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IESCO New Connection Online 2022

In the era of the internet and mobile devices, everything is a fingertip away from you. The same is true for the procedures of government. Pakistan’s federal government is trying its best to provide the people with a convenient way to get the services.

Getting IESCO’s New Connection is proof of the same struggle. You can apply for a new connection with IESCO through the online portal.

IESCO New Connection Online 2022

IESCO is a power company that distributes energy. IESCO is trying its best to facilitate consumers. Due to this, IESCO introduced an online portal.

You can solve your energy-related issues through this online system. The IESCO Online system contains several options like Duplicate Bills, printing out identical bills, online bill payment, online billing, etc.

What is New Connection?

A new connection means the installation of a new electricity meter on your residence. Submitting an application for a new connection is not a big deal. You can apply easily through IESCO online customer service.

Documents Required For IESCO New Connection

If you’re thinking of applying for a new connection, make sure to collect all these documents:

  • Five copies of the application 
  • Property ownership proof in a registry
  • Adjacent connection bill copy (neighbor’s electricity bill copy)
  • Wiring test report
  • Affidavit that you are not availing of any previous connection 
  • ID card of the owner (copy)
  • ID card of the witnesses (copy)
  • NOC
  • If the connection is for Industrial use, additional documents like power of attorney, corporation certification, charge creation certificate, etc., are needed too.

IESCO New Connection Procedure

You can apply for IESCO New Connection by following these steps;

  • Fill out the form for a new connection online through the IESCO portal.
  • Upload required scanned documents online.
  • Proof of ownership.
  • Give the power of attorney if the property is owned by more than one person.
  • The applicant signs a covenant stating that there was no previous connection here and that all previous payments have been made.
  • Attested a CNIC copy of the applicant.
  • Two attested witnesses CNIC’s copies for other than single-phase connection.
  • No objection letter is required for the tenant.
  • Provide tariff copy signed by applicant and witnesses; in case of commercial and residential, no need to submit witness’ signed copy.

How To Get IESCO’s New Connection Online?

Are you worried about getting a new connection from IESCO It’s? Not as difficult as we are told. Following the correct procedure will help you get the connection in a week. Following is the complete procedure.

Step 1: Visit the official government website called ENC (Electricity New Connection), and the link is, or visit the official site of IESCO.

Step 2: ENC (Electricity New Connection) website has many options for customers on the left corner.

Step 3: Click on APPLY.

Step 4: Select the IESCO company and provide the details required.

Step 5: Basically following information are required.

  • Neighbour’s CNIC, exact address, and reference number
  • Owner’s CNIC or identity card and exact Address
  • Ownership verification documents 

Step 6: After filling out the application form, take out a print and attach the above-mentioned documents.

Step 7: After a few days, you’ll get a demand notice from IESCO. You can track your demand notice by visiting the ENC website at any time.

Step 8: After getting the demand notice, pay the fee mentioned.

Step 9: It will take some days or maybe a month for your IESCO new connection application to be verified.

Step 10: Once verification is completed, you’ll get your IESCO new connection of electricity, and a meter will be installed.


Once you are done with all procedures, apply.

  • Print out the application’s copy.
  • Apply with all relevant stated documents to your local office.
  • The local office will verify your documents.
  • They will issue a demand notice after verification.
  • You will have to pay the demand notice in a specific bank.
  • Send a copy of the payment to the local office.
  • After verification of demand notice payment, your new connection’s procedure will start.

IESCO New Connection Fee

IESCO’s new connection varies due to the length of the connection and phases. We will explain the connection fee briefly.

Single Phase

Generally, a single-phase connection is installed where the load demand is low. The single phase’s new connection charges are fixed to some extent, but it changes when it becomes over the limit, such as:

  • Charges for service line length up to and including 40 meters is 4000.
  • Service line lengths more than 40 meters but not more than 100 meters Rs.4000 + 200 per meter above 40 meters.
  • Service line lengths more than 100 meters but not more than 160 meters Rs.16000 + 250 per meter above 100 meters.

Single phase connection new cost List:

Transmission line length (meter)Cost (Rs)
Up to 404000
41-1004000+200 per meter
101-16016000+250 per meter


Three-phase connection is considerably used for high load. It is used to support high machinery or appliances.

  • Service line length till 40 meters – Rs.15000
  • Service line lengths higher than 40 meters and but less than or equal to 100 meters Rs.15000 + 260 per meter above 40 meters.
  • Service line lengths higher than 100 meters, but less than or equal to 160 meters Rs.30600 plus Rs.300 per meter over 100 meters
  • Service line length higher than 160 meters, but less than or equal to 280 meters – Rs.48600 + 340 per meter in excess of 160 meters.

Three phase connection new cost List:

Transmission line length (meter)Cost (Rs)
Up to 4015000
41-10015000+200 per meter
101-16030000+300 per meter
161-28048000+350 per meter

Tentative Time Limit

An estimated of one month or 45 days are taken by the new connection. But it varies according to the situation.

Registration of application 1 days
Survey4 days
Verification of estimate 3 days
Demand notice 4 days
Test report approval 3 days
Service connection 4 days
Store issuance 3 days
Meter installation 5 days

Traditional Procedure For New Connection

The traditional procedure is the procedure people followed in the old days. Applicants used to go to local offices and perform the procedure.

  • Just visit the local office
  • Fill out the form for a new connection
  • Give the application with relevant documents as stated above.

This procedure will take time because government offices are usually filled with the masses. Secondly, you have to visit two offices a minimum of two times. So the online registration option is best for you.

What is Demand Notice?

A demand notice is a legal paper sent by your electricity company after the approval of your application. Your details are mentioned on it, and you have to pay the amount asked in the demand notice.

Demand notice is an official document demanded by wapda offices for a new line connection. Wapda gives demand notice to applicants when they apply for a new connection and resolves issues of the existing connection.

Wapda verifies all documents submitted by the applicant, whether the applicant is eligible for a new connection or not. If the applicant is qualified, wapda sends a demand notice according to the grid station. Otherwise, wapda issues the warning containing problems with the applicant’s documents.

Demand Notice Tracking

After acting upon all steps, officials visit the place where a new connection is demanded. They inspect the building and relevant grid station near the home. And then, they confirm the eligibility criteria for a new connection.

Tracking ID

The tracking ID is a simple and unique code given by wapda after payment of the demand notice. You can track your new connection procedure through this ID. You can use your CNIC number without dashes instead of tracking ID.

Go through the following steps to track your procedure:

  • Visit the official website IESCO application tracking.
  • You will see the application tracking page.
  • Choose a new connection option
  • Select the entity like IESCO
  • Provide your tracking ID or CNIC
  • You will see the tracked application.

Point of Supply

The point of supply is a station where consumers’ wires are connected or attached to get energy. This single point provides power to several connections. It can bear a specific amount of workload. You can Calculate Your IESCO Bill Online as well.

Inspection and Testing of Consumers

Inspection means officials examine where the applicant wants a new connection and observe the area. They inspect the building and local grid. If the local grid exists within the range, they approve the new connection; otherwise, the case is transferred to the office.

Traditional Procedure For New Connection 2022

Testing consumers means observing the operation of a new connection. They check whether the connection is performing well or not. Not implies any existence of any electricity leakage, theft of electricity, extra load on the electric meter, etc. You can contact IESCO Online for any Complaints.

Registration of Application

If you have the complete documents required by the Company and attested by the government authorities, your application will be registered in a single day.

Feasibility Survey

After the application is registered, Company is responsible for the feasibility survey of the location you provided. If the location is good or feasible for connection, your application will proceed.

Preparation of Estimate

The Company will make the theoretical estimation. The labor cost, connection lines, and wire lengths will be estimated. The estimation is then approved according to calculation.

Demand Notice

Demand notice is issued in 3 days if previous processes are completed in time. You can track the demand notice issued by IESCO through the ENC website using your ID.

Verification of Test Report

The connection testing and transformation lines are tested properly before you’re given a connection. The SDO or other authorities then verify the test report.


The transmission line will be extended to your location, and an electricity meter will be installed in approximately 30 to 45 days. Urban connections are quick, while rural take some time.

Extension In Installation

Sometimes problems occur in submitted documents, and your connection faces an extension in time. In this case, you must give missing documents to restart your new connection’s procedure.

Secondly, during the visit, officials come to know your grid station is far from your residence, so they reconsider your procedure.

Security Deposit

Security deposit is the amount paid in banks for a new connection under the notice of wapda. Security deposit is different for urban and rural areas.

For example, wapda charges 1220/KW for urban connection and 610/KW for rural connection.


How can someone apply for the New IESCO Connection?

You can apply for a new connection online by visiting or the local office.

What are the initial charges of a new connection?

Charges of a new connection are not fixed for each type of connection or area. It varies based on connection and location.

How can I get a new electricity meter in Pakistan?

You must pass through a proper procedure to get a new connection. You can get every information from this site.

Is connection for a factory possible?

Yes, you can get a connection for your factory if it’s inside the territory of the concerned electricity supply company. 

What is the total cost of a new connection?

The total cost of a new connection in rupees is different; it depends on many factors. Please read the article to understand the fee structure of different connections.


You can apply for a new connection online or by visiting the local office. Both procedures take the same time for installation. You save time using the method; otherwise, their requirement for a new connection and time remain the same.

New connection charges are not exact for each type of connection, like single-phase and three-phase. Apart from this, different factors are considered in the time of costs.

IESCO’s new connection is straightforward, but knowing the correct legal procedure is necessary. We have given whole the information related to the new connection. Please read the article thoroughly.

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