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LESCO New Connection 2022 | Apply Online

Getting LESCO New Connection is not rocket science. If you follow the correct procedure and have information about the connection system, you’ll be able to get it in a few days.

Read the article thoroughly as we have explained every detail crystal clear. Follow are the steps explained along with the documents required for LESCO’s new connection.

LESCO represents Lahore Electricity Supply and Company. LESCO supplies and distributes energy in Lahore and other nearby areas that come under its administration, like Okara, Shakupura, Kasoor, etc.

LESCO has been providing its services under the supervision of WAPDA. It appeared in 2001 before serving under the supervision of AEB. LESCO Also Allows to check your LESCO BILL ONLINE.


LESCO New Connection Procedure

Step 1: Visit ENC:

ENC is a government-owned website designed specifically for electricity consumers. It is an abbreviation of Electricity New Connection (ENC). Visit this website, and you’ll see many options there. You can choose a language according to your understanding, i.e., English and Urdu. The link to the website is

Step 2: Fill out the form:

Click on the new application form for LESCO connection, Name or tariff change, or Extension in connection. Select your electricity supply company, i.e., LESCO. Now following details will be asked:

  • Name of the applicant 
  • Father’s name of the applicant 
  • Permanent address of the applicant 
  • CNIC (Nation Identification Card) of the applicant 
  • Type of connection ( Domestic, commercial, or industrial)
  • Application status ( it is necessary for distinguishing between rental and owners)
  • Witnesses or neighbor
  • Name with the address of the neighbor 
  • CNIC of neighbor
  • Reference number of the LESCO bill of neighbor
  • Minimum load you required 
  • Your subdivision (according to LESCO)

LESCO New Connection Procedure

Note: upload the above document so it does not exceed 300 kb. And the submitted files must be in pdf or jpg form.

Step 3: Upload documents:

In this step, you’ll need to upload some documents which are legal requirements. These documents include:

  • Proof of the ownership of your property where you want connection. It can be a registry or Baynama, or the Allotment letter is also valid. These documents need to be attested to by government officials.
  • Undertaking by the applicant through an affidavit that no previous connection from any WAPDA company exists and dues are remaining.
  • Neighbour’s LESCO bill copy and CNIC copy which is attested.
  • Applicant’s CNIC copy which is attested.
  • NOC in case the applicant is a rental.
  • In the case of industrial applicant power of attorney, a Charge creation certificate and corporation certificate are required.

After uploading these documents, just click the submit button.

Step 4: Print form: After you have successfully submitted and filled out the form, print the form and attach the necessary documents with your form. Make a file and send it to the nearest LESCO office.

Step 5: Wait for demand notice: 

Once you have completed the steps above, wait for the demand notice, which LESCO will send. Demand notice is a form of challan that the applicant pays. Once it is issued, further procedure is easy. After paying the demand notice, it is necessary to submit a copy of it to the nearest office, or you can upload it online via the ENC website.

You can track your demand notice through Use the id provided to you after filling out the form to track the demand notice online.

Final step: Verification and installation:

After you are done with all the required steps, the company will verify your location, payment, and documents to approve your application. The application is approved by the SDO, SD, and XEN. After approval, you’ll avail of the connection in a month or less.

Documents Required For LESCO Online New Connection

Required documents mean your basic information and proof of your property ownership. It verifies your identity and confirms your location and area.

All the required documents are mentioned in the above procedure like your CNIC, property ownership, no objection certificate in case of rent, the witness’ CNIC copies, and so on.

Documents Required For LESCO Online New Connection

LESCO Demand Notice

LESCO Demand Notices are similar to final payment documents issued by officials. The applicant must pay this amount in the specific bank before or on the due date. After submitting this paid document’s copy to the LESCO office, your new connection procedure will start.

Tracking of The Demand Notice

You will receive a serial number or code when you submit a demand notice. You can track the new connection status through tracing demand notice.

You can track your demand notice procedure by visiting the website for tacking. After that, provide all relevant information like tracking code, CNIC number, and region.

Manual Method For New Meter Application

The manual method is the same as an online procedure in that you physically submit applications and documents by visiting the LESCO office. In the online procedure, you perform A to Z procedure online by sitting at your place.

In a manual procedure, you must go to your local Wapda office and get a new connection application form from the new connection department. Fill in the application and attach the relevant documents. Submit your files to the new connection department.

After that, you get a demand notice, just like the online procedure. You pay the demand notice and submit a copy of the demand notice to the Lesco office. After verification, they start your new connection procedure.

LESCO New Connection Status

You can check your new connection at any time through the online portal. Just open the site and give your tracking ID, and your new connection status will appear on your screen. It makes sure whether you have paid the demand notice or not.

You can check your related grid station and required load. You can revise your load demand online. If you feel any laziness in the procedure, you can file a complaint through the helpline.

LESCO New Connection Fee

The new connection fee varies from connection to connection due to some variable charges. But the cost for a single-phase domestic connection is probably 4000 rupees.

A new connection fee is separate from demand notice charges. Demand notice is something else.

LESCO Meter Change Application

Lesco meter change service means officials come and change your current meter due to some unrepairable fault. Sometimes you feel your meter is running fast against its unit consumption, or you get extraordinary bills at the end of the month compared to your expectation.

In this case, you file a complaint about replacing the meter. Lesco employees come and inspect your meter and its functionality. If they feel any permanent issue, they return your meter at the meter replacement fee.


LESCO Meter Showing Opened

Electricity theft has reached epidemic proportions. Some people always try to use electricity illegally. Somehow they become successful in this illegal activity.

People usually do unlawful activity with their electricity meters, showing false reading results. If you feel your meter has been opened or broken, you must file a complaint in the LESCO Office.

LESCO New Connection Procedure From Local Subdivision

Applicate For Supply

Application for energy distribution should be prescribed as stated by the LESCO. The owner or power holder signs the application and applies for a new connection.

Application is accepted only if an applicant has performed the following procedures mentioned earlier.

Point Of Supply

Point of supply means LESCO sets up a connection to the consumer’s residence through the nearby grid station. If the grid station is located near the new link is good; otherwise, the consumer will be charged for the extra expense. Contact LESCO CUSTOMER SERVICE for more information.

Inspection and Testing of Consumer Installation

Inspection and testing mean after all procedures are done, Pesco’s employees inspect the location where it is to be issued and make reports about everything regarding meter setup.

The local division office is responsible for setting up wires and meters. Lesco is not accountable for the wires, and the meter connection is not made correctly. You can connect with the division office to resolve this issue.

Approval of The Consumer’s Installation

When everything is done, Lesco obtains permission from the consumer to check the whole setup before connecting any home appliances. Lesco performs its service free of charge at first. Following that, you will be charged in accordance with the situation.

Extensions in Consumer Installation

When a little bit of discrepancy occurs, the Lesco procedure faces extention. Sometimes you encounter problems after installing a new connection for several reasons, like a broken wire or a broken meter. Then LESCO stopped the energy supply without any notice and revised the procedure.


Charges for a single domestic phase are four thousand rupees. It is not included in the demand notice. Demand notice payment is something else.


The security deposit for residential connections is almost the same for all Discos, like 1220 rupees for urban areas and 610 rupees for rural areas.

Wrapping Up

You can apply for a new connection through both online and offline procedures. Both have almost the exact same requirements. The difference is in the online approach, you perform the whole procedure from a remote location, and for the offline process, you have to visit the lesco office.

A new connection procedure takes months to be performed. You have to keep yourself updated on your new connection. So keep track of your new connection status. If you feel any issue in the procedure so file a complaint immediately.

Avail a new LESCO connection of electricity by moving the way explained in the article. For more, please comment below.

FAQs-LESCO New Connection

What are the charges for a domestic single-phase connection?

Charges for domestic single-phase connections vary according to the length of the wiring. Depending on different factors, LESCO’s new connection fee starts from 4000 rupees to 20000 rupees.

How do I get a New LESCO Connection?

You can get a new connection by performing a new connection procedure. You can apply online or offline. Both approaches demand the same documentation. Online, you provide documents in pdf format; offline, you provide documents in hard form to the Lesco office.

How do I install the new Wapda meter?

A new meter is issued and installed by the lesco. You can apply for a new connection using the Lesco-approved procedure.

How can I check my demand notice on Lesco?

When done with all procedures, lesco gives you a tracking ID. You can check your demand notice and track your new connection status through this tracking ID.

How do I change my Lesco meter name?

Yes, you can change your registered meter name. You can apply for this through and by visiting the lesco office.

What is the rate of the security deposit?

The rate of Security deposit varies. It depends on transmission lines, connection, phase, and location. It is also affected by the contractors of electricity connections and government taxes.

How do I find LESCO’s new connection status?

You can find out your status by visiting the ENC site and putting your id there. Or you can call the helpline of LESCO for queries about your status.

How do I change my Lesco meter name?

You can apply for LESCO meter name change through the process explained in the article above. 

How do I install the new Wapda meter?

For a new WAPDA connection, you have to follow the steps and prepare some legal documents. All the details are given in the article. Please read the above article thoroughly.

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