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HESCO New Connection Guide 2023

In Pakistan, things are getting automated. Likewise, HESCO also introduced an online portal for its consumers. The portal contains several options for services offered by HESCO, such as HESCO New Connection and HESCO ONLINE CHECKING. Here we will explain to you every service performed by HESCO.

HESCO New Connection 2022

The HESCO Online Portal System includes more than ten significant services. HESCO has divided these services and departments into different parts. That’s why the new connection guide is also explained briefly. You will be guided step by step smoothly.

HESCO New Connection Procedure

  • File application if your place does not have an electricity meter already and there is any due payment.
  • Fill up the new connection application form through the HESCO or ENC online.
  • Attach the relevant documents with the application
  • Attested CNIC copy by the applicant
  • Attested CNIC copies of two witnesses
  • In the case of more than one owner, the commissioner attests power of attorney in favour of the applicant by oath.
  • For renters, attach a no-objection letter from the owner.
  • A stamp paper shows there is no outstanding balance on the applicant.
  • One neighbour’s bill to confirm the grid station and local service centre.
  • If a connection is already available, then attach your first-meter bill.
  • Submit these documents to the HESCO office after compiling all relevant documents.
  • Officials verify your documents and issue you a demand notice that you must pay into the mentioned bank within a specified time.
  • After paying the demand notice, one of its copies is submitted to the HESCO office.
  • Employees inspect the payment voucher.
  • After this, HESCO gives you a paper with a tracking ID.
  • Submit that document to your local HESCO office to start the installation process.

HESCO Online Meter Application

The HESCO portal contains the HESCO online meter application. You can access the application through the portal and do so directly.

  • Open the hesco.gov.pk website.
  • The third option will be ENC, where you can register for a new connection.
  • Fill up the application form and submit it online.

Required Documents For HESCO New Connection

The official process demands an approved way to be followed. That’s why the consumer has to attach the required documents to fulfil the new connection’s requirements.

Required Documents For HESCO NEW CONNECTION stated below:

  • Filled application form
  • Applicant’s CNIC.
  • Attested CNIC copies of two witnesses
  • Home registration document or any document which shows ownership of the applicant
  • Power of attorney in favour of the applicant if more than one owner
  • One neighbour’s bill if applying for a very first meter
  • An undertaking states that there was no electric meter before this and any outstanding balance on the applicant.
  • These documents must be attached to the application; otherwise, your process won’t start.

HESCO Demand Notice

A HESCO demand notice is a payment voucher issued by HESCO to consumers to pay at a specified bank within a limited time. A demand notice is issued to consumers after the verification of the required documents provided by the applicant.

WAPDA Demand Notice Fee 2023

WAPDA implements new techniques from time to time to make its process more efficient. The WAPDA demand notice depends on several options, like connection type, phase type, etc. WAPDA issues demand notices with different fee structures according to the area.

So the amount of demand notice varies from location to location. You can confirm your amount through the HESCO Online Portal System. You can also check your HESCO monthly Bill Online.

In 2023, after verification, Wapda sends an official team to verify the concerned location and give approval for connection; otherwise, they can reject the application. After the process is rejected, you have to restart the process from the start.

  • The demand notice for a single-phase connection is Rs. 6000.
  • The demand notice for a three-phase connection is Rs. 18,000.

Tracking of the Demand Notice

A tracking ID is a distinctive number given to an applicant after a demand notice. The applicant can track his progress with greater ease. Just put your tracking ID in the reference number or consumer ID block and get information about your new connection’s status.

When we check the Demand Notice online?

You can check your demand notice when you have given all the related information regarding the new connection. You have to pay the demand notice at a specified bank before confirmation. After paying demand, the HESCO system gets information about your payment, and Hesco updates the system.

How to Pay a Demand Notice Online?

If you are busy with your important task or are out of the station, you can pay your Demand Notice Online through online payment channels. HESCO Demand Notice contains a unique tracking code. You can use that code for challan payment.

HESCO Online Meter Application 2022

Manual Method For New Meter Application

The manual method for the new connection application is the same. In the online process, you apply and submit all documents online quickly. In the offline process, you have to visit the WAPDA Offices Physically; otherwise, the documentation process is the same as the online process.

HESCO New Connection Status

Using HESCO, you can check the status of your new connection by following the instructions. You can track your new connection process status anytime through the online portal. You can also contact HESCO Customer Service for inquiries.

HESCO New Connection Fee

HESCO’s new connection fee is different for different kinds of connections. The new domestic connection of HESCO is Rs. 3,000/- three thousand rupees. This payment is divided into two parts, meaning Rs. 400/- is received at the time of connection.

HESCO Meter Change Application

Sometimes consumers’ meters get damaged, and they need to change that meter. A consumer applies to change the meter. WAPDA sends its team to check the connection and make a report. After this, the WAPDA decides to change or repair the meter.

HESCO Meter Showing Opened

HESCO meter showing open is a term that means that if ‘Open’ appears on your meter, your meter is not connected. If you observe this type of error, immediately contact the WAPDA Office.

HESCO New Connection Procedure From Local Subdivision

HESCO New Connection-Applicate for Supply

HESCO has presented an approved and prescribed form for new connection applications. A consumer applies for a new connection accompanied by the required documents.

An application form is a kind of agreement having terms & conditions. An applicant must sign these terms and conditions to get a new connection.

HESCO New Connection-Point of Supply

HESCO provides a connection from one point or two according to the conditions. The consumer gets a meter connection and starts consuming energy.

If a consumer feels any hurdles in the energy supply, HESCO will issue a sub-station connection for smooth supply. A substation is provided to consumers for their convenience against specific charges.

Inspection and Testing of Consumers’ Installation

Once all electrical wiring installation is done, HESCO sends a team for pre-installation inspection. They inspect throughout the installation operating activities.

Keep in mind that HESCO is not responsible for wiring and installation. The purpose of their inspection is to supply uninterrupted energy to consumers.

Approval of Consumer Installation

Approval of consumer installation is the last step for a new connection. Before installation, a team comes and inspects the installation. Approval is not granted without this inspection.

Extension of Consumer Installation

All procedures are done, and the consumer needs to connect energy-consuming appliances. If the official finds any alteration or change in wiring and other installation apparatus without prior inspection, then the consumer connection will face an extension.

Charges for Domestic Single-Phase Connection

Charges for a single-phase domestic connection are Rs. 4,000/- with a 40-meter length of service. After forty meters in length, Rs. 200/- will be added against each increasing meter. You can use HESCO Online Calculator as well.

HESCO New Connection-Rate of Security Deposit

A rate of security deposit of domestic connection for Tariff A-1 is stated below.

1- Urban = Rs. 1620/- per KW
2- Rural = Rs. 850/- per KW


HESCO’s new connection has two procedures online and offline. It depends on people which one they opt for. Both procedures demand the same documents, but the difference is one requires physical visits to Wapda offices, and the other can proceed by sitting at your place.


How can I get a new electricity meter in Telangana online?

You can get a new connection at your place by applying for a new connection through HESCO. It depends on whether the consumer chooses an online or offline process. Both demand the same documents.

How can I use a three-phase connection in Telangana online?

You can use a three-phase connection like you use a single-phase connection. A three-phase connection supports the high load, while a single-phase connection is used for the lower load.

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