction.

How To Calculate The PESCO Bill Online?

Estimate your PESCO bill using our bill estimator or calculator with these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Click the button icon “PESCO bill calculator” visible on our site.
  • Step 2: The PESCO bill calculator will open, and you must carefully enter the necessary data.
  • Step 3: Put the number of consumed units in the calculator box shown. (Scroll down and read the method of calculating consumed units).
  • Step 4: Select your meter’s connection type and phase type carefully (Details are given below). 
  • Step 5: Add the Number of TV Connections if you have any.
  • Step 6: Add peak and off-peak hours details for a more accurate result of your PESCO bill.
  • Step 7: Click the “submit” button and wait for a few seconds.
  • Step 8: The estimated result of your PESCO bill will be shown.

Note: Many Taxes like General Sales Tax, Fuel adjustment price per unit, Electricity duty and other taxes and fee charges are added by the PESCO consumer bill calculator system itself according to your usage of units.

How To Calculate PESCO Consumed Units/QESCO Bill Unit, Calculator

It’s simple and convenient to find out your consumed units at any time by using the following method.

  • Note down the number of total units shown on your latest PESCO bill.
  • Now you have to note the number of current total units by reading your electricity meter.
  • Apply the following mathematical formula below:

(Current total units on the meter – Total units shown on your latest bill= Total Units consumed )

  • For example:     

Total units read on meter=4000

   Total units on bill= 3800

  • Now applying the above formula:

        4000-3800= 200 units consumed 

How To Use The PESCO Calculator?

A calculator is a primary machine we use in school and college days. You can use a calculator with essential functions. Calculate the specific month reading and multiply it with the latest unit rate fixed by NEPRA.

PESCO Bill Calculator-Online Converter

The unit calculation is not a big deal nowadays. You can quickly check it through your residence meter. The meter is issued to you through PESCO. Pesco gives you a registered meter on a specific date. The connection date is when your meter is issued and set up at your desired place. For more inquiries you can use PESCO HELPLINE.

PESCO Bill Calculation Formula

You can calculate your bill physically by using a straightforward mathematical formula. Using this formula, you’ll get your PESCO estimated bill, excluding the taxes and charges.

PESCO bill calculation formula is a bit complex compared to other Pesco’s activities. One must have deep information about a few terms. Let us try to clear this calculation briefly.

One unit = 1 kWh

» Explain 1 kWh in-depth like kWh = 1000 Watts multiply by twenty-four hours and thirty days like

1000 Watts x 24 hours x 30 days = 1 kWh

» Then total unit consumption is 720000. It is in kWh, not in the form of units. Now you can convert it into units by dividing it by a thousand.

For example: 720000/1000 (k=1000)

The result is 720 units consumed. Now check the latest rate according to the unit consumed through the slab and multiply with it.

Suppose the average unit rate is 19.80 rupees. Then multiply the number of units consumed by the latest per unit rate set by NEPRA 19.80, and the total bill is
(720 x 19.80 = 14256).

PESCO Slabs And Unit Rates

PESCO slabs and rates are the rates that NEPRA sets. It follows the latest rates. Slabs and rates represent a table containing units consumed against bill amount. It is like a hotel menu that tells you the amount of food and price.

For example, the price of one unit consumed, the price of units from 1 unit to fifty units. Unit rates vary with the boost in consumption. Slabs and unit rates schedule explain everything.

SR#Consumed UnitsUnit Rate (PKR/Unit)
11-50Rs 2.22
251- 100Rs 6.6
3101-200Rs 8.26
4201- 300Rs 12.8

Now, these are the latest unit rates. It keeps changing against NEPRA notification.

PESCO Bill Estimator

Bill Estimator is a different term compared to the bill calculation formula. In this term, you have to give complete-fledged information about energy consumption, like the number of units consumed, peak and off-peak hours, select connection type, and phases.

You will understand peak hours and off-peak hours ahead. But here, we will explain the type of connection and phases.

There are three types of connections, including domestic, commercial, and industrial connections.

Domestic connection means that it is issued to your home.

Commercial connection is assigned to shops and small factories located in residential areas.

Industrial connection means the connection allotted to big factories or plants operating on the country or global level

Charges per unit of all these types of connections are different. Domestic connection charges are the lowest cost per unit.

PESCO Net Metering

PESCO Net Metering is as easy as a piece of cake. You can calculate it through your electric meter. In this paragraph, you will learn everything from A to Z.

At the start of the month, take the meter reading and record it somewhere for after use. Spend your whole month with ease. Again, take the meter reading at the end of the month and note it.

Now take the difference between both readings, and you will get your current month’s meter reading. Now you can calculate your bill through this reading.

Net metering can be availed by applying through your documents. Net metering is a process by which the total units of WAPDA you consume equals the units you produce at home by solar energy or any other way. PESCO promote and appreciate net metering, and if you avail of this opportunity, you may get zero bills.

Peak and Off-Peak Timings

Pesco provides you power 24/7 of the year. The whole day contains high and low rate units known as peak and off-peak hours. Peak hours mean when unit rates get higher than off-peak hours.

Peak hours and Off-peak hours:

Peak hours unit rates = Rs 24
Off-peak hours= according to the tariff given above
Peak hours timing is 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
The remaining hours are off-peak


You use energy in your house, shops, and factories. PESCO gathers your energy consumption record and calculates it in unit form. PESCO gives you an Electricity bill created based on the unit consumed. Higher units consumed causes you to pay high amounts of bills.

Billing history also includes unit consumed and amount of payment. The table has three columns; one contains the month’s name, unit consumed, and bill paid. If you do not pay 2 or 3 payments consecutively, pesco will cut your electricity connection.


During bill calculation, keep in mind that you must have knowledge regarding electricity like phases, types of connection, peak and off-peak hours consumption separately. It has a drastic effect on your result.

It is good to keep your electricity consumption less during peak hours. Do not use high consumption devices during peak hours. It will prevent you from paying high bills and save your money for anything else.

Electricity leakage is a huge problem nowadays. People don’t care about the leakage of electricity during the month. At the end of the month, they have to pay high bills. So keep checking on your energy consumption and contact PESCO in case of any leakage.

Electricity consumption is getting larger day by day, and electricity production through natural resources decreases day by day. It is our social responsibility to avoid extravagant use of electricity.

Follow simple steps and methods to calculate your PESCO bill online before the end of the month. It helps you save the budget for the bill. Comment below for queries.


What is the unit rate in KPK?

It increases with the increase in consumption. So per unit rate is 7.74 up to the first hundred units. For 101 to 200 units consumption rate is 10.06. 201 to 300 per unit rate is 12.15. And last but not least, 301 to 700 per unit rate is 19.65.

How do you calculate the bill amount?

You can calculate your PESCO bill amount by using our online calculator. Click the button above and read the article for guidance.

How do you calculate any electricity bill in Pakistan?

You can calculate your bill amount by knowing the units consumed and then multiplying it by the cost per unit. Or simply put the consumed units in our online calculator to estimate your electricity bill.

What are Pesco peak hours?

PESCO peak hours are the hours during the night from 6 to 10 when the cost per unit is highest, and you don’t get any subsidy.

What is the cost of 1 unit?

The cost of one unit depends on the number of units. If you use units less than 100, it will be around Rs 8, but above 100, it will be 12 and so on. For tariff details, read the article.

What is the cost of one unit of electricity?

The cost of one unit is not specific. It varies with consumption. If you use fewer units, the cost per unit will be low and vice versa. Read the article for the latest unit prices in Pakistan. Starts from 7.74 rupees per unit and keeps increasing on behalf of the unit consumed.

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