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HESCO online bill creates an opportunity for its consumer to check bills online by sitting in a remote location. There is no need to go to the WAPDA offices and keep waiting for your turn to confirm your bills.

HESCO Online Bill 2022

HESCO represents Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company. HESCO is responsible for distributing and supplying a continual supply of energy. Hyderabad is the largest city in Sindh province. It has more than one million population.

Enter Your 14 Digits HESCO Reference Number in the Below Box:

HESCO facilitates Hyderabad and other nearby cities with energy. However, Hesco has to provide energy to millions of people, so HESCO has divided its operational activities across the region. Hesco manages several division circles, sub-divisions, and operating divisions.

How To Check HESCO Bill Online?

Nowadays, checking bills is so effortless because consumers do not need to travel long distances and stay in long queues. You can check your bill through your handset within seconds.

Follow the given steps to confirm your bills online.

  • First of all, open the Google and search for And you will see the various options on your screen.
  • Type the website and go to the billing option directly.
  • Put the 14-Digit reference number in the blank block and press the enter button.
  • You will see your precise bill after a brief delay.

How To Get a HESCO Duplicate Bill?

Sometimes consumers lose their electricity bills and do not have any other evidence of invoice to pay the bill on time. Through the online system, HESCO created an opportunity for consumers to quickly get HESCO Duplicate Bills Online. You can access duplicate bills online.

  • Go to the search bar and open the HESCO website.
  • Go to the search bar and open the HESCO website.
  • It will demand fourteen digit reference number.
  • Put the reference number in the space and press submit button.
  • You will have your duplicate bill on screen.

Note: LESCO also gives the facility of Duplicate HESCO Bill Installment.

HESCO Online Bill Download And Print

As you have performed the procedure until HESCO Duplicates the bill, you must follow a few steps ahead to download and print the bill.

  • After getting the online duplicate bill, select the setting option.
  • Find out the download option from the setting.
  • After getting the download, choose the print option.
  • You will receive a duplicate bill in hard copy form.

Note: Before going through this procedure, ensure your device is connected to the printer.

What is the 14 Digit Reference Number? and How do you Find It?

A fourteen-digit reference number is a unique code authorized for every consumer. 14 digit reference number is mentioned on the top left corner of the HESCO electricity bill. If you do not find them on paper bills, you can access them through the HESCO Online Complaints.

What is a Consumer ID?

Consumer ID is a set of unique numbers authorized to every consumer of HESCO. It is used to identify consumers. Consumer ID consists of ten-digit numbers.

Check HESCO Bill By Consumer ID

HESCO has created ease for its consumer at every stage. Consumers can check HESCO bills online by giving a consumer ID.

  • Open the HESCO website on your PC.
  • Select the billing option directly.
  • The search bar will appear and demand a consumer ID/ reference number.
  • After providing a consumer ID, press the search button.
  • You will see your electricity bill.

HESCO Payment History

HESCO is one of the largest units in the country. They prepare records for each and every operational activity undertaken by the entity. HESCO sends a bill to its consumers at the end of every month. HESCO prepares records of payment when consumers have paid their bills. HESCO also give the facility of Online Connection.

HESCO Payment History Methods 2022

Taxes Included In HESCO Bill

HESCO bills include some taxes levied by the GOP. Here you will know about every tax included in electricity bills.

E.D: E.D. stands for electricity duty. Electricity duty is a type of tax that the government levies. It differs from city to city. It does not remain fixed for everyone and every time.

TV FEE: The TV Fee represents the television fee that is also included in Wapda bills. It remains between 35 to 100. The TV fee remains changes from division to division.

GST: GST denotes the general sales tax that every citizen in the country pays. GST lies in every product and service we utilize. It is usually 17% of the entire amount.

Income Tax

Income is the amount that we earn. Income tax is applied to our earnings. The government charges income tax on the citizens’ income every year.

Sales Tax: A sales tax is applied by the government on consumers. Sales tax is zero in the case of commercial and industrial connections for less than 500 rupees bills. Otherwise, a ten per cent charge on the gross amount.

FPA: Fuel price adjustments are a price that fluctuates with the fluctuation of petroleum price. The consumer charges an increase in fuel prices and gives payment to the government.

QTR Tariff Adjustment: This is a newly recognized category that charges seven paise per unit for every increasing unit after 300 units. For less than 300 units, it charges zero rupees.

TR Surcharge: TR surcharge means tariff rationalization surcharge. HESCO charges 1.02 per unit to reduce the burden of the overall power a subsidy provided by the government through the budget.

FC Surcharge: FC surcharge means finance cost surcharge. It is almost 0.43 per cent of the total number of units consumed.

Deferred Amount Adjustment: A deferred amount adjustment means the entire amount is not paid on time. A deferred amount means the amount is partially paid in one month, and the remaining will be paid in the upcoming month or months.

Circles and Divisions

HESCO has been providing energy to millions of consumers. So HESCO has divided services into circles and divisions.

  • Hyderabad circle has four divisions and 16 sub-divisions.
  • Laar circle has five divisions and 19 sub-divisions.
  • Nawabshah has three divisions and 21 subdivisions.
  • Mirpurkhas has 3 divisions and 12 sub-divisions.

How to Pay Your HESCO Bill Online?

Consumer can pay their bills online if they have any banking channels.

  • Go on banking channels and select utility bills.
  • Give a reference number and obtain your bill.
  • And pay your electricity bill according to the concerned bills.

Components of Online HESCO Bill

The Hesco bill is full of terminologies that are necessary to understand. To understand your bill amount, you must be aware of all these terms.


Identifiers mean the codes and reference numbers of consumers that HESCO provides to every consumer. Two consumers would never have the same identifiers like reference numbers or consumer IDs.

Essential Dates

Essential dates are meter reading dates, new connection dates, the due date of payment, etc.

Meter reading date when a HESCO employee takes your meter reading for your bill calculation.

The new connection date is when HESCO approves your application for a new connection, and you get a new meter at your place.

The due date is the last date of bill payment; after that, the consumer has to pay the penalty along with the electric bill.

Billing History

Billing history means HESCO prepares a billing history paid by the consumer. Hesco prints a one-year history of consumption and payment of bills.

Charges Calculation: Charges calculation is, as such, not an easy task. One must understand taxes, peak hours, and types of connections. For it you can use HESCO Online Calculator.

How to Pay Bills in Pakistan?

There are several ways to pay bills online like bank accounts, Easypaisa, e-sahulat, and many more.


Easypaisa is a mobile application that transfers money from one place to another. You can activate the Easypaisa application on your handset.

First download the EasyPaisa application from Play Store. Install it on your mobile, and it will avail you with all the basic information.

You will have a confirmation code on your sim card. Just confirm your code and enjoy online banking through the Easypaisa application.

Online Banking

online banking system differs from the Easypaisa application. You have to open your bank account for online transactions. And activate your online banking option. The remaining process is the same as stated above in easypaisa.

E-Sahulat Nadra

The government created E-sahulat by NADRA to facilitate people with online payment transfers. It is connected with NADRA and other government official bodies. JazzCash: JazzCash is like the EasyPaisa application. Its operating activities and purpose are the same.

HESCO Bill Blocked

Sometimes consumers face an unidentified issue and do not get bills on time. In this case, file your complaint with HESCO as soon as possible and sort out your issue.

Tariff Distribution HESCO – NEPRA

Energy Charges Ps/KWhFAS
Additional SurchargeSurcharge 10.4%Total Rate Ps/KWh
Tariff A – Domestic General SupplyA-I Domestic Consumers
Till Fifty Units0.6100.73000.063441.40
For the very first one hundred units (1-100)0.410.431.72260.087362.65
Till 200 Units (101-300)0.580.432.52500.105043.64
Till 700 Units (301-1000)1.510.434.00800.201766.15
More than one thousand units1.880.314.99220.227767.41

HESCO has an extensive detailed tariff distribution schedule approved by NEPRA. NEPRA approved tariff distribution three years ago, in 2021.

Tariff B – Industrial Supply

Energy ChargesFASAdditional SurchargesSurcharge (10.4%)Total

TOD Tariff

TOD Tariff

Tariff D – Agriculture

Tariff Category/ParticularsFixed ChargesEnergy ChargesFASAdditional SurchargesSurcharge (10.4%)Total
D1 Scrap1.260.363.62150.168485.41
D2. (i)87.440.900.361.88900.131043.28
D2 (TOD) (Peak)3556.00
D2 (TOD) (Off Peak)3553.55

Change of Tariff

Change of tariff is also possible by following the approved process.

  • The consumer has to apply tariff change.
  • Submit the related documents based on the procedure.
  • Once HESCO approves the application, your process will get started immediately.


HESCO is entertaining more than eleven lacs, consumers. Hesco’s power demand is 1285 megawatts at present. The only sources of energy production for HESCO are petroleum and coal.


HESCO aims to provide electricity to every house and commercial space 24/7. HESCO ensures protective measures for workers and consumers from the shortfall. HESCO always tries to provide its customers with a continual energy supply without physical damage.

HESCO Strategic Vision

HESCO’s strategic vision is to build a highly profitable entity and add value to the country’s economy. HESCO has the vision to provide its services at reasonable charges to its consumers.


HESCO offers different jobs throughout the year, from lineman to executive-level jobs. Each job demands a different level of qualification according to the job requirement.


HESCO is situated in Sindh province, a crowded and commercial area. HESCO’s online service for its consumer not less than a blessing.

HESCO should spread awareness about the online portal system so that HESCO can perform smoothly. Otherwise, HESCO would have to face hurdles in the offline system.


Can I assess the HESCO invoice by mobile number or CNIC?

No, you can not access the HESCO bill invoice by giving your mobile number or CNIC number. You are given fourteen digit reference number or consumer ID on your electric bill. You can get access your bill invoice by giving one of these codes.

How do I change the name within my HESCO invoice?

You can change your name within the HESCO invoice online or offline.

Can I cover my HESCO utility bill?

Yes, you can cover your bill if you feel safe in it. Otherwise, there is not any restriction to cover your HESCO bill.

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