How To Iron Clothes Without Electricity | Different Ways | – Hacks and Alternatives

Electrical iron and electricity are amazing innovations, or maybe I should say “a blessing.” But at times, we face situations when any of the two is not available. So is there any way to iron clothes without electricity or iron?

Sure, there is always a solution to that. You can always keep yourself ready for this kind of situation such as if you are a traveler and need to iron clothes without an iron or your area has no electricity then the only solution is to use any other alternative of these because obviously, you can’t move around wearing wrinkled clothes outside.

How To Iron Clothes Without Electricity | Different Ways | - Hacks and Alternatives

Read the following hacks to save yourself from the stress of no electricity and wrinkled clothes when you are in a hurry.

9 Ways To Iron Clothes Without Electricity

1-Hang Your Clothes Instead Of Rolling Up

Your clothes get wrinkled when you roll them and put them together. Some dresses are made of fabric that stays unwrinkled only if you hang them instead of rolling. Always keep the rod of your cupboard available for such clothes so that you don’t have to iron them again and again.

Moreover, if you need to pack clothes in a suitcase for traveling, don’t make small folds and place the clothes that get wrinkled quickly on top of all the other clothes.

2-Use Teapots For Steaming

When electricity or iron is not available, you can use gas and utensils for ironing clothes other than cooking. Simply take a teapot or a pan and put it on the stove to heat it.

Place your clothes on any flat surface and use the base of a heated pot or pan to iron them. You can also add water to the pot to keep it hot for more time and iron the creased clothes with more pressure.

3-Use Sprays For Wrinkles

There are wrinkle-release sprays available in the market and online. These sprays quickly release wrinkles and give your clothes a neat look to wear.

After spraying, straighten the wet clothes by waving them in the air while holding them from one side and drying them for a few minutes. Also, always shower the spray from a distance because it might leave a stain on your clothes.

You can also make your wrinkle spray with a few simple ingredients to use if you want to. Add one tablespoon of each white vinegar and fabric softener to 2 cups of water and mix thoroughly. Your spray is ready to use.

4-Dampening and Pressing The Clothes

The most simple and quickly done way is to sprinkle some water or spray on your clothes and place them somewhere on a flat surface.

Put a towel over the dress to protect it from any dirt or stain, and then press the clothes by putting something heavy on them. You can also put them under the mattress of your bed at night, and by morning they will be unwrinkled.

5-Heat Your Iron Without Electricity

Although you should not heat your iron directly on the gas stove, you can use aluminum foil to cover and protect the iron base and heat it on the stove.

Then spray your clothes and iron them with the heated iron. But be careful with that because sometimes the iron gets too heated and can burn your clothes.

6-Blow Dryer Heat

Mainly, You only need a source of adequate heat to release your dress’s wrinkles. Therefore, a blow dryer can also do the job. Turn on the dryer on low heat.

Sprinkle some water or spray on your clothes, place them on a flat surface and slowly blow dry them. Just keep enough space between the dryer and clothes to avoid any mishap.

7-Steamy Bathrooms

You wake up in the morning to go to work and find out there is no electricity in the house. On top of that, you haven’t ironed your clothes for work.

Now here is a solution for you. While taking a hot steamy bath or doing breakfast, hang the clothes in your bathroom near the shower for some minutes if you don’t take a hot shower.

The steam of hot water inside the bath will release the creases of your clothes, and they will be perfect to wear after getting dry. An easy and time-saving hack it is!

8-Use Cordless Irons

If you are facing the issue with electricity a lot lately and want to find a long-term solution for ironing your clothes, then buying butane or charcoal iron are two choices available for you.

However, if compared, a butane iron is more beneficial. You need to fill it with butane gas and light it up carefully.

How To Iron Clothes Without Electricity -Use Cordless Irons

Although it is better than regular charcoal iron, you have to be very careful about turning it off properly. Otherwise, this is a cheap iron that can be used sometimes when there is no electricity for the electric iron.

9-Pressing With a Hair Straightener

Just like a hair straightener straightens the curly and wavy hairs, you can also use it to press and straighten your shirts. It might take some time, but it’s better than wearing a wrinkled shirt when you can’t iron it.

The straightener plates are excellent for releasing wrinkles from clothes by simply pressing them against each other with the cloth.

Just keep the hair straightener low enough not to burn, depending on the kind of fabric you are pressing. Use it at a high temperature for thick fabric, but keep the temperature as low as possible for thin or silk fabric.

Alternatives Of Electric Iron

Besides these hacks, can use some alternative devices to electric iron with electricity. You can keep these devices as an extra with the electric iron as they can be helpful if your iron stops working or gets broken, or maybe enjoy them instead of using iron altogether.

  • Steamers for clothes

On the first comes Garment steamers. These steamers for clothes are now easily available in markets or to buy online. The best thing about these handheld steamers is that they are easy to use and are safe.

As they press clothes with the steam instead of any hot soleplate, you don’t need to worry about burning your clothes. Therefore, you can use these for silk or polyester fabric.

Simply hang the clothes on any rod, turn on the steamer, remove the wrinkles from the clothes and wait for the steam to dry. You don’t need to use any iron board or flat surface for steaming.

Besides a handheld steamer, there are also Professional Garment Steamers with three-position smart boards to place clothes vertically or horizontally. It is like a complete iron stand but takes less space with a steamer instead of iron.

  • Steam Press machine

Besides handheld steamers with a board, a steam press machine is also a great alternative for an electric iron. It presses the clothes quickly and easily with the pressure applied. You have to put the clothes on the pressing surface and press the top plate on it. Available in markets or online, it is a safe and time-saving alternative to electric irons.

Conclusion – How To Iron Clothes Without Electricity

Ironing clothes without iron or electricity is not a big deal. You can use the hacks mentioned above if you have electricity issues in your area. But the alternatives of iron only come in handy if you have electricity available.

However, if you can’t opt for any of these hacks or alternatives, the only option left is to go for professional laundry services near your area. It would be best to take their services for fancy or formal garments that are difficult to unwrinkled by any hack.

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