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PESCO New Connection 2022 | Apply Online For a New Electricity Meter |

Get your PESCO new connection online by following the steps below. In the internet era, getting online services is not a big deal. You can avail of almost every single service online if you are aware of the power of the internet.

Pakistan is advancing towards modernization, and the internet has a basic role in this regard. The government is trying to provide convenient and easy ways to its citizens. Applying for an online connection is proof of such struggles.

Nowadays, application for a new connection is not a big deal. You can apply online through a PESCO portal within minutes by sitting anywhere. It is a blessing for the consumers that they can apply so easily. But still, many people are unaware of this service and have to go to local government offices to apply for a new connection.

PESCO New Connection

People usually go to the regional office or head office far from their residence to apply for a new connection. It takes hours to be done. People have to spare 5 to 6 hours to accomplish the new connection process. Sometimes government employees misguide customers and waste their time.

After installing the PESCO Online System, people get privileges and enjoy the process. PESCO introduced an application system two years ago. The application contains every service option you get from the physical office.

PESCO offers services like new connection, PESCO Online Billing, Payment, Billing History, access to Duplicate Bills, printing out duplicate bills, and a helpline or customer service center.

Documents Required For New Connection

Getting a new connection requires some legal documents. These documents need to be genuine and accurate. Providing fake or wrong details will end you getting fined or jailed. So be careful and make sure to avoid fake information. The following documents are necessary if you are applying for a domestic connection.

  • Copies of the National identity card (CNIC) of the applicant 
  • Copies of National ID cards of the witnesses or neighbours 
  • Proof of the ownership of the house you want connection for

In case you want a connection for a commercial or industrial area, you’ll need some additional documents along with the above ones:

  • Power of attorney 
  • No objection certificate 
  • Incorporation certificate 
  • Charge creation certificate 

How to get PESCO’s new connection online:

Take out your mobile device and follow the steps down to apply for a new PESCO connection.

  • Step 1: Visit the official government website or the official site of PESCO.
  • Step 2: The ENC (Electricity New Connection) website has many options on the left corner.
  • Step 3: Click on APPLY.
  • Step 4: You’ll need to provide some information to fill out the registration form.
  • Step 5: Information includes the following details:
  • Neighbour’s CNIC, address and reference number
  • Owner’s CNIC and Address
  • Ownership verification documents 
  • Step 6: After filling out the form, submit it online, or you can take a print of the form, attach documents and send it to the PESCO office.
  • Step 7: After a few days, you’ll get a demand notice from PESCO. You can track your demand notice by visiting the ENC website.
  • Step 8: After getting the demand notice, pay the registration fee and upload the receipt of payment.
  • Step 9: It will take some days or maybe a month for your PESCO new connection application to be verified.
  • Step 10: Once verification is completed, you’ll get your PESCO new electricity connection, and a meter will be installed at your given location.

PESCO Online New Connection

The services PESCO provides to their consumers are different, but here you will learn about new online connection services. Online new connection means you apply for a new meter installation at your place. You have to pass through an official process to have this privilege. For more Information you can use PESCO HELPLINE.

Download PESCO New Connection Form

Application For A New PESCO Connection

As you know, getting a new connection at your place is not a huge task, but it is not a piece of cake. If you don’t know the online process, you will be experiencing different problems in upcoming days. So better, you need to learn the online process.

Fill the form with relevant important information and press the enter button. May you also like to use PESCO ONLINE BILL CALCULATOR.

Documents For New Connection

PESCO demands some extra but essential information that you provide. All documents must be in jpg form.

  • Ownership documents of the desired place where you need a set up of a new connection
  • Scanned copy of applicant’s CNIC
  • Scanned copy of witnesses
  • Neighbor’s electricity bill.

If you are applying for the first connection at your place, give them a neighbor’s bill. If you already have one connection at your home and are applying for another one. Then you can give the first connection bill to PESCO.

Documents For New Connection

PESCO Demand Notice

After following the above process, PESCO will issue you a Demand Notice. Demand Notice is like a fee set by the NEPRA. You can pay it in any bank and submit the transcript to the PESCO local office.

Demand Notice is like an investigation process. It inspects every piece of information you provide. Then decide whether you are eligible for this connection or not. The demand notice fee is different according to the residential areas.

PESCO Demand Notice Tracking 2022

You can track your application anytime and check for demand notice via ENC. You’ll be provided with a unique identity number or ID when applying for a new online connection. Using this ID, you can track your application. Once you receive demand notice, the next step is paying the registration fee or security deposit.

PESCO New Connection Tracking ID

The Tracking ID is a unique and unmatched code given to you. ID tracker is a necessary code that can help you track your number to set up a connection at your doorstep.

You can check your turn through With the help of your ID tracker. ENC is a government body-created website containing information about the whole country. All the information regarding WAPDA is available on this website.

PESCO New Connection Fee 2022

The fee for a new connection varies according to the location, phase type, connection type and duration. The fee for a new connection is demanded through a notice by PESCO called demand notice. Pay the fee to resume your application procedure. The fee is around 4-5k rupees. But it varies.

Charges for domestic single-phase connection:

The charges or security deposits for PESCO connections are different. It varies from connection type to phase type. Charges for domestic single-phase connection are around 1500 to 5000 rupees.

PESCO New Connection Procedure From Local Sub-Division/Office

Due to the online system, you do not need to go to government offices to apply for a new connection. You will pick up everything about PESCO online portal. It will make you able to apply online for a new connection.

Follow the following step given below to apply for a new connection such as:

  • Application for supply is necessary in order to consider your request for a connection of energy supply. The application needs to be filled out correctly and attached with the necessary documents. 
  • The point of supply is important to mention. If the location is not under the PESCO coverage or if they feel the location is not ideal for connection, they will reject your application.
  • Inspection and testing of the transmission lines and wires near the required location are tested by professionals to make sure the electricity supply is normal there. Voltage and constant power are necessary for a connection.
  • Approval of consumer installation done by the PESCO authorities. Without the approval of the SDO, the application can’t be processed even if it is eligible for supply.

You have to clarify your connection regarding the type of connection, phase, and area. Select a domestic connection if you are willing to connect at your home, a commercial for your shop, an industrial for your factory, or an agricultural connection. Select what you need.

Then type your NTN or STN on the federal board of revenue record form. After this, select your division like PESCO and select Sub-Division. Give information about the concerned place, whether you own or rent.

Give your CNIC information your name, father’s name, and address. Then provide all necessary documents required by PESCO. Finally, you have applied for a new connection at your place.

We are living in the span of internet where things get done within seconds. They enjoy these perks and make sure their availability on other productive sides.

Applicable From

An application form is a standard format set by government officials. Every person can read and understand this form easily. It is available in English and Urdu. It demands essential information about you and your area.

Point of Supply

A point of supply is a hub where the consumer can get a connection for their house. These are fixed points that work under WAPDA. Likewise, Gas hubs are also set on specific premises.

Inspection And Testing

Inspection and testing is a department that ensures consumers are getting energy properly. They check the hub to see whether any leakage exists or not. They take care of electricity wires and transformers in every street. If any issue occurs, they are available to fix the issue.

Security Deposit

There is no security deposit for domestic and commercial connections. You have to pay only the fee of 4000 rupees and the challan fee known as demand notice.


A new connection takes time to set up at your place. Before applying for a new connection, make your mind that it will spare at least six months. It may be possible that the PESCO will reduce this time as low as possible in the future. For now, you have to wait at least six months.

Electricity prices are going high day by day. So use electricity when it is necessary. Otherwise, it is our social responsibility to save electricity and use it in productive activities.

You can reduce your energy consumption at a possible level by applying a few things. During the daytime, keep covering your windows and don’t let the heat waves come in. Your home temperature remains normal, and you do not need to waste your energy on cooling devices.

We have tried our best to provide complete details regarding PESCO’s new connection and charges.


How can I do apply for a new connection with Pesco?

You can apply through the website entirely online. You can download the form and fill it out. After that, you can submit this form at the pesco head office or divisional office.

How can I get a new electricity connection?

By applying for a new connection through the pesco portal or pesco office.

How can I apply for a WAPDA connection?

You can apply for a WAPDA connection if you’re eligible. You have to visit the ENC site or local office. Fill out the form, attach documents and wait for demand notice. Deposit the registration fee, and you’ll get a connection in a month or two.

What is the cost of a new electricity connection?

The cost for a new connection is a one-time payment through demand notice. It varies from connection to connection and phase type. The fee is between 1500 to 20000 rupees.

How do I get a new electricity connection AP?

You can get your new electricity connection by filling out a form and attaching your documents. Send these documents to the concerned authorities and wait for the demand notice. We have discussed the procedure above.

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