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The HESCO bill calculator tells consumers how they can calculate their HESCO electricity bills at any time of the month. HESCO bill calculation is straightforward if you know the basic terminologies of calculation.

HESCO Online Bill Calculator 2022

HESCO Online Bill Calculator

The HESCO online bill calculator shows your bill before Hesco’s original bill arrives. You can estimate your bills at any time during the year. People use this function to restrict their consumption and prevent overusing it.

For example, some people can afford 20,000 rupees in electricity bills every month, so they fix their consumption based on their budget. That’s why bill calculation plays a significant role in such types of consumers’ lives.

HESCO’s bill contains several charges per unit as a whole. So, if consumers want to calculate the HESCO Bill, they must be aware of all charges for accurate results. For example, the type of connection could be domestic, commercial, or industrial. Types of phases and peak and off-peak hours.

HESCO Estimator Importance

The HESCO estimator has been playing an essential role in the electricity services provided by HESCO. The Hesco estimator is used to control leisure energy consumption. People can get an idea of the bill amount to be received at the end of the month.

The significance of the HESCO Estimator is stated below:

  • Prevents irrational energy consumption.
  • Keeps you updated about the price increase.
  • Gives you a head-of-time estimate of your bill’s size.
  • Consumers use energy according to their budget.
  • There are a lot of benefits that consumers get from these facilities. Here we discussed some major points for saving energy.

How To Calculate HESCO Bill?

Consumers can quickly calculate the HESCO bill if they know the units consumed and the latest cost per unit.

Units Consumed: Units consumed mean the energy we use in our houses is calculated in units.

Cost Per Unit: The NEPRA, which the Federal Government introduced, sets the cost per unit.

Suppose you record readings for two months and take the difference between them. You will get the current month’s reading.

The government sets the cost per unit of electricity. Government levies some taxes on the cost per unit based on the economic condition.

The formula for HESCO Bill calculation is mentioned below:

Amount of Bill = no. of units consumed x cost per unit
= 234 x 23.87
The Amount Of the bill is Rs. 5586/-

There is no authenticity in these amounts. They all are taken for the calculation.

Connection Type of HESCO

There are many connection types of electricity meters, but we will discuss three.

Domestic Connection: Domestic connection is issued for consumers’ residences/homes. Domestic connection charges are less than other connections.

Commercial Connection: Commercial connection is set up at shops, factories, and working places.
Industrial Connection: Industrial connection is issued for factories and production houses.

All connection has a different chart of charges based on the load requirement. Some connection demands a high load from HESCO, and some demands a low load.

Different Kinds of HESCO Tariffs

HESCO tariff changes from consumer to consumer. Tariff requirement depends on your load demand. You can assess the tariff schedule by yourself.

The following HESCO residential unit costs with alternative connection types are discussed.

Tariff Category/ParticularsEnergy Charges Ps/KWhFASPs/KWhAdditional SurchargeSurcharge 10.4%Total Rate Ps/KWh
Tariff A – Domestic General Supply A-I Domestic Consumers
Up to fifty units0.6100.73000.063441.40
For the first one hundred units (1-100)0.410.431.72260.087362.65
For the Next 200 units (101-300)0.580.432.52500.105043.64
For the Next 700 units (301-1000)1.510.434.00800.201766.15
Above one thousand units1.880.314.99220.227767.41

Tariff B – Industrial Supply

Energy ChargesFASAdditional SurchargesSurcharge (10.4%)Total
TOD Tariff     

Tariff D – Agriculture

Tariff Category/ParticularsFixed ChargesEnergy ChargesFASAdditional SurchargesSurcharge (10.4%)Total
D1 Scrap1.260.363.62150.168485.41
D2. (i)87.440.900.361.88900.131043.28
D2 (TOD) (Peak)355    6.00
D2 (TOD) (Off Peak)355    3.55

Type of Phase

There are two types of phases.


A single phase is a general term found almost at every residence or shop. It is used for low-load requirements.


A three-phase connection is demanded by consumers who want a high load at their place. Factories or extensive residential areas demand a three-phase connection. You can apply for HESCO NEW CONNECTION as well.

HESCO Per Unit Price 2023

HESCO per unit cost varies frequently. So the cost per unit suggested this month may not be valid for next month.

HESCO Per Unit Price 2022

For Domestic Users

The cost per unit of electricity is almost 35 rupees which is 14.48 rupees higher than the previous year.
For Commercial Users: Commercial units are usually 10 rupees higher than domestic ones.

All numbers are taken on an average basis. The cost per unit varies from interval to interval.

No. of Units Consumed

The number of units consumed means we consume energy for the whole month, and at the end of the month, we receive an electricity bill from HESCO in terms of units consumed.

Kilowatt Hour: Kilowatt-hour means measuring energy consumption in terms of hours.

Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours: Kilovolt ampere is a term used to measure a unit in volt-ampere like one unit equals 1000 volt-ampere.

Maximum Demand Indicator: Maximum demand indicator means the gadget used to measure the maximum energy demand by the consumer at any time of the month.

What are the peak hours?

Peak hours mean when energy consumption is higher than the rest of the day.

What are the off-peak hours?

Off-peak hours are those times other than the peak hours when the load demand is lower than the peak hours.

Service Rent

Service rent is the facilities the HESCO provides in the hour of need. They charge for their service through monthly bills. All rent and service charges are mentioned in the bill if you avail of these services.

TV Set

Television charges are charged from the day when the PTV channel was initiated. Its charges are Rs. 43/- nowadays.


Arrears means if you have any pending payments in previous months, they will be included in the current month’s bill.

Last Step

The last step is calculating the bill according to the data and distributing it among consumers.

HESCO Net Metering

Net metering is a process performed at the end of each month. This process is the same in every division.

What is net metering?

Net metering means taking meter readings for the current month’s bill calculation. Officials record readings and prepare the bill for every month.

How does net metering work?

HESCO takes meter readings every month and mentions them in its record. Every month HESCO takes the difference between the current month’s reading and the previous month’s reading. And HESCO gets the current month’s units consumed after this calculation.

Benefits of Net Metering

The benefit of net metering is that consumers pay the bill for their consumed units. Nobody is liable to pay the bills of another consumer. HESCO can prepare records month to month for future use.

Procedure for Applying HESCO Net Metering

An electricity meter is initiated with on-grid solar panel plates for net metering. Three phase meter is necessary for transferring excessive units to the grid station and taking benefits from the government. It is just like selling electricity to the government.

Registration of Applications

Registration of applications is done online after setting up the whole process. You can apply for net metering by physical visit at the WAPDA Office.

Application Processing

The application processing period starts when they have inspected your system and are satisfied. Use HESCO HELPLINE for any complaints.


How can I calculate the HESCO Bill Amount?

You can calculate your monthly bill if you know the term of peak hours, off-peak hours, types of connections, and phases because it has a significant role in bill calculation.

How can I check my consumed units?

You can check your consumed units by taking the difference between the current month’s reading and the previous month’s reading.


Bill calculation is straightforward if you have a cost-per-unit chart; otherwise, it is not helpful for you to calculate bills. It can fluctuate your monthly expense if you do not know the levies by the government in per unit charges. So be careful while calculating your HESCO bill.

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