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If you want to keep your electricity cost under control, you must first determine the power usage of your everyday equipment. As a gamer, I began by estimating the power usage of my PS4.

You might be thinking about how many watts a PS4 consumes. By the end of this article, you will better understand your gaming device’s power usage.

Power Consumption of PS4 – PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

  • The PS4 consumes between 165 and 310 watts of power at maximum. In the USA, it costs between 2 and 5 pennies per hour.
  • The PS4 Slim purposes a minimal measure of 165 watts max, trailed by the first PS4 (250W max).
  • The PS4 Pro purposes the most measure of watts, at 310W max.

Furthermore, the number of watts a PS4 utilizes relies upon many elements. The PS4 model is the greatest element that impacts how much watts are utilized.

After running tests utilizing an energy screen, coming up next is a short rundown of the number of watts a PS4 utilizes in various modes.

Watts Consumed by Different Modes of PS4

  • A PS4 on reserve utilizes 0.47 watts.
  • A PS4 out of gear utilizes 85.6 watts.
  • A PS4 web-based video utilizes nearly 99 watts.
  • Gaming on a PS4 utilizes approx. 120 watts.
  • Gaming on your favorite PS4 along with PS VR uses about 144 watts.

Watts Consumed by Different Modes of PS4

Keep perusing to come by the specific outcomes from the tests, alongside the running expenses, for each PS4 mode.

Let’s get into further facts concerning the PlayStation’s power usage.

PlayStation 4 Wattage Test

I measured the power utilized by a single PS4 in various modes to determine the true number of watts that a PlayStation uses.

The modes explored span from conservation to gaming, with gaming for PS VR being the most memorable. Using a Kasa Smart Plug, I measured how many watts each mode consumed.

After reviewing the watts consumed for a considerable length of time, I recorded the normal wattage for every mode.

1. PS4 Classic Power Consumption

The first type of the PlayStation 4 has various of these power utilization prices:

  • Menu Mode: Firstly, when examining the working menu, the PlayStation consumes 80 to 90 watts every hour.
  • Blu-Ray and Video Application Chore: When playing your favorite movies and recordings, such as from a Blu-Ray or the Vidzeme music video admin, it can consume up to 100 watts every hour.
  • Gaming: The PlayStation is the most widely used computer gaming console. The power consumption ranges between 140 and 150 watts per hour, depending on the aim and the illustrations motor of the game used.

2. PS4 Pro Power Consumption

The PS4 Pro is the most popular PS4 model. It features a faster hard drive and a faster CPU, so it can play out an advanced image objective and a faster outlining pace.

  • Menu mode: At about 75 watts, it is simply below the upsides of the model PlayStation.
  • Blu-Ray and Video Application Chore: A PlayStation Pro usage is around 87 watts in this mode and is beneath the standard PlayStation 4.
  • Gaming: With around 165 watts each hour, the control center is over the normal worth of the exemplary PS4.

How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use - PlayStation 4 Wattage Test

3. PS4 Slim Power Consumption

The PlayStation 4 Slim is comparable to the normal adaption; nevertheless, it is more conservative and uses less power.

  • List of options mode: In this mode, the PlayStation 4 Slim only requires roughly 50 watts and is essentially inferior to the advantages of the normal model and even the Preform.
  • Blu-Ray and Video Application Chore: The PS4 Slim features a video approach worth roughly 55 watts. It is basically under the other PS4 models here as well.
  • Gaming: The control center consumes about 77 watts per hour in the game mode, close to half of the normal model.

PS4 Power Saving Settings – Tips

It is possible to reduce the energy consumption of your control center if you follow the appropriate guidelines. These investment funds will not be huge, but they should be examined after a while.

So, if you have the option, why not use them? You may ensure that your PlayStation 4 consumes less power by following these guidelines:

  1. A few settings can be changed in reserve mode to save energy. For example, you can command the control center not to connect to the Internet in the backup mode, preventing scheduled refreshes. You may also switch off the power supply for regulators through USB ports.
  2. To play Blu-beams, you’ll need a Blu-beam player. Compared to the PlayStation, this consumes roughly 20 Watts or 80 Watts less each hour.
  3. This allows you to completely switch off all devices to use no power while not using the control center.
  4. Close the control center before turning off the various attachments (and before switching to backup mode); otherwise, the PlayStation hard disc may be destroyed.
  5. The rest option provides additional investing dollars. It is especially useful when you have to pause your game and need to find the last known location of interest. You may also enable it while downloading another update.

Average Electricity Charges For Operating a PS4

The amount of electricity charged for your PlayStation is determined not only by the power consumption of the device controlling center but also by your electricity price.

With a regular power cost of 13 cents per kWh and a daily working season of around 3 hours in the menu (dashboard), video, or even game mode, the PlayStation 4 Slim is an excellent choice. As a result, it is also the most cost-effective annual electricity use.

With the PS4 Slim, gaming for 3 hours of the day would cost you roughly $0.0507. In gaming tasks, for example, it may save roughly 42 percent every year when compared to some other typical models. The Playstation Pro costs around 23% more than the normal model.

PlayStation 4 Vs PC – Electricity Comparison

When comparing the PS4’s power consumption to a modern gaming PC, it genuinely performs well. A high-quality graphics card alone may increase power consumption when playing games with 140 watts, and the sky is the limit.

However, when it comes to gaming, the Xbox One is somewhat cheaper than the PS4. Nonetheless, while not in use, the Xbox One consumes more electricity.


We can see that the PS4’s power consumption is affected by several factors, including the PlayStation model, the way of activity, and the cost of electricity in the state where you live.

Nonetheless, based on the available data, we can estimate that your power consumption will be approximately 400 watts, around 5 cents per hour of play.

I expect you have gained better expertise in using your game control center through this article.

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