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IESCO Customer Service Online 24/7 | IESCO Helpline Numbers

IESCO promises its customers or consumers the best service and responds to their calls or complaints in no time. They have established many sub-branches as customer service centers in all the circles under their supply.

You can contact their office landline numbers or directly make contact with the higher authorities like SDO, XEN, etc. Your complaints are not put on pending. They are considered with quick response.

IESCO Complaint 2022

IESCO’s Online Portal allows its consumers to file complaints against any issue they face regarding power supply services. The IESCO online system is very beneficial for those who feel difficulty visiting WAPDA offices.

IESCO is one of the significant parts of WAPDA working in Islamabad along with six other divisions like Gujrat, Rawalpindi, etc. They are providing electricity to more than 2 million people with IESCO Online Bill.

Due to this giant figure of consumers, IESCO introduced the IESCO Online Service System. People with basic knowledge of online systems can benefit from this service. They do not need to go to IESCO offices.

IESCO Online Complaint Procedure

IESCO’s online complaint system gives users the opportunity to its consumers to access the online portal and get their work done by sitting at home.

IESCO’s online system contains various functions regarding its services such as IESCO Bill Calculator. But here, we will discuss the online complaint system.

As you read above, filing a complaint offline is not an easy task—That’s why IESCO introduced an online customer service. Few steps to file your complaint online:

  • Open the site.
  • New page will appear with different requirements.
  • Type all relevant information like reference number or CNIC number, consumer details, customer information, and complaint details.
  • Press the ‘’Register Complaint’’ button.
  • Your complaint is submitted.

IESCO Customer Service Centers: 

  • Customer service center blue area is situated on china chowk behind Shaheed e millat, blue area Islamabad.

Office number: 051-9244301-2

Fax: 051-2822010

  • Customer service center G-9 Islamabad is situated at plot no 7 B, shop 12 B in G-9 Markaz Islamabad 

Office number: 051-2285931

Fax: 051-2285932

  • Customer service center Marir Hassan is situated in Marir Hassan Rawalpindi 

Officer number: 051-9292692

Fax: 051-9272123

  • Customer service center Chandni chowk is situated on Chandni chowk, Rawalpindi

Office number: 111-309-309

Fax: 051-4580617

  • Customer service center Jhelum is situated in Jhelum Cantt, GTS chowk

Office number: 0544-9270169

Fax: 0544-9270170

  • Customer service center Fateh Jang is situated near the NADRA office Fateh Jang

Office number: 057-2212067

Fax: 057-2212067

  • Customer service center Taxila is situated on GT road near Lari Adha, Taxila 

Office number: 051-9314162-63

Fax: 051-9314162-63

  • Customer service center Attock is situated near Jamia Masjid, Islamia school, Attock

Office number: 057-2702756

Fax: 057-2702756

  • Customer service center Chakwal is situated near Tehseel Chowk, Zia council plaza, Chakwal 

Office number: 0543-553279

Fax: 0543-554817

Email Address: 

You can send your suggestions or complaints directly to the CEO of IESCO via the following email address;

[email protected]

Features of IESCO Customer Service

  • Application forms for new connection of IESCO
  • Bills related corrections 
  • Power breakdown maintenance
  • Arrears correction
  • Reconnection 
  • Duplicate copy of a bill
  • Any other assistance 

Facilities Provide By IESCO Customer Service

IESCO employees work 24 hours to serve the consumers in a variety of ways. They have separate branches and sections for every single matter.

Correction of Electricity Bill

Sometimes the bill has wrong information put by the employees by mistake. The wrong information may be related to units, meter reading date, wrong unit calculation, or wrong cost of electricity. It can complain. Your bill will be corrected.

The Facility of Installment

IESCO has a policy for installments up to rupees 25000. The procedure is only for customers who can’t afford the bill payment. The policy is also applied when there is a crisis in the country. A recent example is the Corona crisis. In this situation, they are responsible for splitting your bill into 3 or more months.

Extension of Due Date

Sometimes, the bill you receive has passed the due date already. In this situation, you can go to their office for a complaint. The due date will be extended for you up to 3 days.

Restoration of Power Supply

They are responsible for being prepared for any power breakdown in the surrounding area. They will reach the place quickly, restore the power supply, and maintain the electricity supply.

Information Regarding Load Shedding

A load shedding schedule is made by them for the area under their observation. You can take the schedule from them. And complain if they are not following the schedule.

Reconnection Order

Sometimes Connection of a Consumer is disconnected, and the meter is taken down due to no payment of the bill on time. After the due amount is paid, the service center completes the reconnection.

Waive off LP Surcharge

IESCO service center is responsible for giving concession in LP surcharge up to 1000 rupees.

Issuance of New Connections

Service centers are responsible for new connections orders. Once the documents of the applicant are analyzed, they have to approve and provide the connection.

IESCO Offline Complaint Procedure

It is a traditional process of complaining about officials. In this situation, you visit your local WAPDA Office and register your complaint. It takes hours to complete the first stage, like filing a complaint.

IESCO Complaint Types

IESCO is one of the leading entities working in the country. IESCO covers one of the most highly populated areas under WAPDA. That’s why IESCO has to face a lot of challenges, such as:

Meter Reading Issue

Meter reading is found rarely, but a consumer must still keep an eye on meter reading because false meter reading makes cause extra payment.

For example, you utilize 325 units of electricity, but you pay the bill according to 425 units consumed. One of the significant reasons for false meter readings is the theft of electricity.

Theft of Electricity

Theft of electricity means when people use electricity illegally at their homes and shops. Theft of electricity was at its peak when WAPDA used to set up manual electricity meters. Now WAPDA issues digital meters that are registered from WAPDA. You cannot get a new meter without registration.

How does the theft of electricity lead to false meter reading?

IESCO is a service company as well as a business entity. It charges for its given services. If it provides 1000 units to any specific area, the area will pay for 1000 units. If one person uses electricity illegally, it may cause another person to pay for it.

Load Shedding Issue

Load shedding means shutting down the supply of energy to its consumers deliberately. It is a never-ending issue for our country due to the continuous increase in consumption. No doubt an increase in population leads to a rise in the consumption of energy.

What is the reason for load shedding?

One of the main reasons for load shedding is our energy production is less than our consumption. In Pakistan, the population is increasing day by day, but our resources are still the same. We have to give attention to resources; otherwise, this issue will catch fire in the future.

IESCO Helpline

Complaint Against IESCO

You can file a complaint against IESCO for any discrepancy that occurred. Sometimes you feel any lack of competency in IESCO services, then you can contact IESCO customer service center through the IESCO portal.

IESCO Head Office Islamabad

IESCO’s head office is situated in the capital. All sub-branches are handled through this office. You can take your problem to this head office and solve it. It remains open 9 am to 5 pm on working days and remains closed Saturday and Sunday.

Helpline: 118
Phone No: 051-9252937
Address: Street 40, G-7/4 Islamabad Territory 44000.


IESCO SMS service where you can file your complaint and stay in touch with the officials. You can stay updated about your problem’s solution.

SMS Service: 8118
IESCO Head Officer: 051-9252933

IESCO Email Service

IESCO email service is a professional way to register your complaint online. Although this procedure is a bit slow, they ultimately solve your problem within no time.

Email: [email protected].

IESCO Roshni Service Procedure

IESCO introduced the Roshni SMS Service for its consumers. It facilitates IESCO customers about online billing and other central issues.

For this project, IESCO collected all its consumers’ mobile numbers with the help of banks while submitting their bills.

A registered person can get all relevant information regarding IESCO services like load shedding schedule, metering issues, and online billing system.

Steps to entertain this service:

  • Take your mobile and open a text message.
  • Type IESCO and your 14-digit reference number.
  • And then send it to 8398.

Note: This service is valid for Islamabad and Rawalpindi consumers.

FAQs-IESCO Complaint

Q: How can I complain through IESCO?

You can file a complaint through several ways like IESCO customer service center, CCNS, and Roshni. Open one of them and register your complaint. For availing IESCO Customer Service center go and open

Q: How can I register a complaint about the power cutting issue?

A: First, file your local divisional office complaining about the power curing issue. If you do not get a timely response, you can opt for other options like head office complaint service or any other divisional office.

Q: How do I know my meter reading is correct?

A: You can verify your meter reading through your connected meter. Just ensure your meter reading with the latest bill. If you see the difference above your expectation, visit the WAPDA office or use an online medium.

Q: How can I know my meter is not running speedily?

A: Just shut down your electric devices and check your meter reading. If the still meter is running, then your meter has some technical issue.

Q: What is the timing of the IESCO service?

Office timing of the service centers is 6 am to 6 pm. But emergency situations like breakdown and line supply are tackled 24 hours.

Q: Is there any way to register a complaint?

Yes, there are many other ways to register complaints regarding power and supply. You can avail help from the Complaints management cell. Dial 118 or SMS at 8118 for the complaints against IESCO.

Q: How do you complain against employees?

You can complain against any government employee through the Wafaqi Muhtasib platform. It is designed for the people to complain about government institutions and officials.

IESCO Complaint-Conclusion

IESCO customer service center provides both types of complaint services, online and offline. It depends on consumers which service they choose. Some go with the online system, and some online. Personally experiencing that users are migrating towards an online complaint system.

To facilitate its consumers, IESCO is trying its best in system upgrading. People feel difficulty filling complaints through the IESCO online system, so they go with CCNS or Roshni customer service center. It shows the value-added service for its consumers.

We have tried to provide all the information regarding IESCO customer service. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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