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What is Electric Power Meter?

Electric Meter is an electrical device which is used to measure the electricity consumption of the consumer electrical supply. Electric Meter is also called Energy Meter.

The Electric meters are used to measure Electrical energy for delivering energy to the residents, businesses and industries.


Electronic meters use highly integrated components or specialized integrated circuits to measure energy. These devices use a high-resolution sigma-delta ADC to digitize the immediate voltage and current. The instantaneous power is measured in watts by multiplying the voltage and current.

How to Slow Electricity Meter In Pakistan ?

Pakistan is advancing step by step towards improvement. These days, Pakistan is striving to beat the electricity issue.

For enhancements, new meters have supplanted the old ones. New meters are advanced and keep away from electricity robbery because of their security highlights.

How to Slow Electricity Meter In Pakistan \ How Stop Meter?

To beat this issue, we are composing this article. This should be possible through earthing your computerized meter. You want to uncover a profound opening to put the earth wire.

We will permit you to understand how to make an earth wire. You’ll need a plastic line and cover it with naked copper wire. Take one more wire with a plastic covering and put it inside that plastic line.

Practices To Slow Down Electric Meter In Great Pakistan

Along these lines, presently, you have one wire on the line and one inside the line. You may not know that the units have likewise relied on your neutral wire, resulting in an expansion of 20-25% electricity bills.

Stage 1

Take limited coals and put them in debt. Take some of the salt and then place it on the coal located inside the opening. Fix the wire inside the entrance at this point.

There are about 4 lights on the progressive meter, including the earth. Assuming you successfully introduce earthing, the earth light will automatically turn on.

Stage 2

After completing the above advances, add some water into the line as coal is now there. By placing the water, the earth will be all the more impressive.

It would be smarter to introduce the world on the wet surface as the presentation of the planet in the moist regions is more impressive than on a dry surface. Presently to check the force of this world, we need to check it by really taking a look at the meter.

Interface one wire to the stage and one wire to the earth. Assuming the meter shows perusing more than 200, it implies your planet is strong.

Stage 3

You can likewise actually look at 100 watts bulb. So that the bulb enlightens, you will get to know why your electricity bill is is upcoming high. Turning on the bulb implies that our earth is completely working and free.

We will let you know how to join this world with your electricity meter. It would help if you interfaced this wire to the impartial of your meter to diminish the bills.

Use an analyzer to inspect the neutral wire of your meter

In the wake of guaranteeing that no electricity is available in that wire, associate your earth wire with that neutral wire. Tie that region with tape. In the wake of playing out this progression, you are finished with the establishment of the earth to your meter.

Use an analyzer to inspect the neutral wire of your meter - How to Slow Electricity Meter In Pakistan

You will see the diminishing in your month-to-month bill. You can look at the speed of your meter when introducing the earth with your meter.

If it’s not too much trouble, educate your loved ones concerning this interaction with the goal that they can profit from this.

Procedures and Methods of Electricity Thieving

There are many kinds of strategies and procedures for electricity takes in Pakistan. This paper examines the different stealing classes utilized by electricity customers worldwide, especially in Pakistan.

The electricity stealing strategies are separated into two significant categories. For example, meter treating, where the faker controls the inside design of the metering framework, and line treating, where an operator sidesteps the electricity meter association.

Postulations of electricity stealing techniques are normal and simple to electricity purchasers in Pakistan. Hence the nation confronted affordable misfortunes and the electricity robbery worry because of electricity stealing—complete substance and authoritative altering before arranging. Kindly observe the accompanying things while editing spelling and punctuation.

Bypassing Electricity Meter Connection

The meter shows unlawful electricity utilization by utilizing the most well-known strategy, “bypassing electricity meter” association in various homegrown and modern foundations. In this strategy, the electricity criminals sidestep the meter association inside the home or patio.

There is a principle power line association from the electrical shaft with 220 v (voltages) for the homegrown customers. Normally the main power line is associated with an electricity meter for electricity dissemination, yet the hoodlums sidestep this association and interface the wire before the meter board.

The Result is electricity meters have been avoided, and they won’t be capable measure the units of electrical power utilization at the homegrown level.

Result: The electricity meter is avoided, and it couldn’t quantify the electrical power utilization.

Direct Hooking Also Termed (Kaunda) From Lines

Snaring (Kunda) is the popular technique; 80 percent of worldwide power burglary is by direct tapping from the main power line.

The customer takes advantage of an electrical cable from a point in front of the energy meter, and energy utilization is unmeasured and acquired regardless of switches. It is shown that the immediate snaring framework from the principle power line.

Result: This energy utilization is unmeasured and secured regardless of switches. It displayed the immediate snaring framework from the basic electrical cable.

Electricity Panel Board – How to Slow Electricity Meter In Pakistan

We have planned an electricity board and exhibited the conceivable burglary technique inside electromechanical meters situated inside the home.

However, the electricity board was introduced individually with electrical power and without electrical power load.

Turn around Meter Counter – How to Slow Electricity Meter In Pakistan

In this burglary technique, the fakers open the meter and converse the meter counter as indicated by their necessities. From that point onward, they have wrapped the meter once more.

No one is familiar with the metering framework’s misbehavior until the meter is shipped off research facility test. A definitive outcome is changed meter perusing as indicated by their desires.

So represented the burglary method which is finished by fakers inside.

Result: Changed meter perusing as per their desires.

Utilization of Magnets – How to Slow Electricity Meter In Pakistan

In this strategy, the customers utilize the magnet material to slow the pivoted circle of the electromechanical meter. It is additionally a typical strategy for electricity burglary.

It shows how shoppers delay the metering plate. In this normal procedure, the purchasers open the electromechanical meter and just put the magnetic material on the upper surface of the turning circle.

It discourages the free development of coils, and a slower rotating plate flags less electricity utilization.

Result: It discourages the free development of plate, and a slower rotating circle flags less electricity utilization.

Directional Changes

The other normal method is the steering meter. The pivoting plate stops its circle development until the meter is migrated to its straight position.

Typically meters are introduced inside the home in a straightforward situation on the divider or other reasonable spot. When the heading of the meter changes, the turning circle will stop naturally.

Result: When the course of the meter ought to be changed, the pivoting plate will consequently stop. It presents the straight heading and takes an alternate route of the electricity meter.


I hope the methods mentioned above will help you slow down your electric meter in Pakistan.

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