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IESCO Bill Calculator 2022| Estimate Your IESCO Bill Online Free

IESCO has the responsibility to provide electricity power to specific districts inside the federal. IESCO provides you the best customer service regarding bill calculation. Using the IESCO Online Bill Calculator, you can easily find out your upcoming IESCO Electricity Bill.

IESCO’s area is diversified, divided into six circles, 20 divisions, and 110 subdivisions. IESCO provides electricity as long as related services, including new connections, maintenance, and other issues.

IESCO Bill Calculator 2023

A few years back, people used to go to WAPDA offices to solve bill payments, meter reading issues, and electricity theft. IESCO was observing this effort of its consumers, so they introduced an online portal system. The online portal covers every essential function for the consumers.

You’ll find all the vital information and facts regarding the calculation of your IESCO bill on our site IESCO online bill calculator is a tool designed to calculate your bill by putting the units you have burnt.

Calculate Your Bill Here

What Is IESCO Bill Calculator?

A Bill calculator is a function that helps consumers calculate/her electricity bills easily. You can calculate your bill quickly at your place.

You should know about meter reading and cost per unit to calculate the amount of a specific month’s bill. Meter Reading is, as such, not an effort-requiring job. You can calculate your current month’s meter reading quickly. And the cost per unit rate is set by GOP. Just note the latest cost per unit rate.

How To Calculate Consumed Units?

Calculating the units you have burnt through fans, lights, AC, motors, and other home appliances can be easily calculated without much technical knowledge. You need to find out two things which are as follows:

Reading Meter

The reading meter is not as technical as we think. Even a common person can read the meter. Just look at the meter; you’ll see different digital with specific units. Note down the digits with the unit KWH. These are the total units you have consumed from the day of connection till now.

Reading Units On The Bill

The second thing you need to do is note down the units mentioned on your latest bill copy. You can find these units on the upper side in a separate box. Note down these units.

  • Take your meter reading at the start of the month
  • Retake meter reading at the end of the month
  • Take the difference between both reading
  • You will get accurate results

It will be your net meter reading that you will be using in bill calculation.

Cost Per Unit

GOP sets cost per unit rate. You can use the latest unit rate in your calculation. It does not remain the same throughout. Yes, the cost per unit increases with specific intervals. For example, the cost per unit rate is less for the first 300 units than after 300 units.

How To Use IESCO Bill Calculator? Step By Step

Step 1: Click the “IESCO bill calculator” button shown on our site.

Step 2: First of all Select company name which is IESCO in the menu.

Step 3: Choose the correct type of connection.

Step 4: Select the type of phase you have availed from IESCO.

Step 5: Enter the no. of consumed units. (Read below to understand the consumed units).

Step 6: Choose TV connection if you have availed at your home.

Step 7: Click on the “Calculate” button shown and wait for a few seconds.

Step 8: Your estimated bill will be viewed.

IESCO Calculation Formula

As we have explained, how to calculate the net meter reading of a specific month. To calculate the net month’s reading and record it.

After noting down the above-mentioned digits or units, apply a simple formula:

Units on the meter- units on bill = Total unit consumed
For example;
Units on meter = 600
Units on bill = 500
Applying formula
600-500= 100 kWh (consumed units)

IESCO Bill Calculator-IESCO Calculation Formula

How To Access The IESCO Bill Calculator

Getting access to IESCO online bill calculator is effortless. You can access the IESCO Bill Calculator in seconds by following steps:

  • Just open the google search engine
  • Type IESCO Online Bill Calculator
  • The different options will appear
  • Select the one you find suitable
  • A page containing a search bar will occur on your screen
  • Type your unit consumed in the search option
  • You will get your desired results

As you know, the cost per unit is not the same for every type of connection like domestic, commercial and industrial connections. To get accurate results, you must give full-fledged information about your reading, connection type and phase.

Types of Connection

IESCO provides 3 types of connections in a big category. These connections depends on the application you have provided or asked for supply. 

  1. Residential connection (For homes)
  2. Industrial connection (for factories and industries)
  3. Commercial connection (for shops , plaza , centers etc.)

1- Domestic Connection

Domestic connection is a fundamental type of connection that is set up at your home. Cost per unit rates for domestic connection is less than other connections like commercial and industrial connection.

2- Commercial Connection

A commercial connection is a connection allowed to be fixed at shops and small factories. Commercial connection’s cost per unit rate is high compared to domestic connection.

3- Industrial Connection

An industrial connection is a connection set up at big production plants and factories. The requirement for industrial connection is high, so its initial cost is multiple times of domestic connection. Read IESCO NEW CONNECTION.

IESCO Bill Estimator

IESCO Bill Estimator is a tool used to estimate your bill at any time. IESCO is an entity whose purpose is to supply and distribute energy to every point under its area. IESCO gives you energy for the whole month, and at the end of the month, they send you a physical bill at your place.

IESCO Bill Estimator allows you to estimate your bill before the arrival of the physical bill. You can control your consumption with the help of this tool.

Phases-IESCO Online Bill

Phase types has different categories designed according to the voltage. In short phase is the amount of voltage you required at your location. Mainly two kinds are available:


Single-phase is a connection generally allotted to low consumers like you use single phase at your home.


Three-phase connection is given to consumers who demand a high load, like in factories or production plants run by heavy machinery.

Units Consumed

Units consumed means the number of units we use in a month. We use energy ion houses against unit consumption. Your electric energy usage is directly connected to the unit consumed. Higher units consumed a high amount of bills and vice versa.

IESCO Tariff

Tariff is different for different connection and phase types. Commercial is costly as compared to residential and no subsidies are given to commercial users.

A-1 Residential

Upto 1009.68
Above 70024.1

A-2 Commercial 

For load upto 5kwh21.5 Rs
For load above 5kwh24.3

Moreover cost per unit varies according to the type of location, usage, Industrial type, agriculture land and many more. IESCO also gives an Online Complaints Service which you can use.

IESCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours

Peak hours and off-peak hours’ energy consumption significantly influence your monthly bills. Peak hours are when the cost per unit rate is high compared to off-peak hours. Peak hours are not a significant portion of a day. It is hardly four to five hours a day. The peak hours start in the evening and last at night.

The cost per unit rate difference between peak and off-peak hours is high that can not be ignored. Suppose you want to reduce your monthly bills so you can reduce your bill by reducing peak-time energy consumption. In such wise, you can save your money and energy too.

Conclusion-IESCO Bill Calculator

IESCO is an entity which supplies energy to the people. It covers many areas related to capital. It provides an online bill calculator used to estimate monthly bills before the arrival of the WAPDA Bill. It can be beneficial for the masses in controlling their energy consumption.

To calculate an accurate bill, you must give complete information like connection type, phases unit consumed, peak and off-peak hours, and total units consumed. If you forget any information, you will get incorrect results.

The main thing is that the unit rate does not persist same across the year. The cost per unit rate gets changes from time to time. If you are willing to calculate accurate results, stay updated about unit rates.

IESCO bill calculator is a free of cost tool for counting your bill. Get the benefit of the tool and manage your budget.

FAQs-IESCO Bill Calculator

How do I calculate my home electricity bill?

you can calculate your home electricity bill by opening “IESCO online bill calculator > unit consumed > results. Results are supposed to be close to accurate results, but it is not exact results.

What is the cost of one unit?

Cost of one unit is not a straightforward question. Because the cost of 1 unit does not remain the same, it faces changes gradually based on the number of units consumed. But the cost of 1 unit is 3.95 for less than or equal to 50 units. It becomes near to double after 300 units are consumed.

What are peak hours?

Peak hours are when the cost per unit rate becomes high compared to off-peak hours. Probably it exists from 6 pm to 10 pm. If you want to reduce your bill payment, reduce your peak hours’ time’s energy consumption.

IESCO peak hours are the minutes or hours during the day when the subsidy given by the government is zero, and the highest cost per unit of electricity is applied to all the consumers.

How can I reduce the monthly bill?

Reducing your electricity bill needs a good knowledge of the area. You’ll have to understand the cost per unit and tariff guidance. Read the article to get to know the tariff and unit price. Moreover, you can follow the instructions for reducing the bill written on your bill.

You can reduce your monthly bills by following ways

  • Reduce your peak hours time consumption
  • Put your AC off in day time.
  • Ensure there is no theft of electricity

How to estimate IESCO bill?

You can estimate your bill using our online calculator or IESCO bill estimator. Putting units is the only requirement. View your bill in seconds.

What is a tariff?

A tariff is a billing structure according to the rates per unit. It is designed by the federal government and applied by the electricity supply companies.

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