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HESCO complaints online are one of the most utilized services. Consumers can file a complaint about undeliverable services and interrupted energy supply. Consumers can go with customer service out of more than five ways to complain.

HESCO Online Complaints Guides

HESCO Complaint Online

HESCO’s Helpline Service is the most popular way to file a complaint against HESCO’s lack of services. Consumers make a call directly to HESCO and perform their process online. You can also check your HESCO Bill Online. HESCO Helpline: 03041927621

HESCO Head Office

Consumers who feel comfortable and live near the HESCO head office will likely prefer filing complaints by physical visit. HESCO’s head office contains a separate block for listening to consumers’ issues and directing them to the relevant department.

Head Office

WAPDA Complex, Hussain Abad, Hyderabad, Sindh.
Contact Number: 022-9260161
Email address: [email protected]
Official Website Link:
Facebook ID:
Twitter Account:

Details of The HESCO Online Complaint

You can file a complaint by calling the helpline, emailing, and so on. HESCO has played its role. Now it’s up to the consumers to decide how they utilize these services for their satisfaction.

How to Register Your HESCO Complaint?

If a consumer wants to go with the helpline, they should call and give their connection information, like consumer ID or reference number, to the concerned department. The HESCO official will note down your information and solve your repairable issue within fourteen working days.

Otherwise, you can file a complaint through HESCO official website and the quality assurance entity set up by the government at [email protected]. They will take you on call after filing your complaint, investigate your issue, and then give you a final date for repair.

HESCO Customer Services

HESCO has provided a list of customer service facilities that HESCO provides, such as providing

Safety Guide

The safety Guide service is one of the most significant services offered by HESCO. Electricity has countless benefits but has a few disadvantages that may cause injury. HESCO gives safety tips from time to time to its consumers through SMS service and email service.

Connection Policy

HESCO has given a proper way to apply for the HESCO New Connection. People who want a new connection at their residence have to follow that approved procedure.

Reconnection Policy

HESCO has a policy of disconnecting your connection if you have outstanding bills. But they can reconnect your connection. The consumer applies at the DISCO website after paying outstanding bills.

Detection Policy

HESCO detects your connection if your connection contains some issues like meter tempered, hole in the meter, and wiring issues.

Load Shedding

Load shedding happens when HESCO has to perform some technical and operational activities. Consumers can file a complaint about load shedding without prior notice.


HESCO has uploaded a detailed consumer tariff policy on its website. It combines all types of tariff information on one site. Calculate your Tariff at HESCO Online Calculator.

Instalment Power

WAPDA has set an instalment system if an outstanding electricity payment issue is raised in court. You can access that schedule through the Below Button.

Consumer Service Manual: A consumer service manual means getting services by physically visiting the HESCO office. HESCO has both systems to be followed.

Reduction/Extension of Load

Consumers can have a load according to their needs. HESCO has left flexibility in load requirements. People can file applications for reduction and extension accordingly.

Shutdown Schedule

The shutdown schedule remains changed based on the situation. An official has to be informed when they set an alternate schedule.

Repair Damaged or loose electrical systems.

Both have a vast technical function and need well-detailed policies. For the time being, HESCO is handling it together.

Ways to Resolve Your HESCO Disconnection Problem

When consumers have outstanding bills, are involved in electricity theft, use illegal connections, etc., HESCO temporarily has a policy of disconnecting their connection.

Suppose the consumer does not pay the bill for three consecutive months. Then officials disconnected their electricity connection. A consumer can reconnect his connection by paying his outstanding bill within a specified time and submitting the paid bill to the local HESCO office.

HESCO Permanent Disconnection

The consumer has to apply for a permanent disconnection application along with paid bills and the consumer’s essential information. HESCO confirms the paid bills and starts the process for permanent disconnection.

Extension/Reduction of Load in HESCO

If you feel there is an issue with load extension or reduction, you have the option to apply with the necessary documents.

  • The report issued by the electric inspector and the wiring contractor of the local office
  • Copy of the latest paid bill
  • Attested CNIC copy
  • Power supply contract
  • Payment regarding capital cost
  • Security deposit

Connection Shifting

Follow the following steps if you want to reallocate your electrical connection elsewhere.

  • Want to set up within the same sub-division, then a new connecting area should be selected.
  • With the name of the legal heir, a new connection site must be set up.
  • For shifting connections, consumers pay the installation costs, any additional required equipment or materials, and dismantling costs.
  • Revise your security deposits in preparation for the change.

Emergency Complaint Number

If consumers face an emergency, they can dial 118. It is Wapda’s registered number.

HESCO Power Failure Complaints

A consumer can make calls at the local HESCO office or 1912 official number fixed to listen to power failure issues and send them to relevant divisions.

HESCO Complaint Number Tool Free

HESCO tool-free numbers are 118 for general complaints and 1912 for power failure complaints. Consumers can make direct calls to them for free through their landlines.

HESCO Complaint Email

HESCO has an official email system where consumers can file complaints.
Email: [email protected]

HESCO Bill SMS Service

HESCO uses this to keep updating its consumers through various sources of connection. Hesco sends text messages about safety or load-shedding schedules through its SMS service.

SMS Service Number: 8118

Types HESCO Complaint

Four types of complaints are found daily.

Meter Reading Issue

Meter reading issue was common once in the past days when HESCO used to issue manual electric meters. Now HESCO has moved to digital meters. So, meter reading happens very rarely.

Theft of Electricity

Sometimes, consumers take unethical benefits from a busy entity by using its services illegally. They use different ways to use electricity for free.

Complaint Against HESCO Officials

In service companies, employees may lack something in their work. If you see any deficiency in its work, you can file a complaint against HESCO officials at the HESCO Website.

Load shedding complaint

Load-shedding applications can be filed in many ways. One of the easiest ways to file a complaint is by calling 1912.

HESCO Light App APK Downloading Procedure

The HESCO Light Application can be downloaded through Google.

  • Search on Google for “HESCO Light App
  • Few options will appear
  • Select one and press the download option


HESCO’s entire directory is uploaded on its website and is also available in hard copy. The Directory contains every department employee’s official post and numbers.

Consumers can connect with their concerned departments after getting information through the directory.


Does HESCO only work in Hyderabad?

HESCO is based in Hyderabad but serves in other cities linked with Hyderabad, including Nawabshah, Larkana, and Sukkur Circle. It has created local HESCO offices in these linked cities.

Who is the current CEO of HESCO?

The current CEO of HESCO is Reham Ali Otho.

How to reduce your HESCO bill?

One can reduce their electricity bills by reducing their energy utilization. Reduce your consumption during peak hours. Cover your house with shades to keep your house cool in the daytime. And you do not use AC in the daytime. Ultimately, your bills will be reduced.

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