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LESCO Bill Online Check 2022 | Pay LESCO Bill Online

Check your LESCO bill using our online facility. The online method of checking your bill is convenient, reliable, and time-saving. Just note down the reference number as it is the only required information for checking your LESCO bill.

LESCO means Lahore Electric Supply Company. It was established during the late 90s but got its status as a company from a Board for Electricity in the 2000s.

You can check your bill online without any effort at a remote location. You have to visit LESCO’s Website, and you will get every sort of information. Just visit and give the reference number. And check the information whatever you want. You can Check your LESCO Bill by clicking the Below Button.

LESCO also facilitates other services, including online bill payment, duplicate bills, printing out bills, helplines, customer service systems, and New Connections. Here we will implement an online billing system.

In the early days, people came to know about their electricity bills when they received paper bills. They had to cover long distances to visit offices and solve their problems.

It was a very time-consuming procedure. Now things have come to our fingertips. You can have every type of information regarding LESCO services and your electricity connection.

How To Check LESCO Bill Online? Complete Guide

Step 1: Take out your mobile phone and connect to the internet.

Step 2: Open the browser and search for the LESCO bill online check. Or simply click the button shown on our site.

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to an online tool or bill checker. A box will appear. 

Step 4: Enter the LESCO bill Reference number in the box and click the “Submit” button.

Step 5: Wait for a moment and let the system search your record.

Step 6: After a moment, your LESCO bill will be shown and ready to view.

Step 7: Download the image of the duplicate copy in your gallery. 

Step 8: You’re done.

How To Get LESCO Duplicate Bill Copy?

A LESCO Duplicate Bill means getting a non-original bill through LESCO’s website. Just go and type in “LESCO Duplicate Bill, type in your 14-digit reference number, and you will get a duplicate bill.

Consumers use energy throughout the month, and LESCO sends a bill where the connection is issued. Sometimes, if you miss the bill, or it is not available at home, then you can benefit from LESCO’s Online Portal.

To get a LESCO duplicate bill, follow these steps:

  • Do visit
  • Choose the “Duplicate Bill” option
  • Place your 14-digit reference number
  • And receive a duplicate bill online

After the steps mentioned above, you can get the LESCO bill duplicate copy in hard form. Just go to a nearby printer shop, send them your downloaded bill copy through WhatsApp or Bluetooth, and get a print of your bill. This hard copy can be useful when you’re paying the bill, and it’s necessary for keeping physical records of your bill.

LESCO Online Bill Download & Print

In case you lose a bill, you can download and print out your duplicate bill. After following the above procedure, just select the download option and print it out. You will receive a print of a duplicate bill.

LESCO represents the Lahore Electricity Supply Company that operates and distributes energy in Lahore and related areas. Lahore is the second most populated city after Karachi. Its population is more than 10 million. Lahore is a province of Punjab.

LESCO initiated its services in 1998 to distribute energy and provide services to Lahore and other related cities like Okara, Shakupua, and Kasur.

LESCO Online Bill Download & Print

What 14-Digit Reference Number?

You must be wondering about the reference number. It is a number comprising 14 digits specific for every individual. It is generated by the system itself and given to the consumer during the connection time. It’s your identity and address.

Companies use this number to reach you and your complaints. You can find the reference number on the upper side of your electricity bill in a separate box.

What is a Consumer ID?

There is not much difference between reference number and consumer ID. Both are used for the same purpose. Consumer ID has short digits, about 10. It is written nearby the reference number on your bill.

Consumer ID is an identification number, just like the reference number assigned to every consumer by LESCO. The ID number is also different for every consumer. Consumer ID consists of seven seven-digit numbers.

Check LESCO Bill By Consumer ID

You can check your meter information through your consumer ID. Open and give your unique consumer ID number. You will receive information about your bill.

LESCO Bill Online Payment

You must be tired of waiting in lines and having to take time from your busy routine just to pay your bill. Your provided is sorted out now with the online methods of paying the bills. Pay any utility bill using the methods below. 

  • Bank Account: 
  1. Open your digital app with login details.
  2. Navigate to the dashboard.
  3. Select the “utility bills” option.
  4. Select electricity bill and choose LESCO company.
  5. Enter your 14 digits reference number in the required space. You can find it on your LESCO bill copy. 
  6. Your LESCO bill with the total due amount and due date will be previewed.
  7. Check out if it’s your bill and confirm payment.
  8. You will get a message of payment confirmation.
  9. Save the message for the record.
  • JazzCash:
  1. Open your JazzCash account with login details.
  2.  Select “Pay utility bills.” 
  3. Select your company, i.e., LESCO.
  4. Enter 14 digits Reference number of your LESCO electricity bill.
  5. Confirm the payment after the system previews the accurate details of your bill.
  6. Enter the pin code received by your sim card.
  7. Bill Payment will be made.
  8. Make sure you receive your bill payment confirmation message on your number.
  • Easypaisa:
  1. Open your Easypaisa account with login details.
  2. Go to the dashboard and click the utility bill option.
  3. Select the electricity bill and choose your company (LESCO).
  4. Enter your LESCO bill reference number and pin code you received via text.
  5. Confirm the details of your bill and click submit.
  6. Once payment is made, you should receive a message on your sim card.
  7. You’re done. Save the message.
  • E- Sahulat NADRA: 

You can pay your bills by availing of the facility of E Sahulat from NADRA. Visit their website and pay your bills by following the somehow above mentioned instructions. 

LESCO Bill History

One of the remarkable benefits of using our site is billing history. We save your bills every month; you check your bill through our site. These bills can be viewed at any time in the billing history.

Bill of every month is available. Sometimes you need a record of your previous bills for a complaint or other billing issues. In that case, you’ll be wishing for a record of your bills. Visit our site for your previous records.

LESCO Circles and Divisions

LESCO is handling significant cities of the fully crowded country. Due to this, LESCO divides its services and responsibilities into divisions and circles.

Areas Covered By LESCO

LESCO covers a vast area of Lahore and nearby districts. The following districts are covered:

  • Lahore 
  • Sheikhupura
  • Okara
  • Nankana
  • Kasur

LESCO Operational Structure

LESCO operates in 8 circles with separate divisions and subdivisions;

  • North Lahore circle has 5 divisions and 28 subdivisions.
  • Central Lahore has 5 divisions and 31 subdivisions.
  • Eastern Lahore 4 divisions and 23 subdivisions.
  • South Lahore has 4 divisions and 26 subdivisions.
  • Okara circle has 4 divisions and 24 subdivisions.
  • Nankana circle has 4 divisions and 16 subdivisions.
  • Kasur circle has 5 divisions and 30 subdivisions.
  • Sheikhupura circle has 4 divisions and 18 subdivisions.

Taxes In The LESCO Bill

Countries provide basic facilities and bear such expenses by imposing taxes. Just like LESCO provides electricity service to consumers and charges taxes on behalf of the government.

The government applies these taxes through LESCO. The government receives these taxes. For more information you can contact on LESCO HELPLINE.

37% of your bill cost consists of different kinds of taxes. There is a shortage of electricity in Pakistan, which makes the government apply heavy taxes. These taxes can have different forms that a common man can’t understand. Some of these are:

Electricity Duty

Electricity Duty is a tax related to the delivery of electricity to every consumer. It is the responsibility of the government to deliver the power, and the tax goes into the account of the government directly. The government charges electricity duty at the rate of 1.5% for every consumer.

Television Fee

The television fee is a constant fee the government charges through electricity bills. It is usually charged between 35 to 100 rupees from different divisions.

According to the new tax policy, PAKISTAN TELEVISION Charges of rupees 200 are added to your bill in the account of the PTV channel viewed at your home.

LESCO Sales Tax

Sales tax is an amount we generally pay on every consumable item. Likewise, we are charged sales tax on our electricity bill as well.

The government charges a 7.5 percent withholding tax from a residential connection if a bill exceeds 25000 rupees per month. Commercial and industrial consumers are charged 10 percent tax if the bill exceeds 500 rupees but not 20000 rupees.


FPA represents the fuel price adjustment charged to consumers due to the fluctuation of petroleum prices. Our primary sources of energy production are petroleum and coal.

Petroleum and coal prices rely on international markets. Whenever global markets fluctuate, electricity prices are affected.

The government, not the entity, also charges for FPA. Any fluctuations in prices, like increases and decreases in Petroleum and coal prices are adjusted by the government entity known as NEPRA.

QTR Tariff Adj/DMC

Tariff Adjustment refers to changes to pass-through items and permissible variations to project cost authorized in the tariff calculation or upfront tariff determination, including adjustments to actual drawdowns of equity and payments by Project financiers.

LESCO TR Surcharge

It is an amount related to NEPRA and GOP tariff. It has a calculation ratio. In case of positive difference, the subsidy is given by GOP. In case of a negative difference, the subsidy is not paid by GOP.

The government will pay a subsidy if there is a positive gap. If the gap is negative, then consumers will be liable to pay for this gap.

FC Surcharge

Fc surcharge means financing cost surcharge that is extra charges on the consumer due to the incompetency of Discos to recognize the precise amount. It was initiated in June 2015.

Financing cost is a form of tax collected under the debt collection policy from the private sector. It is specific about 0.43 rupees per unit.


General sales tax applies to the sale of electricity by the companies. The companies, in return, apply this tax on the consumers. Its ratio is 17%.

Amount In Arrears

An amount in arrears means when the consumer has not paid the total bill in the current month or paid a partial payment, the consumer will pay the remaining amount in the next month.

Sometimes, consumers pay electricity bills in installments due to financial instability. It is known as a payment in arrears.

Components of The Online LESCO Bill

Components of bills refer to the different options available on a bill, which tell us about the identity and actual dates regarding bills.


Identifiers mean every unique number the electricity supply company gives a consumer, like a reference number and a consumer ID.

Both sets of unique numbers check the consumer’s meter information. From these codes, we can easily have every type of formation regarding the consumer’s connection.

Identity is the foremost important factor when distributing energy and power to millions of consumers. Your bill consists of the applicant’s name, address, reference number, phase type, and connection type.

Essential Dates

Important dates represent a due date after the due date, a new connection date, and a meter reading date. These are all considered essential dates. ‘

The due date is when you must pay your electricity bill on or before the due date. Otherwise, you will be charged a penalty according to your payment.

The new connection date is when LESCO issues you a new connection for your residence.

A meter reading date is when an employee of LESCO records your meter reading, and LESCO calculates your bill based on the recorded reading. In the upcoming posts, we will explain how LESCO Calculates your Bills.

Billing History

Billing history means LESCO provides a year billing history from the current month in its bills. Billing history includes units consumed and charges paid.

You may want to compare your current bill with the previous ones. For convenience, a billing history of 12 months is given on the bill

Charges Calculation

LESCO calculates charges per unit consumed multiplied by the latest rates per unit cost set by the government.

Total charges = Total Unit Consumed x Per Unit Cost

Several other conditions demand attention while calculating the monthly bill.

How To Pay Bill Online In Pakistan?

You can pay your bill online quickly by giving your reference number and paying through your online channels. You can pay your bill online through bank accounts where your account exists. Otherwise, you can opt for other options like Jazz Cash or Easypaisa.

  • Go to the Google Play store and download the Easypaisa application.
  • Install the easypaisa application on your smartphone.
  • Provide all relevant and vital information about yourself.
  • And press the register button.
  • You will be awarded a confirmation code on your mobile phone or email address.
  • Your account is accessible after giving that confirmation code.
  • Now select the utility bills option in the application.
  • Give meter reference number.
  • And pay your bill through the easypaisa application.

Repeat this process for every application.

Online Banking

Online banking is a service where you can pay your bills online. You must have a bank account and an online banking service. The procedure is briefly explained above in this post.

LESCO Bill Blocked

Lesco bill blocked means sometimes a glitch occurs in the online system, and you cannot check your bill online.


If you wish to be a part of LESCO, you must keep an eye on the newspaper and their official site for the latest vacancies. For the scale above 14, you have to appear in the commission tests.

Once you qualify, there is the interview and shortlisting. For contract-based jobs, there are advertisements. LESCO offers jobs in the following sectors:

  • SDO
  • SD
  • Executive Engineer 
  • Chief Engineer 
  • Linemen
  • Electricians 
  • Maintenance staff

LESCO Strategic Vision

LESCO’s vision is to supply energy and perform its services to lighten up every place in its area.

Conclusion-LESCO Bill Online

An online billing system is a blessing for Lesco’s consumers. You have the opportunity to solve your issue by sitting at your place. The online portal contains several options regarding Lesco’s services.

You can choose any channel of payment, like banking channels or mobile accounts. Both are reliable sources of payment. You can pay your bill through a banking channel or JazzCash.

The online system provides many facilities, but there may be any issues with the online system. If you feel any issues or lack of options in the online portal, you can connect with LESCO’s head office and resolve your issue quickly.

Read the article thoroughly for LESCO online bill check. All the vital information is given. If you have queries, leave a comment. We respond quickly.

FAQs-LESCO Bill Online

Q: How to change the name on the Lesco bill?

A: You can change your name on the LESCO bill by applying through a legal process. Download the application form and fill it out. Attach the required documents and submit them to the office.

Q: Can we check the Lesco bill by meter name?

A: No, you can not check your bill by only putting in your meter name. You have to put a reference number or consumer ID.

Q: Can we pay the Lesco bill in installments?

A: Yes, you can pay the bill in installments. Go to the nearest LESCO subdivision office and follow the criteria to get the privilege.

Q: Can I check the Lesco bill on my consumer ID?

A: Yes, you can check your bill by putting in your consumer ID.

Q: Can we check LESCO Bill by meter number?

A: You can check the bill by reference number or consumer id. The same number is also written on your meter.

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