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PESCO Customer Service | PESCO Helpline 2022

Avail services of PESCO and sort out your complaints by contacting them through their official numbers. We have provided you contact information to connect to PESCO. We have also discussed the services provided by the company like SMS billing, complaint cell, new connection, net metering, complaints tracking etc. Read the article thoroughly.

PESCO is one of the most prominent and busiest organizations in Pakistan. It comes under the WAPDA, which handles overall energy production. WAPDA was created in 1958 by the government. Its role is to process water with other resources to produce energy for people.

PESCO Helpline

PESCO is a sub-branch of WAPDA that regulates and provides energy to a specific population. PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. PESCO is dealing with millions of people in its vicinity. They try their best to provide extraordinary service such as PESCO BILL ONLINE.

Although they are handling a big crowd so that discrepancies can occur, facilities come with different challenges. And we become a master after passing through all the hurdles. You don’t face any big issues that waste your hours. You may face load shedding, meter stealing, and theft of electricity. You can put in your Complaint to PESCO in several ways. We will explain one by one to you briefly: such as

PESCO Complaint Cell

A PESCO complaint cell means a helpline number that you can dial and register your complaint. They provide you with a directory containing pesco’s employees’ office numbers and their cell numbers. You can call them and Register your Complaint.

Official Phone Numbers

Division/Sub-DivisionPhone Number
Complaint Calls118
Complaints SMS8118
PESCO Central091-9212010
Complaint Cell091-9212028
Peshawar Circle091-9212523
Swabi Circle0938-221209
Hazara-2 Circle0997-920018
Bannu Circle0928-613173
Official Fax Number9291-9212024

These are significant helplines where you can get guidance or file your complaint. These are the official numbers of relevant offices. You can dial in working hours.

Customer complaint management system (CCMS):

You can also register your complaints through CCMS. It’s a facility by the ministry of power for the electricity consumers. You can call at 118 or sms at 8118 for your complaints. Your complaints proceed in following way:

  • You register a complaint by calling or via SMS.
  • You get a response from the system.
  • Your complaint is investigated.
  • Complaint is resolved within 24 hours.

PESCO Customer Services

PESCO customer service assigns different duties to different departments. Management manages the office work. The plant head ensures the production of energy, the inventory department takes care of inventory, and so on. Likewise, a department is available to listen to and give critique to their complaints.

PESCO Helpline

The customer service center is available in Peshawar and other divisions. People can rush to the head office and file their complaints. Some people live far from the head office, so they can access the nearest local office.

PESCO Head Office Address

Pesco’s head office address is WAPDA House, Peshawar, Shami Road, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25000. There are plenty of sub-branches in Peshawar and other cities available to serve people. Consumers can go there and submit their complaints.

PESCO Complaint-PESCO Helpline

PESCO complaint means it is an exceptional service for the consumer to avail and get better service. PESCO built this department to get feedback from its consumers and make its services better and better. A lot of people are hired in this department to entertain complaints and give timely responses.

To make this service more productive, PESCO mentions its head office phone number on its portal as well.

PESCO Head Office Number: 091-9212028


Due to millions of consumers, PESCO developed more than one communication method for its valuable consumers. You can Register your complaint by physically visiting the office. One more way is to send a complaint through email. You can send an email to PESCO at

PESCO also responds through email to the consumers and solves their issues. The email option is a little bit tricky as compared to the call service and SMS service. You must have a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection to file your complaint.

You can get your bill through email. You have to sign in on the PESCO Portal. Just give your relevant information provided on CNIC and press the log-in button. Now you can get information through email.


PESCO has modified its services. PESCO sends alert messages to its consumers. Sometimes PESCO sends load shedding schedules to its consumers due to some up-gradation in the grid. Usually, they send some precautionary and public awareness messages.

SMS billing system:

If you wish to get your billing information and other alerts regarding electricity from PESCO, you can register your mobile number through their official website.

How to register for sms billing system:

  • Visit official website of PESCO and click SMS billing option.
  • Provide information required like CNIC, Reference number, email, phone number and full name.
  • Click submit.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message.

Complaint Types

Many issues occur during the distribution of energy. Each issue comes with new challenges and demands technical thinking to solve the issue—That’s why PESCO hires specialists in specific fields. The meter reader only carries his studies. Plant operators carry on their work and become specialists in it. You will listen to some technical glitches that may occur during distribution.

Tasks assigned to customer service directorate of PESCO:

Customer services section of PESCO is assigned different tasks. Or in simple words, you can say it is responsible for the following measures.

Meter Reading Issue

Meter reading issues mean the meter reader of your area records the extra meter reading deceptively. Extra meter reading causes you to pay extra bills at a high per-unit rate.

Per unit rates, remains change after a specific interval. Like after 300 units, the charges per unit rate becomes extraordinarily high.

So keep a regular check on meter reading and do cross-check bills with the meter reading. In this manner, you will not pay extra bills.

Commercial Policies

It is responsible for the policies regarding commercial connection or their power usage. They keep eyes on commercial connections and monitor their supply.


They manage and monitor the recovery process from itself consumers and also keep a check and balance on the transmission lines.


They hear the complaints of customer and resolve their technical and tariff issues. Make policies and procedures for it’s consumers.

Specialized Connection

They manage and keep a record of specialised connections like cables, TVs and neon signs.

Statistical Data

Responsible for keeping statistical data related to tariff. They also help in structuring tariff.

Theft of Electricity

Theft of electricity is the main issue for PESCO nowadays. As the consumers are expanding day by day, handling each consumer is getting harder for the company.

People take advantage of it and use electricity illegally. Power sectors are created to help the masses, not to earn profits.

People who use electricity illegally may cause load shedding in your area because WAPDA gives ten units of energy in your area. They charge accordingly.

Otherwise, they compensate through load shedding. You can register your complaint if you feel any theft of electricity in your area. They take effective measures to prevent theft of electricity under WAPDA act.

Load Shedding Complaint

PESCO is a big group that leads many division-wise offices. PESCO created small offices in every significant locality. They listen to their minor issues and solutions on the spot. Like they arrange their electricity wires and prevent short circuits.

They provide technical services along with information about PESCO activities like load shedding timing and reason. You can file your complaint through these sub-branches of PESCO.

Complaint Against PESCO Officials

You don’t need to meet always good nature people. We connect with different people in our daily life, good or not good, according to nature. Likewise, sometimes employees of PESCO does do not respond full-heartedly and misbehave.

In this instance, you can place your complaint against an employee of PESCO. Read Also PESCO NEW CONNECTION.

PESCO Light Application

The PESCO APK Application is a Light-Moded Version. Open a Google search engine and type in PESCO APK Moded Version. A new page will appear with a different version of the same application. You can download it to anyone. Download it now by clicking on the Below Button:

Download PESCO Light Application

If you want to avail all the services and alerts under a single platform, download the apk file of PESCO light app from our site. The app has many options like:

  • Online bill check
  • Bill calculator 
  • Customer service

FAQs-PESCO Helpline

How can I complain to the PESCO?

You can file a complaint by visiting the office or website according to your choice.

How can I check my KPK electricity bill in Pakistan?

You can check through pesco’s online billing system

How can I check my PESCO bill through CNIC?

No, you can’t check your bill via CNIC number. You can check through the reference number only.

How can I reduce my PESCO bill?

You can reduce your bill by reducing your consumption of energy. There are various ways to reduce your consumption, like reducing your consumption during peak hours, covering your windows from heat waves, and keeping your home cool.

Can I complain via citizens portal?

Yes you can complain through Citizen Portal App against any government official or institution including PESCO.

Is ccms government system?

Yes complaint cell management system is government institution. It is designed to facilitate the electricity consumers and resolve their issues in time.


The Helpline services show the sincerity of PESCO that they are always available to resolve the issues of their consumers. People prioritize helpline in the first place if they feel any hurdle.

Pesco oversees and provides electricity to millions of consumers. Pesco’s helpline gets busy or goes down due to overload. When you are unable to connect through the helpline, then you can utilise some other ways to connect, like email, SMS service, and so on.

The Pesco directory is also available on the pesco portal or in hard copy. It contains all employee numbers that work in pesco. You can connect with the specific person according to your issue, including meter reading issues, extra unit charges, and load shedding. You can use PESCO ONLINE BILL CALCULATOR to calculate your monthly units.

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