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LESCO Bill Calculator | Online Bill Estimator 2022

Do you want to find out your LESCO bill and calculate the cost of the units you have consumed? Here is a solution to your concern. Use our online LESCO bill calculator, or you can say the LESCO Bill Estimator and LESCO Online Convertor by clicking the button shown. You’ll be redirected to the online calculator.

LESCO Bill Calculator | Online Bill Estimator 2022

LESCO Bill Calculator means the ways you can calculate your bill before receiving the LESCO Bill. Bill calculation is a technical procedure to proceed. You must be aware of several technical terms based on how your energy bill is calculated.

Lesco is a Lahore based energy supply company that has been working to distribute energy. LESCO provides power to millions of people. Bill Estimator LESCO are discussed below in detail.

How To Use LESCO Bill Calculator? Step By Step

Step 1: First, click the “LESCO bill calculator” link that is shown on our website.

Step 2: First, from the menu, choose the firm name, which is LESCO.

Step 3: Choose the correct connection type.

Step 4: Choose the LESCO phase type that you have used.

Step 5: Enter the number of units consumed. (Read on to learn more about the consumed units.)

Step 6: If you have a TV connection at home, pick that.

Step 7: After a little delay, click the “Calculate” button that is shown.

Step 8: You may see your estimated bill.

 Types of Connection and LESCO Tariff

You have to put the type of your electricity connection. LESCO has basically 5 kinds of connections depending on the location and purpose of electricity usage. 

  1. Residential connection
  2. Commercial connection 
  3. Industrial connection 
  4. Connection for agriculture 
  5. Connection for street lights

Select the connection you have availed. If you’re calculating the bill for your home, your connection must be residential.

The tariff structure for different connections is variable. Residential consumers are given low-cost electricity while commercial and industrial consumers are charged higher. The latest LESCO tariff for residential connection is following:

UnitsCost (Rs)
Above 70024.977

LESCO provides other connections, including street, temporary and general connections. The consumer has to give a proper explanation regarding connection type. For any type of complaint, you can also use LESCO Helpline and register your complaints.

Different Kinds of LESCO Tariff

In the above heading, you learn about the types of connections based on demand. In this portion, you will absorb things based on the LESCO tariff. Tariff is also considered for LESCO New Connection due to load requirements. Consumers demand domestic connections, so LESCO provides them with a domestic tariff connection. The Code is also mentioned on the bill’s top left side.

  • A1(01): It represents the Domestic tariff type.
  • A1(03): It represents the domestic tariff type.
  • A2(04): It denotes the commercial tariff type.
  • A2c(06): It denotes the Commercial tariff type.
  • A3(66): It denotes the General Services tariff type.
  • B1(07): It denotes the industrial tariff type.
  • B1(08): It denotes the industrial tariff type.
  • The industrial tariff is represented by B2a(10), B2b, and B2a(11).

These codes are mentioned on LESCO bills. You can verify it easily.

Types of Phase

The next step is entering your phase type of electricity. It is related to wires. The number of wires used to supply you electricity. Phase is the measure of voltage. LESCO provides two kinds of phases. 

  1. Single phase
  2. Three phase


Single phase Electric meters are connected at about 230 volts to 240 volts through two wires, active and neutral wires. Usually, single-phase electric meters are set up in our houses.


Three phase electric meters are set where a high load is demanded. Three-phase meters are connected at 410 to 430 volts with three active and neutral wires. It is usually found in commercial and industrial workplaces.

No. of Units Consumed-LESCO Bill Calculator

The number of units consumed means the amount of energy you consume in our houses. The number of units consumed is directly related to your energy consumption.

It is the most important step. Put the consumed units in the box. How do you find out consumed units? Very simple. Just note down the total units from your LESCO bill and subtract them from the total units currently shown on your electricity meter. Your meter will show different values of different factors like:

  • Kilowatt-hours
  • Kilo volt amp reactive hours
  • Other indicators

Kilowatt Hour

kilowatt-hour means the energy utilized by electric appliances of one KW in one hour. It means your electric home appliances’ energy consumption is one KW in one hour.

Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours

A kilovolt ampere is used to measure the power of heavy electric appliances like AC circuits.

Maximum Demand Indicator

A maximum demand indicator measures the energy consumed by a consumer at a specified time.

What are the peak hours?

Peak hours mean when the cost per unit rate becomes high for some specific time. It is hardly four to five hours a day. It is also a high time when energy consumption becomes high compared to the rest of the day.

What are the off-peak hours?

“Off-peak hours” means when electricity consumption becomes low compared to the peak hours. Off-peak hours are higher than peak hours.

Service Rent

Lesco provides services and charges different rates. Different charges mean some charges are collected on the spot, and some charges are collected on a per month basis.

Meter Rent

Meter rent is a part of the tariff plan. Meter rent is selected according to the tariff and phases. Meter rent is also mentioned in LESCO Online Bills. If meter rent is mentioned in the bill, you must consider it in the bill calculation.

TV Sets

Wapda has been charging the TV fee since the PTV channel came into existence. Its charges are probably between 35 to 100. If it is given in the bill, it will become a part of the bill calculation.


Arrears mean sometimes a consumer cannot pay the entire bill at once. Then LESCO makes the installment every upcoming month. This amount is known as a payment in arrears.

Last Step: The previous step notes each value on paper and cross-checks for assurance. And now you can get an exact bill based on your energy consumption.

NOTE: Select the one with the unit kilowatt hours. These are your consumed units.

Conclusion-LESCO Bill Calculator

LESCO Bill Calculation is not a big deal. A man having a basic knowledge of mathematics can calculate his electric bills. The only uncertainty that exists is that electricity prices change frequently. If you have exact figures for electricity charges of per unit, you can calculate easily; otherwise, you will get a false result.

In bill calculation, you must consider many factors other than the unit consumed. If you do not consider those factors, you will not get faulty results.

For example, you must be conscious of peak-hour energy consumption, connection kinds, and phases. For suggestions and queries, please comment below in the comment section. 

FAQs About LESCO Bill Calculator

How can I calculate my home electricity bills?

You can calculate your electricity bill by recording your current month’s units consumed and multiplying it by the cost per unit rate. It is not as simple as it seems. You have to consider different factors like peak hours, off-peak hours, television fees, meter rent, FPA charges, and so on.

How can I receive my LESCO bill?

At the end of each month, lesco sends you lesco bills based on your energy consumption. If you lost your lesco bill, you could get duplicate bills through the lesco online portal. Open a duplicate bill and download it. You can print it out as well.

What is the load in the LESCO bill?

Load is the amount of minimum energy required by the consumers. Some connections demand a low load, like domestic connections, which contain a low-level load. Some connections demand a high-level load, like commercial and industrial connections, which require a high-level load due to their high machinery and plants.

What is GST tax in the Lesco Bill?

GST or general sales tax is the amount deducted by the government whenever you sell something. Private or government companies sell electricity, so it applies to electricity too. GST is a basic general sales tax that every citizen pays on goods, consumption, and services.

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