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LESCO Complaint And LESCO Customer Service | Complete Guidelines

You’re welcome here if you’re looking for the official LESCO Helpline Numbers, addresses, and ways of registering complaints to LESCO. We have provided all the official details of the company below. Read the article to understand the types of LESCO Complaints and their procedure.

LESCO has been supplying and distributing energy for years and is getting updated day by day. LESCO started an online portal system for its customers’ ease.

Customers have been getting benefits from this online portal. To increase its online portal system’s credibility, LESCO introduced the “LESCO Online Complaint” and LESCO ONLINE BILL system within its LESCO Online Portal.

Ask your clients about their experience with you. This makes your company good at service-oriented. The best practice is to receive feedback from your customers and solve their problems promptly. That is why the LESCO Complaint Service was created.

LESCO Toll-Free Number

If you’re out of balance, just dial the toll-free number of LESCO for emergency complaints. The tool-free LESCO official number is issued for emergency response.

Phone: 0800-00118

LESCO official numbers of different departments:

Sometimes you want to contact a specific department for quick services or consumer profiling. You can directly contact the desired department and get your problems resolved.

Department Phone no.
Chief executive 99204801
General manager 99204807
Customer service directorate 99204814
General manager operations 99204813
Finance directorate 99204816
Legal directorate 36280323
HR and Admin directorate 99204696

LESCO Helpline

LESCO Helpline Service, where you can file your complaint through a call. You can also receive any kind of information from the LESCO Telephone Directory. LESCO Helpline Number is 118. You can call this number 24/7 and solve your problems. You can also use it for LESCO NEW CONNECTION.

LESCO Complaint Numbers

LESCO is one of the largest entities with a number of departments. Different departments perform different duties. You face different types of problems, like technical issues and administrative issues like extra unit charges. So you have to contact the relevant department based on your issue.

LESCO Customer Service Centers

If you want to visit the LESCO office, you can visit them during working hours from 6 am to 6 pm. Addresses and phone numbers are given below circle-wise.

LESCO Headquarters

Address: Queens Road, 22 A, Lahore

Phone: 042-99205248

Ichra Lahore

Address: Firoz pur Road, Shah Jamaal Road, Ichra

Phone: 042-3429118

Central circle

Address: Multan Road Lahore, near Saeed pur grid

Phone: 042-99260166

Northern Circle

Address: Raavi Road, regional service centre northern circle, Lahore

Phone: 042-99205076

Southern circle

Address: Ghazi Road, Regional service centre, Defence Lahore

Phone: 042-99264305

Eastern circle

Address: Wapda road, Shalamar town, regional service center, Lahore

Phone: 042-99250044

Township Lahore

Address: Chandni chowk, Township grid Lahore

Phone: 042-99262201


Address: Benazeer Road, 132 grid station okara

Phone: 044-2527440-1


Address: Regal chowk, Sargodha road, LESCO complex Sheikhupura 

Phone: 056-9200204-05


Address: Khem Karan Road, Wapda colony Kasur

Phone: 049-9239166

Power Failure Complaint

The power failure complaint office has a separate helpline number of 1912. This number is specially allocated for power failure complaints. The department records your complaint and sends it to the specific department to solve the problem on time.

Mobile Service Centers

A mobile service centre is a department that is created that makes visits to the van around the city and solves consumers’ problems.

LESCO Complaint Email

If you want to contact the LESCO officials and convey your message to them via email, you can send them a mail. They will respond to you as soon as possible. The official email address of LESCO is:

Email: [email protected]

LESCO Bill SMS Service

One of the best customer services by LESCO is their SMS bill service. Just register your number along with the reference number of your bill and provide your CNIC. You’ll get bill information through SMS every month.

You can send your complaint through text message. Type consumer ID in a text message and send it to 8303. Its charges are almost 2 rupees plus tax. If you connect through message with LESCO, you will receive a bill for the SMS service against some charges.


LESCO Complaint Types

LESCO is responsible for resolving complaints related to the following categories:

Meter Reading Issue

A meter reading issue means your meter is running fast compared to its average speed. Sometimes your meter gets damaged and does not work properly. In this case, you can file a complaint with the lesco office. Lesco’s official person only resolves meter issues.

Theft of Electricity

Theft of electricity means illegally using electricity. Whenever you see any electricity theft, contact the Lesco office and file a complaint.

Complaint Against LESCO Officials

Sometimes you are charged high bills due to LESCO employee laziness and mistakes. You can file a complaint about Lesco employees’ inactivity on 118.

Load Shedding Complaints

load shedding means shutting down electricity without any technical issues. Load-shedding complaints can be filed with your local LESCO office.

LESCO Light App APK Downloading Procedure

You can avail of all the services of LESCO by downloading the APK file of the light app from our site. Just click the download button shown below. The light app consists following services. 

  • LESCO online bill check
  • LESCO calculator 
  • LESCO new connection 
  • LESCO helpline


LESCO Complaints and LESCO Helplines have the same purpose. You can file a complaint with the LESCO in a variety of ways. A complaint can be filed in person or by visiting the office.

LESCO is a government entity, and the government entity takes time to respond. But it does not mean one should keep waiting after filing a complaint. Stay updated on your process. For suggestions and queries, please comment below. Thank you!


How can I file a complaint with LESCO?

You can file a complaint through online and offline processes. In the online process, you can file a complaint through helpline 118. Otherwise, many other options like text messages, email systems, and other help departments exist.

How can I complain about power-cutting issues in my area?

You can file a complaint with the head office through a helpline, and the head office will direct the employees towards your location. For power failure, you can contact the emergency number of LESCO. They will respond in a quick way. The emergency number is available 24 hours.

How can I contact WAPDA?

You can file a complaint by physically visiting the Wapda office or through the email system.

Email: [email protected]

How can I send a message to LESCO?

Just type in a consumer ID or a 14-digit reference number, and explain your issue. After that, send that message to 8118.

How do I send a message on 8118?

For a quick response, you can contact the complaints management cell. It is a government institution for electricity affairs. You can call at 118 or send an SMS to 8118 with your reference number and your complaint subject.

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