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IESCO Online Bill 2022

If you’re a resident of Islamabad or the districts nearby, you can get your IESCO Bill Duplicate copy from our site. Check your bill in time using the online facility. You can even pay your IESCO bill online in many ways. We have discussed the procedure of checking bills, payments and important details related to IESCO.

IESCO Online Bill is a service where you can check your Energy Bill Online. You can access the bill online with the help of the internet free of cost. IESCO provides you with more facilities, including online bill payment, Duplicate Bills, New connections, etc.


Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) is a government institution responsible for the power supply to specific districts. Its status was converted to Company from a board of electric supply in 1998.

Enter Your 14 Digits IESCO Reference Number in the Below Box:

How To Check IESCO Bill Online?

Checking IESCO bills online is simple and easy. You’ll need to understand some factors to check the bill. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Take out your mobile and go to the Google search engine.

Step 2: Search “IESCO online bill”, or if you’re already on our site, just click the icon showing the online bill option.

Step 3: After clicking the button on our site, a box will be shown to you asking for a Reference number or consumer ID (Read more about reference number below).

Step 4: Enter the IESCO Reference number in the box and click the “Submit” button.

Step 5: Wait for a while, as the online system will load and check for your record.

Step 6: You’ll be shown your bill copy after a while. The format of the copy or image is very clear.

Step 7: Save the image as a PDF on your device or take an IESCO bill print (if the printer is connected to your device). 

Step 8: You’re done. Check out your IESCO bill cost and due date.

PESCO Online Bill Payment

You can easily pay your IESCO bill online without any discomfort. Just sit at home, take out your mobile device and pay online. Use the digital app of any bank in Pakistan (HBL, UBL, Askari bank, Meezan bank, Islamic bank etc.) or utilize your JazzCash and Easypaisa account for paying the IESCO bill online. Read the details below:

Bank Account

  • Login to your bank’s digital app using your personal username and password carefully.
  • Go to the dashboard or home page in the app.
  • Select the utility bills option from the menu shown in the app.
  • Select electricity bill and choose IESCO company.
  • Provide your IESCO 14 digits reference number. 
  • The app will show your bill with the total amount and due date.
  • Verify the payment process and give your ATM pin code.
  • You’ll receive a message from the bank and IESCO about your bill payment.
  • Save the message, and you’re done!

Jazz Cash

If you are not fortunate enough to have a bank account, you can pay your bill through Easypaisa or JazzCash. You can open your easypaisa or JazzCash account at any place. If you do not have idea regarding this, then you can contact the local Easypaisa shop.

Process online payments through the JazzCash app.

  1. Login to your JazzCash account, utilizing your personal details carefully.
  2. You’ll see the “Pay utility bills” option from the menu of the app.
  3. Select this option and search for your Company, IESCO.
  4. Enter 14 digits Reference number of your electricity bill.
  5. Confirm the payment process once the app shows the correct details of your bill.
  6. Enter the two-factor authentication pin code received on your mobile number.
  7. Bill Payment will be made successfully.
  8. Make sure you receive a message of payment by the Company on your mobile number.


  1. Log into your personal Easypaisa account utilizing your username and password.
  2. Go to the home or dashboard of the app, and you’ll see the electricity bill payment option there.
  3. Select this option and Choose “IESCO bill payment”.
  4. Provide your 14 digits reference number and pin code of the application.
  5. Confirm the details of your bill and submit it.
  6. Once payment is made, you’ll get a message on the text on your sim card.
  7. You’re done. Save the message for any verification by the IESCO bill distributors.

What Is A Reference Number?

The reference number is a unique fourteen-digit number printed on the bill given by IESCO. This number is significant to check information about your meter.

You can see this reference number on the left top side of the electricity bill. You can see the invoice through an online duplicate bill if you don’t have the invoice. The reference will be look like this ( 01 14389 1234177 ).


Print And Downloading Procedure of IESCO Online Bill

WAPDA and its divisions provide and distribute energy for the whole month, and at the end of the month, they offer you an electricity bill.

They impart a bill in the hardcopy form containing your electricity consumption data. Consumption data mean the number of units consumed, per unit rate, total price before and after the due date, etc.

  • Go to the Google search bar and type
  • A new page will appear on your screen with several options
  • Select Duplicate Online Bill option
  • You can see the exact result.

You can get the print of this duplicate bill by following ways like going to settings and selecting the print option. Just make sure your device is attached to a printer. You can also contact IESCO Customer Service for any complaints.


IESCO Represents Islamabad Electricity Supply company that is located in Islamabad. It was established in 1998 to provide the energy-specific area. It provides its services to almost three million people directly. Deep down, they are supplying and distributing energy to more than five million people due to attached small areas.

IESCO Structure

IESCO is not a sole entity handling a large area to distribute energy. Due to the enormous workload, they divided their services from divisions to subdivisions or circles. Like Islamabad circle, Rawalpindi circle, Chakwal circle, and Jhelum circle.

Areas Covered By IESCO

Following districts are under the coverage of IESCO:

  • Islamabad 
  • Attock
  • Jhelum
  • Rawalpindi
  • Chakwal

Islamabad Circle

IESCO is divided into subdivisions; one of them is the Islamabad circle. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. IESCO facilitates around 1.5 million people in Islamabad territory.

Online Bill Payment-IESCO Online Bill

IESCO Organizational Setup

CEO is the head of the company and main authority. He is responsible for running the company effectively and keep an eye on official affairs related to power supply. He has a team of 8 executives:

  1. Finance director 
  2. Technical director 
  3. Operational director 
  4. Chief Engineer development 
  5. Chief engineer (P and E)
  6. Director general 
  7. Customer service director 
  8. Chief engineer T&G GSO

IESCO Operational Setup

For the supply of power to consumers without eruption, IESCO is divided into:

  • 6 circles 
  • 20 divisions 
  • 110 subdivisions 
Structure Headed by
Circle SEs
Subdivisions SDOs


The circles are branched into following divisions for the effective supply of electricity to all the locations.

Circle Divisions
IslamabadIsb 1Isb 2Barakahu
AttockAttock Taxila Pindigheb
Rawalpindi cityCity Satellite town Westridge
JhelumJhehlum 1Jhehlum 2 Gujar Khan
ChakwalChakwal Talagang Dhudial Pind dadan Khan
Rawalpindi canttCantt Tariqabad RawatMandra

Board of Directors IESCO 2022

  • Mr. Salahuddin Rifai (Chairman)
  • Dr. Amjad Khan (CEO)
  • Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad ( Director finance division)
  • Mr. Amir Zafar (Director)
  • Mr. Ahsan Ali Chagatai (Director)

Vision, Mission and Statement

IESCO has a broad vision of the economy of Pakistan and the supply of power to every single citizen under its coverage. It gives professional excellence regarding operation. Its mission is to focus on the customers and provide them with interruption-free supply. Providing cheap electricity without any eruption is the main goal of IESCO.

Total Consumers of IESCO

IESCO has a total of 3,466,036 consumers in the following categories.

Category Consumers 
Domestic 2954750
Commercial 462749
Industrial 17617
Street lights2222
Others 20455

Project Management Unit IESCO

IESCO’s unit of project management is currently working on many projects. These projects are still under development and promise to bring evolution to the power supply. Some of these projects are:

  • 132 KV grid station, Rawat transmission line project.
  • Environment impact assessment, 132 KV kalar kahar and sector I-11/2 Islamabad.
  • Public hearing of 132 KV grid station Jhelum.
  • Incessant the capacity of 166 KV grid station Attock.

Village Electrification Cell:

IESCO has initiated a scheme under the Prime minister’s vision to provide electricity to rural areas. This scheme has long-term plans to expand and construct new stations and divisions for the villages and bring them under the coverage of IESCO.

Taxes On IESCO Bills

Taxes are a major source of money collection for a country. The government levies taxes on different goods and services to meet the expense. That’s why the government has set various taxes on energy distribution.

Electricity Duty (E.D)

Electricity duty is a tax charged by WAPDA on bills sent directly to the government. The power company has no right to claim this tax. The electricity company decides the consumption, new connection, and billing system. Taxes are determined by the government that how taxes will be applied to the electricity bills.

Taxes on electricity bill in Pakistan varies frequently. Due to this per unit rate also remains changed.

Television Fee

The television fee is mentioned on the bill as around 35 to 100 rupees on bills. It was initiated at the time when PTV broadcast was started on television. The channels you watch on your television are the result of this cost.

You can Calculate Your Tax and Bill Through IESCO Online Calculator for Free.


GST means general sales tax on bills. General sales tax is used to levy on almost all useable products and services. Its standard percentage is 17% which is fixed by the state.

Income Tax

Income tax is an additional tax on electricity bills that are charged based on your electricity bill. for example 5% tax imposed on 10,000 rupees bills and 7% on 20,000 rupees bill.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged to commercial and industrial consumers. Domestic consumers are free from this sales tax. Sales tax is charged when your bill exceeds 500 rupees. Sales tax will be 10% of your account lies between 500 to 20,000 rupees.


FPA represents fuel price adjustment. As such, FPA is not a tax but the cost of fuel used in energy production. NEPRA has decided that the change in the price of power will be adjusted in consumers’ bills. That’s why an increase or decrease in fuel price compensates in bill amount.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

It is an annual tariff modification. You will see the number on your bills every couple of weeks. Its cost is 1.66 till less than 300 units. After this, it increases to 1.72 for more than 300 units.

TR Surcharge

The surcharge is an additional cost that lies in the amount. TR surcharges represent Tariff Rationalization. It is a gap between NEPRA and GOP tariffs. If the gap is positive, then the gap will be covered by GOP by paying the amount. If the gap is negative, then the amount will be covered by GOP.

FC Surcharge

FC surcharge is also an additional charge on the bills. It is known as the landing price. Management charges 0.43 paisa on each connection from the consumer.

Deferred Amount

We pay our utility bills every month thoroughly. The remaining amount is known as deferred if we do not pay the whole bill at once and pay in installments. Your remaining amount is included in your next month’s bill.

Components of Online IESCO Bills

Components of bills are the material that everyone must know about it who consumes energy and pays bills. You will learn about every component here briefly.


Identifiers are unique codes and details of each connection. Your connection contains code and numbers that do not match any other connection. Unique code or number means reference number, consumer ID, and meter number.

Important Dates

The electricity bill contains actual dates like the due date, after the due date, meter reading date, and new connection date.

Meter Reading Date is when a meter reader takes your reading and notes it. Your bill is calculated based on meter reading.

The Due Date is the date that is considered the date of payment. You have to pay your electricity bill before or on the due date. Otherwise, you will be fined.

The New Connection Date was the date when IESCO issued you an electric meter to set up on your concerned place.

Billing History

Billing history is data about your past electricity bills payment. Your bill contains a box on the right top side having data of the past twelve month’s bill payment and unit consumed.

Charges Calculation

Bill calculation is not a big deal. You can calculate your bill easily by multiplying the unit consumed with the latest per unit rate. For example, if you finished 256 units and the cost per unit rate is 10.26, your bill will be 2626.56 rupees.

Tips To Reduce The Electricity Bill

  1. You can lessen your bills like:
  2. Reduce the use of light in day time
  3. Use LED lights instead of simple light
  4. Use electricity when you need
  5. Reduce your use during peak hours
  6. Keep you total unit used under 300

History of IESCO

IESCO was established in 1998, on 25th April. IESCO is not independent of wapda. It took over responsibility for distributing energy as a division of WAPDA. It provides facilities to its concerned area under the supervision of WAPDA.

IESCO Strategic Vision

IESCO’s vision is to serve and satisfy the people with its services. They are working day and night to make them the fastest growing entity. Their main goal is to light up every house in its vicinity.

Careers or Jobs At IESCO

IESCO hire new employees and promote the existing ones. An examination cell is established for the existing employees to facilitate their promotion. To get promoted, the employees must be qualified and take an exam.

Vacancies may be in different sectors and advertised every month in newspapers. Commission exams are necessary to get to the post of Directors, SDO, Executives or Chief engineers. Contract-based jobs are the following.

  • Supervisor 
  • Electricians 
  • Lineman
  • Bill distributors 
  • Meter readers 
  • Maintenance staff
  • Office staff

Apply online for IESCO JOBS by Clicking on the below button:

Apply Now For IESCO JOBS


Is online payment acceptable?

Yes, online payment of bills is acceptable as it goes directly to the electric supply companies. A confirmation message is necessary for proof.

Is the online bill correct?

Yes, it’s 100% correct. The bill is first saved in the computerized system and uploaded for the online check. Later on, it is distributed to the consumers by hand.

Can I check the iesco bill by name or address?

No, you can not check your bill by giving this information. 14 digits reference number is necessary

How to get the previous month’s bill?

You can get any monthly bill through the online duplicate bills option

Can I check the iesco bill by ID card (CNIC) number?

No, you must give 14 digit reference number

How to cut down my bill?

You can cut down your electricity bill in many ways. Read tariff charges, less electricity usage, follow peak hours and don’t electricity.

IESCO Load Shedding Schedule?

IESCO keeps updating its consumers about load shedding schedules. It varies from time to time.

You can connect:
Helpline: 0800-25250
SMS: 8118
Customer Service: 051-9252933


IESCO is a well-renowned and massive entity that distributes and handles the masses. So IESCO may lack some of its services so that you can complain through the helpline or customer service.

IESCO is enhancing its services every day. They are too focused on public needs. People can solve their issues online by sitting on their beds. You can place your complaint if you face any problem with the online service.

The entire details of the IESCO online bill procedure and payment are discussed in the article. For suggestions and queries, leave a comment below.

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